How to Ace NFT Listing on Any NFT Marketplace

How to Ace NFT Listing on Any NFT Marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens have become a true headline grabber in recent years, and not just for the sake of novelty. They have created a legit channel for artists, designers, and content generators to protect their artwork’s rarity and sell them for the right value.

Many are already putting their NFT listings on a host of NFT marketplaces. But, how do they do it? What are some top listings? And how do they price the NFTs? We’ll show you how.

One of the most important parts of the NFT listing process is determining a listing price, which is usually a floor price for your digital creations

Can You List an NFT for Any Price on the Marketplace?

Well, technically yes! But, only if you don’t care when they sell. If you want to sell them soon at a fair price, then you need to consider several factors and come to a good floor price:

NFT Production Fees

These fees comprise the time and money necessary to generate unique digital assets, such as the rate of paying a qualified 3D designer to produce a 3D model.

NFT Minting Fees

You must cover fees on platforms like Ethereum to compensate its miners. Because gas fees change frequently, it’s important to pay attention to the price when you’re ready to mint. While they have a limited community, other chains also let you mint for free.

NFT Exchange/Market Fees

NFT marketplaces recoup their costs by demanding various fees to mint and publish NFT listings on their system. It’s crucial to examine the fingerprint prior to creating and pricing your valuable digital assets because some even impose deposit and withdrawal fees.

NFT Selling Fees

Some markets additionally impose selling fees in addition to listing costs. This also applies to any other trading activity on the market.

NFT Rarity

Perhaps the most crucial element that determines an NFT’s worth is its rarity. Due to its uniqueness, a rare NFT is more expensive than an ordinary one. Various factors can influence rarity, including the NFT’s type and supply:

Undoubtedly, certain assets like NFTs are more rare than other things. A unique painting is rarer than an online picture, for instance. The NFT’s overall supply also determines how hard it is to find. It goes without saying that an NFT with 500 copies is cheaper and more common than one with just 15 copies.


An additional crucial aspect to take into account when determining an NFT’s pricing is its function. Utility tokens cost more on the market since people want to enjoy a certain feature (Like a subscription) by buying them. The same is true with NFTs, making them effective business assets.

Consider the Taxes

It’s crucial to think about the tax aspects of trading NFTs. Profits from selling NFTs may be taxable as capital gains in some countries. It’s crucial to speak with a tax professional before trading NFTs to be certain that you’re following all regulations.

Top 14 NFT Listings You Can Use

Now that we’ve talked about all aspects of NFT listing, it’s time to decide where to place your assets. Here are 14 great options:


OpenSea boasts the most easily accessible assets of any NFT marketplace. Since its inception, it has rapidly expanded to become a key player among online venues for NFTs.

Artwork, digital property, and signed sports memorabilia are just some of the NFTs that OpenSea can accommodate. Because it is situated on Ethereum and works nicely with several digital currency wallets, users may easily conduct transactions on it.

Plus, OpenSea offers options like auctions, fast sales, and personalized storefronts for artists, giving consumers and sellers a flexible and convenient platform. For anybody wishing to try the world of NFTs, OpenSea is a good option due to its enormous collection and simple UI.

What makes OpenSea so unique?

  • Supports NFT donation between users.
  • Offers a mobile-friendly platform and no-cost NFT minting
  • imposes a 2.5% service commission on all transactions.
  • Works nicely with several prominent wallets.
  • Cheap gas fees
  • Numerous NFT memorabilia available
  • The interface is smooth.
  • Excellent and prompt client service

Potential downside

  • Only crypto may be used for payment here.


SuperRare operates on Ethereum as a unique NFT trading hub that only features a select group of NFT creators. SuperRare is the premier online repository for unique works of NFT art, protecting them so they may be enjoyed by a wider audience.

There is a stringent review procedure that must be completed before your NFTs may be listed on this exchange. SuperRare is propelled by the inventiveness of its developers, ensuring that NFT collectors will receive their money’s worth.

The main differences between this option and the previous one is the 15% fee on first transactions and restricted accessibility.

What makes SuperRare so unique?

  • To maintain high standards, the site admits only a select few NFT artists.
  • Designed with a user-friendly UI.
  • Produces exceptional works of art
  • Artists get a cut of the profits from the resale.
  • Straightforward Website Design

Potential downside

  • Costs & fees are rather steep
  • Only works if you’re on Ethereum.
If NFT holders can find the right NFT marketplace out of multiple marketplaces, they can attract potential buyers.


Binance is yet another powerful player in the NFT game. As a top market, Binance offers exceptionally low fees, drawing NFT sellers or collectors to it.

NFTs are available in a colorful variety. The site offers collectibles in a host of segments, including gaming, fun, artwork, sports, and more. It also features effortless navigation.

The sole method of settlement in Binance is crypto. The plus side is that once you do buy an NFT, you can quickly transfer it to your Binance NFT wallet and, if you’d like, relocate it offline. Finally, Binance gives you the freedom to manage your own NFT, an idea not all markets do.

What makes Binance so unique?

  • Commissions on Transactions at 1%
  • Intuitive UX
  • Because of its connection with Binance, it uses identical security protocols.
  • Lower gas rates
  • Minimal fees for transactions
  • Reliable and safe
  • It doesn’t cost anything to sign up.
  • Powerful Mystery Box Option   

Potential downsides

  • The listing can develop further
  • Royalty rates as low as 1%


Foundation is a powerful Ethereum-based NFT listing that is run by a community of users. In contrast to other NFT markets, Foundation’s live auction functions a little uniquely. For example, the clock begins running down from 24 hours as soon as a bidder enters a bid that satisfies the NFT owner’s reserve price. The clock will shift itself back a quarter if a bid submission has happened in the final 15 minutes. The time will run until the sale.

When an NFT is bought through Foundation, the creator receives 85% of the cut, and secondary purchases net them 10%. Although this is less than other NFT markets, Foundation’s pricing for NFT is much higher. Compared to other listings, Foundation’s artists are more creative and genuine.

What makes Foundation so unique?

  • The most reliable site to sell NFT artwork is on Foundation
  • Works well with Metamask.
  • The royalties for new works are 10% of gross sales.
  • Includes almost 20,000 works created digitally by a wide variety of NFT artists
  • The interface is straightforward.

Potential downsides

  • Gas fees on Ethereum might be rather significant.
  • Every purchase has a 15% service fee added to it.


Rarible operates on a user-driven model. It gives out RARI tokens to everyone on the network who makes a transaction in the NFT market.

The site features artwork prominently. Artists may use Rarible to “mint” new NFTs to sell books, CDs, digital art, movies, and more. The creator may even give the customer early access to the final product, while the rest of Rarible simply gets a preview.

What makes Rarible so unique?

  • Rarible verifies its users and labels them as such with a bright yellow badge.
  • Supports adding up to 20 different wallets to a single profile.
  • Profiting from NFTs is simple.
  • Create your NFTs without worrying about gas fees.
  • Multiple blockchains are supported.
  • Includes a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows for the linking of many wallets

Potential downsides

  • Wallet creation on the platform has many challenges.
  • Each party must pay a 2.5% charge on all transactions.
A fixed price sale is a common strategy in the NFT industry

The Axie Marketplace

Axie is a solid option for acquiring, trading, and breeding Axies (Ethereum virtual pets). Characters in the hit Axie Infinity game fight to amass cryptocurrency by managing Axies, the game’s virtual currency.

The Axie does not charge any fees to buyers. This occurs seldom, although it has happened on other NFT hubs. The Axie Market has the drawback of being invitation-only. Axie is solely for players who play Axie Infinity, thus if you want a venue in order to sell NFT art, clips, sports memorabilia, etc., you should go elsewhere.

What makes Axie so unique?

  • Axie Infinity has its own unique in-game assets that can be traded with other players.
  • Species may be bred to produce hybrids and hence new species.
  • The trading platform operates on Ethereum and makes use of Ronin, a sidechain created to speed up and lower the cost of Ethereum transactions.
  • Facilitates transactions for Axie Infinity goods
  • The Ronin Wallet is a Low-Cost Wallet for minimizing fees.

Possible drawbacks

  • None of the NFTs you see here appear anywhere in any other listing.

Coinbase NFT

Coinbase opened a hub for making, purchasing, and trading NFTs. NFT initiatives on Ethereum are currently available on this network, and support for other blockchains will be added in the future. To access the platform, you can simply use an ETH-compatible wallet instead of signing up for a Coinbase NFT account.

One of the biggest upsides to Coinbase NFT is charging zero fees. Of course, while there are currently no fees connected with using Coinbase NFT, you will still be demanded to settle the gas fees related to ETH transfers when trading NFTs on this network. Coinbase can provide a fee-free NFT marketplace since the majority of its revenue comes from fees connected with its cryptocurrency exchange.

What makes Coinbase NFT so unique?

  • No sign-up or account creation is needed.
  • Transactions on Coinbase can only be made in cryptocurrencies.
  • Using NFT influencers as a starting point, you may create your own feed.
  • Since this marketplace is currently in its beta stage, no fees will be charged at this time.
  • Several popular sets are shown.
  • Users need just sign in with an authorized Ethereum wallet.

Potential downsides

  • Doesn’t work with traditional currency
  • Minting on Coinbase is restricted to only authorized developers.
  • Filters that would allow users to organize NFTs into distinct groups are currently absent from the platform.


As an Ethereum-based NFT listing founded by Mark Cuban, Mintable helps you mint or sell NFTs. 

Numerous people, including songwriters and animators, may produce, share, buy, sell, and exchange their digital works on Mintable. The platform lets producers use blockchain-based smart contracts so they may produce digital items with no coding background. Plus, it allows artists to convert their digital products (including anything from artwork to game assets or documents like PDFs) into NFTs to sell via their own Mintable shop.

What makes Mintable so unique?

  • Gas-free NFT minting, with the option for users to mint in batches rather than individually.
  • Works well with a host of NFT categories.
  • Provides NFTs that may be printed.
  • The Mintable platform offers effortless UX.
  • Provides numerous NFT types that users may mint at no cost.

Potential downside

  • Only one coin is supported by Mintable.
  • Only a single blockchain

Nifty Gateway

Similar to many other listings, Nifty Gateway is another Ethereum-based platform created by Gemini that offers exclusive services to a few NFT creators and buyers.

Every NFT featured on the site is put through a thorough evaluation procedure that is exclusively available there and nowhere else. For more seasoned collectors, the website concentrates on handpicked, limited-edition NFTs.

The website offers fiat credit/debit payments alongside transactions made using ETH, even if it only provides a limited amount of educational content for novice investors. This increases the use of NFTs for people outside the crypto sphere. It should be emphasized that only people with U.S. bank accounts continue to have access to the fiat on- and off-ramp capability.

What makes Nifty Gateway so unique?

  • It’s a place where only the biggest names in music and fashion offer NFTs.
  • Allows transactions using fiat.
  • It’s simple to go about the interface.
  • There are prominent artists and common resources on the market.
  • Simple hubs for newcomers.

Potential downsides

  • Only Ethereum is available
  • Selling NFTs is currently unavailable on the smartphone app.
One pricing option is to put your digital asset for a fixed price sale.

NBA Top Shots

If you have a basketball NFT on your hands, there’s almost no better listing than NBA Top Shots which offers exclusive access to users.

Although it does not permit direct NFT minting, The NBA Top Shot includes a unique set of releases, helping you trade. The assets have an astronomical worth and continue to grow magnificently. Even though basketball lovers will find this marketplace super impressive, it demonstrates the prospect for collectible NFTs, and collecting is enjoyable, even if you don’t follow all the games anymore.

What makes NBA Top Shots so unique?

  • Accessibility and ease of use.
  • Simple sign-up and trading procedures.
  • Frequently updated with fresh drops.
  • Various digital currencies may be used to make purchases.
  • Accepts MasterCard as well as Visa for transactions.
  • The sign-up process is simple.

Potential downsides

  • Not working well with common digital wallets like Metamask.
  • Costly fees. is a one-of-a-kind NFT service that unites NFTs from various exchanges. This platform facilitates transactions across many markets simultaneously.

At this time, is seen as a worthy competitor to OpenSea. The network has done better than OpenSea on the number and value of Ethereum NFT deals. It also has more complicated tools for trade than OpenSea.

Why makes so unique?

  • You can look at, buy, and sell NFTs.
  • Works well with all kinds of Ethereum wallets.
  • Keep track of prominent NFT creators.
  • Learn more about all up-for-sale NFTs.
  • Sophisticated statistics for pricing and research in the blockchain
  • Check out both buyers’ and sellers’ reviews, ranks, and confirmed comments on the website.
  • Simple search features to quickly find what you want
  • Brings together information from several NFT markets

Potential downsides

  • Not for first-timers
  • Only marginal support

Theta Drop

Theta Drop is a decentralized blockchain-based film and TV program sharing platform. The network’s speed, sustainability, and blockchain infrastructure are its defining characteristics. On a daily basis, it rewards its most devoted users with NFT drops.

To take part in the listing, however, you will need to purchase a Theta currency. You may store your Theta currencies and NFTs in any digital currency wallet, including the company’s own wallet software.

Theta is supported by several coin platforms, including Binance.

What makes Theta Drop so unique?

  • Dedicated to the video games and entertainment businesses
  • Provides continuous coverage of NFT drops and bidding to get users more involved.
  • Traders are not charged a commission fee, although a gas fee is possible.
  • All NFTs are available for live viewing and bidding by users
  • Buying and selling NFTs
  • Special NFTs that can be redeemed
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • takes both cash and crypto

Possible downsides

  • Costly fees
  • Not many choices
  • NFT listing is not possible without a partnership


Solanart NFT is an established spot to make and trade art NFTs. It operates on the network of Solana. The goal of the site is to spotlight the work of different artists and give them an authorized venue to sell their artwork.

Artists may set up a shop and sell their one-of-a-kind NFTs for any price they want. On Solonart NFT, people may purchase things from stores or from other artists.

What makes Solanart so unique?

  •  NFT artwork may be bought, sold, and traded all in one convenient location.
  • All the essentials for building and offloading a high-quality NFT collection are included in Solana.
  • The platform hosts a community where consumers and producers may interact with one another.
  • Lots of NFT pieces to look at
  • The option to secure a loan using your NFT has just been introduced to the site.
  • Trading NFTs does not incur any fees.
  • A host of wallets like MathWallet.
  • Driven by Solana, which houses the vast majority of the world’s most valuable NFT collections.

Potential downside

  • Not yet able to mint.


MakersPlace represents a prominent, long-standing NFT hub. Here, artists who have been approved may create and promote their own pieces of art. MakersPlace shows off the work, but it doesn’t become the actual owner. It just serves as a trading hub.

What makes MakersPlace so unique?

  • Maximum safety
  • Members must be cleared out.
  • It has service fees of 15%.
  • Credit payment
  • The royalty can be pretty sweet
  • Effortless UI

Potential downside

  • High sale fees