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Most crypto projects and fundraising campaigns have promotion videos on landing pages. The ICODA team creates the promotional breathtaking videos for all kinds of crypto projects literally from a single idea.

Increase your conversion rates and guaranteed views of a target audience!

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Video making process:

  • Briefing with brainstorming
  • Script writing
  • Voiceover of recording with an individual actor casting
  • Creation of animation and illustration

  • Music writing and sound mixing
  • Exports and rendering
  • SEO optimization and keywords
  • Publishing of a created video on different social media platforms

What can we do?

Explainer Video
2D/3D animated explainer videos.

Promotional Video
In order to attract new users.

Informative Video
Educational videos of any type.


Video making stages:

Briefing with brainstorming
All the ideas are noted down without criticism and after the brainstorming session the ideas are evaluated.
Script writing
It tells the complete story, contains all action and all dialogue. It can also describe characters visually, their style, look or vibe. Content should be long enough to maintain viewers’ attention but short enough to leave them wanting more
Voiceover of recording with an individual actor casting
The casting process for voice actors usually held to one of three options: demo submissions, online casting sources, and auditioning in person.
Creation of animation and illustration, music writing and sound mixing
Development of a unique sound and music for videos from the early sound concept, music composition, sound design to the final mix and delivery.
Exports and rendering
Creation of a properly formatted video file.
SEO optimization and keywords
Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases that make it possible for people to find your video.
Publishing of a created video on different social media platforms
Social media is essential for your brand’s success online. Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers’ interest in the first few seconds..

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