Branding and Identity for Crypto Projects

Feel the real power of a strong brand identity. Just as iconic brands remain etched in our memories, our comprehensive suite of services helps businesses create lasting impressions with a unique and memorable identity.

Let’s build an identity that resonates, drives consumer loyalty, supports marketing efforts, and instills pride in your team!

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What can we do?

  • Data-driven Branding Approach
  • Crafting Your Market Positioning
  • Visual Concepts and Logo Evolution

  • Curating a Comprehensive Branding Solution
  • Brandbook

Data-driven branding

We lay the groundwork for effective branding through meticulous analysis. Prior to crafting your logo, we delve deep into the following:

  • Understand your business identity, products, and target audience;
  • Competitive landscape analysis in which your company operates;
  • Specify your target audience’s interests and preferences.


Crafting Your Market Positioning

We sculpt your market identity, determining the most effective ways to engage with your customers:

  • Choose the right language to communicate with your clients;
  • Define the appropriate tone of voice (formal, vibrant, relaxed);
  • Establish consistent language across social media platforms and your website.


Visual Concepts and Logo Evolution

Drawing insights from our analysis, we present several distinctive visual routes. Starting with the logo – the emblem that kickstarts your identity. For each logo concept, we provide a minimalist rendition to showcase its context. Our choices are backed by thorough analysis, testing, and strategic thinking.

Once your logo is approved, we move on to creating the complete identity pack as per the predefined plan.


Curating a Comprehensive Branding Solution

We meticulously compile an inventory of all products and assets that require consistent branding. Through a strategic and detailed approach, we ensure that your brand communicates seamlessly across various channels, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.



Our brandbook encapsulates the guidelines that ensure uniform brand usage:

  • Articulating the brand philosophy;
  • Summarizing our comprehensive analysis findings;
  • Outlining logo applications across various mediums;
  • Defining advertising guidelines for consistent messaging;
  • Presenting approved color palettes for visual consistency;
  • Specifying header and content fonts for uniformity;
  • Explicitly identifying elements that remain unchanged in the logo (colors, fonts, proportions, etc.).


Designed for accessibility, our solution ensures that every team member understands its contents correctly, guaranteeing consistent application of your identity.


At ICODA, we understand the intricacies of crafting a brand identity that stands the test of time. Partner with us to create a business identity that leaves a lasting impression, fosters customer loyalty and drives your success to unprecedented heights.

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