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So that people know your project exists and what exceptional achievements it’s accomplished you need an effective marketing and PR strategy that works for you within the blockchain sphere.

Our highly skilled experts are more than capable of crafting a comprehensive crypto PR strategy in order to meet your business objectives.

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Effective Strategy stages

  • Assessment of Business Mission & Objectives. First, we are trying to find out the vision of your crypto project. Having a clear picture of your project’s objectives gives us an enhanced view of how crypto PR strategy would look like.
  • Defining Target Audience. Second, we identify the preferences of your audience which allows us to create a much more effective PR approach that directly speaks to that demographic. The process of identifying the target audience is crucial since it leads to high conversion rates.

We are ready to offer:

  • Evaluating PR Channels for target audience. Every channel can be considered, depending on the cost versus benefit criterion.
  • Crypto PR Strategy development and implementation
  • Optimization of Crypto PR Strategy It is important for a crypto startup to fix any weaknesses or loopholes PR strategy might have. Our team of experts will look after your commercial viability, business success, and long term growth.

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We are using a wide range of marketing tools to propel brand awareness and attract investors, users, and other stakeholders. All of them are aimed to create a brand name, to build goodwill for your project and establish a base that you can capitalize on later.


Crypto PR Tools of your Strategy:

Translation of all the content and resources related to the crypto project in local languages, so users from all the targeted countries have a better understanding of your brand and product. Your project can attract more investors and users from all around the world as it gives you much greater visibility and exposure.
Promo Video Creation
High-quality video clips help to introduce your project and explain different aspects without the complicated blockchain jargon. Videos can be circulated through a variety of channels including social media and video hosting platforms like YouTube.
Media Outreach
This includes relationships with different media partners to spread the word about your project and introduce it within the blockchain circles.
Press Releases & Newswire Distribution
It keeps your crypto project in the news cycle so a wide range of blockchain outlets pick it up and further spread the news.
PR Tracking & Reporting
All of the PR endeavors are tracked consistently to generate highly insightful reports to reveal what’s working and what isn’t.
Opinion Leaders
We have cordial relationships with the industry’s most respected opinion leaders and influencers, so we can help to expand the reach of your crypto brand and get people talking. Our PR partners include remarkable names such as Coinspeaker,, CryptoSlate, Blockonomi, Coin Telegraph, ICO Bench, and many more.

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