Affordable Smart Contract Development

Do you want to create your own crypto project and blockchain with smart contracts? Let the expert team of ICODA Agency assist you. Our team doesn’t just provide the smart contract development, though such service is one of the most valuable in our catalog.

We are multi-skilled specialists capable of providing a full cycle of crypto-related services. ICODA Agency has already helped many businesses to create campaigns for crypto and blockchain projects. Your business may also benefit from our full-stack package that includes project launching, website creation, PR and promotion. All prices are affordable both for novice startups and for sustainable businesses.

How does ICODA Agency build smart
contracts for your business?

Our experts can develop any custom smart contracts for a higher efficiency of your blockchain. We may build multi-purpose smart contracts for:


  • Particular tokens on different protocols
  • Pre-sale and sale stages of crypto project
  • Public crowdsale along with manual price alterations, bonuses, discounts, buy-back features, dividends, etc.
  • Escrow support
  • Any specific custom needs you may have for promotion on a local market — that’s why we always have an individual interview with new clients before starting to create a smart contract

Technologies we work with

  • Bitcoin


  • Ethereum


  • EOS


  • Steamit


  • Bitshares


  • Polkadot


Our work is not finished after smart contract development: we can provide any post-crowdfunding development services such as security audit which is provided by unbiased and independent experts. Such approach allows excluding any risk of making an unintentional mistake. We take our services very seriously and always strive for perfection.

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