Vlad Pivnev

Vladislav Pivnev

Co-Founder at ICODA


✓ Marketing Consultant at 5+ ICOs projects.

✓ ICOs analyst

✓ Speaker at blockchain conferences

✓ Investor

I have been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency theme since 2016. From April 2017 I’m an active participant in ICO projects as a marketing consultant, marketing specialist and tokenbuyer.

I am an active visitor of the blockchain meetings, invited speaker of a range of events (ICO Brothers Meet Up 09.11.17; Next Fest Blockchain 24.03.18).

I am also engaged in ICO projects as a private investor. That’s why I’m able to analyze ICOs projects from both points of view: as a potential tokenbuyer and as a member of ICO’s team.

Articles by Vladislav Pivnev

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain technology needs no introduction in the world of technology. The lack of clarity around the term has led to most people associating it with the digital currency, Bitcoin. However, this is not the case. Blockchain technology span over diverse sectors. To get a better grasp of these benefits, let’s look at how it works.

Dag vs Blockchain

The terms Blockchain Technology and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are often used interchangeably, causing many newcomers to think that they are one and the same. Time has come to prove this is not accurate. DLT is a broader term and includes several other technologies. Directed Acyclic Graph, also known as DAG, is another type of DLT.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing Strategy

Marketing techniques and strategies mentioned in this article all take advantage of modern technology to successfully promote crypto exchange platforms. Let’s see what they are!

Top 10 Effective Methods for Marketing Cryptocurrency

1,730. That’s how many cryptocurrencies have died by now according to Coinospy – a website that keeps track of failed coins. Given the fact that there have been over 7,000 cryptocurrencies in total, that’s a huge failure ratio. Do you know why so many cryptocurrencies fail? Well, there are multiple reasons.

How To Build A Crypto Exchange From Scratch

The cryptocurrency industry boom has created a market that is now valued at a staggering $400 billion globally. With rising acceptance and greater integration offered by many financial institutions, this decentralized open-source monetary system is soon becoming a thriving and lucrative free-enterprise economy.

Fiat vs Cryptocurrencies – Understanding the Difference

In this article, we shall review the differences between fiat and cryptocurrencies and understand how each affects the future of the global economic system.

The Future Of Crypto – What Does It Hold For Us?

The supply dynamics of different cryptocurrencies have made it quite clear that digital currencies are here to stay. Will they experience setbacks?

How we attract traders to your exchange

ICODA Agency can increase the value of projects by using targeted marketing for the project itself and your exchange.

Marketing strategy for crypto exchange

In this article, we described all the activities that need to be taken to create an effective marketing strategy for a cryptocurrency exchange.

Creating a cryptocurrency: tips and ideas to consider

In this article, we’ll describe 3 possible ways of creating a cryptocurrency and outline what you should do to make it profitable.

What do you need to create cryptocurrency

Before you create your own cryptocurrency it is necessary to examine in detail all the features of this financial system.

Interesting blockchain initiatives

Let’s consider the most interesting initiatives using the blockchain at the beginning of 2020.

Blockchain in Banking

It seems that the question of the applicability of blockchain technology by financial institutions is no longer standing.

How to promote crypto exchange

How to promote cryptocurrency exchange without puzzling your head over it?

Why Blockchain Development Service Matters for Modern Businesses & Crypto Startups

growth in the long run. Unfortunately, for many businesses especially crypto startups, it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on blockchain development while creating effective marketing and PR campaigns that can drive commercial viability.

It generally means that blockchain development takes a backseat and most of the attention and resources are allocated to the marketing push.

How Businesses Are Achieving Operational Efficiencies with Smart Contract Development

There was a time when blockchain used to be a specialized cryptographic infrastructure designed to accomplish certain niche objectives like creating an alternative digital currency or introducing a decentralized software marketplace.

What is Crypto Exchange Promotion & Why Crypto Startups Need It?

For a crypto exchange to be successful, it has to identify its strengths and promote them to make its own mark in the industry.

Here is Why Your Cryptocurrency Startup Needs a Crypto PR Agency

If you are a crypto or blockchain startup, your challenges aren’t only of technical nature, but you have to be aware of the commercial side of your business as well.