NFT Market Shows Signs of Recovery in 2023: Key Trends to Watch

NFT Market Shows Signs of Recovery in 2023: Key Trends to Watch

The NFT market, after a tumultuous 2022, is displaying early signs of recovery in 2023. Considering this, we have checked how the industry lives and made a research, which we would like to share with you. Here you can find a full doc, and below – the main findings. Let’s explore it.

  1. Major Companies Embrace NFTs: Despite the market downturn, companies like Amazon, Salesforce, and Starbucks are diving into NFTs. Amazon is launching its own NFT marketplace, Salesforce integrates NFT loyalty programs into its CRM platform, and Starbucks’ NFT loyalty program sold out in minutes.
  2. Consumers Seek Long-Term Value: While NFTs can be volatile, consumers are betting on NFTs with long-term value. Scarcity plays a crucial role, as seen in projects like Cuvée Collective, which offers exclusive services to NFT holders.
  3. Regulation and Legal Battles Intensify: With increased NFT popularity comes the need for regulation. Regulatory bodies, such as the Department of Justice, are cracking down on fraud and legal compliance, addressing challenges in the NFT market.

Insights from Experts: Industry experts emphasize the power of influencer marketing, community engagement, and social media presence. Collaborations between NBA Top Shot and influencers like Ja Morant showcase the impact of influencer partnerships. Building communities and leveraging NFTs for charity and virtual events are also effective strategies.


The NFT market is showing promising signs of recovery in 2023. Major companies are embracing NFTs, consumers are seeking long-term value in rare assets, and regulators are addressing legal challenges. As NFTs continue to evolve, businesses and creators should focus on effective marketing strategies to succeed in this dynamic landscape. The future of NFTs holds immense potential for innovation and growth, transforming the way we perceive digital assets.