Vlad Pivnev

Vladislav Pivnev

Co-Founder at ICODA


✓ Marketing Consultant at 5+ ICOs projects.

✓ ICOs analyst

✓ Speaker at blockchain conferences

✓ Investor

I have been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency theme since 2016. From April 2017 I’m an active participant in ICO projects as a marketing consultant, marketing specialist and tokenbuyer.

I am an active visitor of the blockchain meetings, invited speaker of a range of events (ICO Brothers Meet Up 09.11.17; Next Fest Blockchain 24.03.18).

I am also engaged in ICO projects as a private investor. That’s why I’m able to analyze ICOs projects from both points of view: as a potential tokenbuyer and as a member of ICO’s team.

Articles by Vladislav Pivnev

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