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  • Social Media Promotion – Create an official account – Set up and fill an account with relevant content – Develop a community – Organize support service — processing incoming requests and comments of subscribers
  • Forum Management – Column maintenance – Publications and crops – Processing user comments – Feedback
  • Chinese PR / KOL – 80 publications in finance and blockchain media – Staff in the country where PR campaign is conducted – Translations to Chinese are handled by the agency – Timescale is 4 weeks

Chinese Market opportunities

  • 900+ million people use Internet in China.
  • 98% of them are mobile users.
  • According to Digital Society Index – which measures the digital development of societies – China ranks third out of 24 countries surveyed regarding trust in digital technologies.

Don’t Miss Out on the Enormous Potential of Promotion within Social Media Popular In China

With over 1 billion users, WeChat is the ultimate communication tool for Chinese audiences. Connect, engage, and promote your brand seamlessly within China’s bustling digital landscape. Let ICODA harness the potential of WeChat to propel your marketing success in the Chinese market.
Unlock the potential of Weibo, China’s beloved microblogging service, with a massive audience of 700+ million users. Similar to Instagram and Twitter, Weibo is the go-to platform for Chinese netizens to share, discover, and connect. Let ICODA navigate the complexities of WeiBo to skyrocket your brand’s visibility and captivate the Chinese audience.
Expand your reach beyond boundaries with a captivating Telegram channel. Engage with tech-savvy Chinese audiences, share updates, and build a dedicated following. With ICODA’s expertise, your Telegram channel will become a powerful tool to connect, inspire, and drive conversions in the dynamic Chinese market.

Crypto Projects in the Chinese Market

Chinese marketing is a very fast-developing industry in terms of increasing scale. We offer our clients to approach customers from China by using different means, including social media marketing to business development strategies focused on Chinese audiences. This is all done because of the advantages provided by the Chinese promotional market.


From social media promotion in Shanghai/China, defining the commercial objectives, developing forum management strategy, and understanding your China audiences. From selecting the best strategy and working with Chinese PR / KOL, we make your crypto journey exciting and productive.


Social media marketing, Shaghai, China, digital strategy.

Social media marketing, Shaghai, China, digital strategy.



Crypto projects should pay close attention to customers from China. The Chinese market is enormous, and there is a point in targeting promotional campaigns to audiences from this country. Find out the importance of developing a Chinese marketing strategy for crypto-oriented businesses.




Why Do You Need to Market a Crypto Project in China?

Digital marketing is a priority part of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. It allows a company to approach its target audiences by applying digital technologies and online channels of communication. It’s the most effective way to promote the company’s services and products all over the world. By using the Internet and social networks, marketing agencies can efficiently reach the necessary market.


China’s digital market is one of the most alluring spaces for digital marketers. In this country, around 900 million people regularly surf the Internet. This makes China an absolute leader in terms of the total number of active Internet users.


VR company, Chinese social media, market insights, marketing brands services, expertise marketing strategy and development

VR company, Chinese social media, market insights, marketing brands services, expertise marketing strategy and development


The country is an undisputed leader in the yearly number of online sales. This is great news for crypto projects. Because it means that if the proper approach is applied, popularity and hype around the project will surge to an enormous extent.


One more fact to prove the efficiency of well-thought-out digital promo in China – people there rely on modern financial technologies. This society is one of the most advanced in terms of digital development. According to the Digital Society Index, China takes third place in the rating of societies that are reliant on modern technologies.




When Crypto Projects Need Digital Marketing Services

China’s online market today is full of modern technologies so the competition among crypto-related projects is quite tough. However, that’s not the reason to neglect the opportunity that might help the crypto project reach new heights. Reputation management is vital to success in progressively developing markets.


Advertising agency Shanghai, China. Best social media marketing in Shanghai, China

Advertising agency Shanghai, China. Best social media marketing in Shanghai, China



It is especially relevant on social networks because it’s the most effective way. However, the Chinese digital market is quite specific. That’s why there are some vital reasons to seek the help of professional marketing agencies.




Why Should You Rely on Professionals?



A Professional SEO Company Knows Its Work Better

When approaching China’s digital market, your task is to form a positive first impression. You need a clear and well-organized digital plan to keep track of search engine optimization.




Professionals Can Mitigate the Risks of Competition

Your competitors might use black PR. It’s to develop a strong strategy, clear communication on China market and service lead to deal with high competition in the crypto industry. Look for a marketing agency that is capable of providing a consistent and valuable analyst in the target market to succeed.




Professionals Know How to Boost Your Brand Awareness

If you are just entering this market, your brand will be new to audiences from China. And there is a vital need to create a positive brand image around it. The company that organizes your promotional campaign in China should have a close partnership with China’s leading advertising and search platforms. That helps to drive search engine optimization and deliver better SEO results.




Chinese marketing agency vs international marketers

As mentioned above, it will be difficult for your crypto project to deal with all the advertising obstacles in the Chinese market. You need assistance from professionals. However, which option to choose – a China-based advertising agency or a foreign marker that has experience in digital marketing in China?


To figure this out, let’s take a look at the core aspects that must be taken into account when promoting your project in China.




Brand Status

Since the majority of Internet users in China belong to the middle-class category, you will be targeting them when promoting your crypto-based project. They pay a lot of attention to the status of the brand and prefer to rely on successful companies that already have a well-established image both within China and globally.


Chinese social media with digital marketing agency. Digital strategy of marketing in Shanghai, China

Chinese social media with digital marketing agency. Digital strategy of marketing in Shanghai, China



International marketers can better cope with the promotion of your international image to Chinese audiences. Local agencies, on the other hand, can put more focus on brand localization, which is quite effective in terms of brand establishment. Whatever way you choose, make sure that the launch of your project in China will be met with attention from the local media.




Pricing & Fees

In any case, potential Chinese clients of your crypto project will pay a lot of attention to the pricing and fees offered by your blockchain-based platform. This always impacts even the most popular and recognized brands when they launch their businesses in China.


Nonetheless, there is a curious fact here – surveys show that crypto users in China are ready to spend and invest more if they are sure of the well-established status of the provider. So we come back to the issue explained in the previous point – make sure your marketing agency will work on your brand awareness within the country.




Local Industry Peculiarities

As you might know, China’s government is paying a lot of attention to the development of the crypto market in the country. The authorities impose different restrictions that impact the intentions of your potential clients.


From this perspective, this might be a better idea to order request assistance from the local company. It might be better aware of the conditions of the local crypto environment during the specific period. Consequently, it might be more successful in developing a profitable Chinese digital marketing strategy.




So What: Chinese or International?

Working with international agencies is better from the perspective of long-lasting collaboration. If you set up a good collaboration with the agency when launching your project in China’s market, you won’t need to do the same from scratch when approaching another market.


Successful marketing is about long-term collaboration. That’s why we suggest you start your Chinese marketing campaign with the assistance of an international PR agency. In the following paragraphs, we will try to briefly explain the advantages by using the example of ICODA.




What Does ICODA Offer to Crypto Projects?

Social media marketing will include several stages to make a large-scale project booming.



Social media marketing in Shanghai, China & Chinese marketing campaigns

Social media marketing in Shanghai, China & Chinese marketing campaigns



These steps include big data consulting, search engine optimization, advertising, sales management, and more. All of that will help to establish communication with users and promote the company throughout the region. The ICODA marketing strategy and service include:




Digital Marketing and Reputation Audit

To build your company followers, increase traffic, and control all risks, the team agency will study the project’s weaknesses and strengths and marketing communications with online and offline Shanghai, China users.




Monitoring and Analysis of Provider’s Service Quality

ICODA analyzes whether you get highly targeted traffic from people on China market or need other digital marketing development.




Search Results Analysis, Monitoring, and Increase

The specialists of the ICODA marketing agency will gather information related to the company online on key queries. Such smooth and clear communication monitoring allows the marketing agency to identify reputational risks, track attitudes toward the project on the Internet, develop a digital strategy for their elimination, and respond promptly to the negative toward the brand in media.




Listening to Clients and Focusing on the Business and Its Needs

The professional team of the ICODA marketing agency provides a tailor-made and in-depth understanding of the Chinese audience, media landscapes, and target markets. China’s market focus is the priority. Our marketing agency keeps clients at the heart of what they do and discusses the results of using social media marketing.


Chinese social media, market insights for Shanghai/China and their markets, China campaigns and marketing innovative ideas

Chinese social media, market insights for Shanghai/China and their markets, China campaigns and marketing innovative ideas





Establish Partnerships in Shanghai, China

Connections with social media, influencers and huge cryptocurrency platforms are vital for cryptocurrency Chinese marketing. ICODA is an advertising agency that allows your business to reach out to millions of Chinese people quickly on cryptocurrency news and establish strong ties with the local property investment services company.


Shanghai, China marketing service and development, social media Marketing

Shanghai, China marketing service and development, social media Marketing




We, as a marketing agency, will organize the most prominent media plan, including publications on financial and blockchain platforms and attract the attention of your audience to your business growth.




Analyze the Business Prosperity Strategy and Enhance the China Market Focus

ICODA uses innovative analytics of Chinese social media platforms and companies and advanced social media marketing solutions to optimize and adjust your business’s digital activity. The team focuses on Chinese customers and uses other digital marketing solutions to ensure the highest return.

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