Useful Tips on How to Promote Projects Based on Canto

Canto, being released and founded in the summer of 2022, is steadily growing in the DeFi application and startup spheres. With the recent developments and expansion in the Canto ecosystem, it’s prime time to jump on the bandwagon and start up your own Canto project.

And even though the platform is new and exciting, just like in any commercial space, be it conventional or digital, you need a great deal of advertising to push through the masses and make your project visible. Below we’ve outlined a few tips and strategies you can follow to reach the most success with a Canto project.

PR With Canto Projects

To start a project well, it needs a strong marketing plan. The first thing to do when marketing any project, whether it’s a regular business or cryptocurrency business, is to focus on public relations. It’s important to make a plan for how you will promote your project before you do anything else. This will help us reach more people who might be interested in what we have to offer. Reaching a lot of people with a PR article is very important for the project to do well.

Use different forms of advertising so that your campaign can reach as many people as possible. Although Canto doesn’t boast any native advertising platforms, you can freely use popular crypto websites that have the Canto tag, like Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Decrypt, CoinDesk, and BeInCrypto.

At the moment, the Canto ecosystem hasn’t reached a high popularity level. It is crucial you cover this step specifically, as it provides an amazing platform for your further tactics to latch onto.

On-The-Air Broadcasting

You can also try using podcasts to keep people interested in your project. Podcasts are an easy way for many people who are interested in cryptocurrency to stay informed about news related to these projects. So, you should think about using podcast advertising for your Canto-based project.

To start, check out these live podcasts. They can give you ideas on how to use podcasts for your crypto marketing plan:

Fundraising and Partnerships

The next step in your advertising journey should be to establish useful connections and make business friends in the Canto ecosystem. This will provide you with useful information about your target audience, effective marketing tricks, and even data about the ecosystem as a whole.

Additionally, check out Launchpads and other resources. For a start, consider PORTALJUMP and Gods Canto.

If you’re still short on token holders, you can consider b2b pitching to sway a potential business connection into providing advertising on your behalf. You can make a pitch in a variety of methods, such as by creating a brief presentation that highlights the benefits and qualities of your project or by writing a brief essay that highlights your objectives and ideas. Your pitch must be succinct and direct, regardless of the media. In this manner, it may be read by as many people as possible, giving them a quick knowledge of your goods.

Don’t forget to attach a LinkedIn once you’ve finished writing your pitch. Right now, it’s the most effective technique to establish a channel of communication with your customers and business associates. Once you employ this tactic, you will experience an increase in popularity and the number of investors with the proper pitch and the appropriate people.

Performance Campaigns

There’s a variety of performance campaigns you can make use of once you launch a project into the world. These tactics provide residual support for your project and the onboarding of new supporters and investors. It’s crucial to keep your visibility as high as possible once you release your project. Without much advertisement support, a project will wilt and die right before your eyes.

Airdrop and Token Giveaways

One of the most prominent methods of fueling the public’s interest in your project many years post-launch is with giveaways. The nature of giveaways is quite simple, you spend a few weeks or months advertising a specific date as an event with an attached giveaway, and during that date, you disperse your project’s token among the viewer base.

The most crucial part of this, though, is the actual content you’re going to show during the event. Obviously, sometimes you don’t need any content to go with the giveaway, but this exception is only viable to already popular crypto projects and doesn’t yield as great of results. The giveaway is merely the bait to the event, while the actual content is what is going to make viewers stay and invest in your project.

Paid Traffic

If you’re looking for more longevity tactics, look towards paid advertisement traffic on popular social media websites and other platforms like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Yandex Direct. This way of advertising is quite potent due to the inherent personalization that these platforms use in their advertising.

Your ad will be shown directly to your target audience, meaning you won’t spend money advertising your project to people who never would have cared about it. This simple fact makes this tactic the most cost-per-action efficient in the rows of other longevity marketing strategies.

Youtube Bloggers

Influencers can be an additional way to promote your project. This tactic is sort of similar to paid traffic because you’re essentially marketing your product to a specific audience, not just everyone on the internet at once. The difference lies in that you can freely choose what audience you want to target more by choosing what influencer fits your project best. Here’s a quick list of crypto influencers to take a look at:

ICODA Can Help!

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