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If you have a new crypto project and plan its promotion on the global market, you’ll surely need the services of the ICODA Agency.

Be sure, we’ll promote your business on the local market and attract new investors in the most effective way.

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  • Social Media Promotion – Create an official account – Set up and fill an account with relevant content – Develop a community – Organize support service — processing incoming requests and comments of subscribers
  • Forum Management – Column maintenance – Publications and crops – Processing user comments – Feedback
  • Chinese PR / KOL – 80 publications in finance and blockchain media – Staff in the country where PR campaign is conducted – Translations to Chinese are handled by the agency – Timescale is 4 weeks

Chinese Market opportunities

  • 900+ million people use Internet in China.
  • 98% of them are mobile users.
  • According to Digital Society Index – which measures the digital development of societies – China ranks third out of 24 countries surveyed regarding trust in digital technologies.

Main Chinese Social Media services we can provide you with

WeChat WeChat is the most popular messenger (1 billion users) and a multifunctional tool for communication within China.
WeiBo WeiBo microblogging service is one of the most popular communication channels in China with an audience of 700+ million users. It is an analogue of Instagram and Twitter that are blocked in China.

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