The Power of B2B Tech PR in the Digital Age

In this day and age, companies use every promotional tool in their arsenal to build their customer base, so they cannot afford to ignore public relations (PR). But, when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, there are unique aspects of PR that they must consider when communicating with other companies rather than regular customers.

As a tech company, you may wonder, what is B2B tech PR? Do we even need it? If so, how can we get the best out of it? Here’s the answer to all of your questions.

When it comes to public relations, B2B compannies cannot ignore the impact of PR professionals in attracting potential customers

What is B2B Tech PR?

Simply put, B2B tech PR is a set of promotional or PR techniques businesses of all sizes use to improve their public image and make more people learn about their services.

When businesses focus on PR, they can effectively handle and build their image among current and future customers, suppliers, personnel, and partners. The goal of B2B tech PR is to elevate a company’s profile in the eyes of its target audience by getting supportive media coverage.

To make sure that the right people hear the message, it is sometimes vital to combine B2B and B2C strategies.

Computer technology firms, for example, sell to both enterprises and consumers, so they need a PR plan that works for both groups.

Why Do You Need it?

There is a huge opportunity to expand your business’s customer base via B2B tech PR.

Imagine that your message could reach 20,000, 40,000, or even 60,000 of your target audience because it was included in a popular trade newspaper in your sector. Now, let’s imagine that it’s 20 publications, not one.

Also, it’s not just you promoting your services. When the media discusses your story and how you can solve a significant need in the market, it’s much more effective than any ad you run for your company because the praise is coming from someone else, not you.

B2B Tech PR vs B2C PR

When comparing B2B PR to B2C PR, it’s clear there are significant distinctions.

In contrast to mass-market B2C clients, B2B communications are far more specific, which means you use specific channels to send a message.

B2B companies cannot afford to ignore public relations. B2C firms can easily talk to a broader audience, making it easier for them to build excitement and go viral. Using public relations, you can generate the same level of buzz within your target audience.

A top PR firm knows how to use the right media channel for your target audiences to generate buzz and help with crisis management

How to do PR for a Tech Company?

So, now you understand the potential and the appeal of B2B tech PR, but it can only bear fruit if you do it right. We’ve outlined a step-by-step guide to help you do that.

Define the Audience

PR campaigns can begin on a vast scale. It is wiser for a corporation to simplify and execute a specific strategy, whether it is new or continuing. Try your best to zero in on particular groups of people you’d want to interact with your brand.

Brands have different audiences and goals; some want to reach critical partners, others want to connect with consumers, and yet others aim to attract the attention of investors and financiers.

Setting goals helps you zero in on the things that will have the most effect.

Think About What You Want to Say and How You Want to Say It.

Every company needs to understand their brand’s central messages, such as the benefits of their products and services. Business executives must thoroughly understand the technology and confidently express its significance and value to current customers and clients.

After identifying these overarching goals, a third-party expert agency or an in-house team can develop a plan that effectively conveys them.

Get the Press Releases in Order

Most companies need to think about how to include their own news in the PR plan. Bringing fresh talent, scaling operations, forming new partnerships, expanding the company’s customer base, developing innovative products, securing investments, and other similar events are all good news to share.

Giving such news to the media, preferably in an exclusive coverage, can make sure you get the coverage you deserve.

Reaching out with personalized pitches

Once the announcement is out, you may still make direct contact with some reporters and offer them more tailored pitches.

Some will message every journalist on their contact list at once. This causes your sources to tune you out and become less interested in your news. Using such tactics won’t fly in B2B public relations. You want industry experts to cover your release.

At this point, you’ll want to pull out your contact lists. If you’re going to get your story into the hands of the reporters you want to cover, you need to learn about them, the stories they cover, and the topics they discuss on social media.

Start Paying Attention With Daily Monitoring

If you ignore the news and consumer trends regularly, it’s going to be tough to stay on top of the game. Start by assigning an employee to monitor searches on Google and social media platforms.

Then, use Google Alerts or another system to learn about any developments that matter to your company. 

PR agencies use their media relations to promote you as industry leaders and build a positive reputations in the eyes of the general public

Don’t Ignore Data

Almost every B2B IT company cannot function without data. Whether it’s marketing or PR, you need to get the most out of your data, such as customer and industry performance indicators, financial growth, or technological achievements.

If permission is granted, you can share the metrics with the public and media to prove your claims and show your success.

Use Real-World Examples

Real-life use cases are an excellent way to demonstrate effective technology projects with clients and associates. The data you collect will be helpful, but so will a tangible example of your company’s success in the marketplace.

If your client or business associate is enthusiastic about taking part in the case study, you’ll be able to have an even greater impression. You can set up campaigns where a famous figure comes on TV and promotes your technology.

Another is co-authoring whitepapers/blog posts/social content creation/etc.

Partner Up with Expert PR Team

You may keep doing public relations in-house if you choose, but the most successful businesses are now using third-party PR agencies.

To help get the word out about your business, B2B PR agencies have established relationships with many outlets. They can use the art of narrative to wow readers in ways that you can’t.

A pro PR firm can give you a positive reputation through deep connections with the media

How to Find the Right Team?

B2B IT firms have a broad perspective and love constant innovation. The vast majority of them want to be known for their efforts. So, you need a PR agency that can sell your stories without getting lost trying to understand the development of your products.

Ideally, you want to find a B2B tech PR team that:

Grasps the Impact of Tech on Your Clients

Far too often, public relations firms use a lack of technical knowledge as an excuse to avoid researching the services they promote.

Promoting a product is most effective when the people you pay to do so have a firm grasp on the product’s functionality and market.

Doesn’t dumb down advanced technology

Sometimes, it helps to break things down into their simplest form. However, if your PR agency simplifies your cutting-edge technology into catchy soundbites full of marketing jargon, it may take away from the ingenuity of your innovation. 

At times, you don’t have a choice but to use a technical, detailed description to convey the whole message to the audience, and top PR firms in this space know that. 

You should look for PR agencies that understand the value of technology and how public relations can show that value to a larger audience

Understand the Value of Technology

Many PR firms see B2B as dull and uninteresting compared to consumer technology. The top firms understand that B2B technology and platforms create the foundation of all consumer goods. None of those popular cool gadgets get to see the light of day without them.

Can Keep Up with Your Development

The public relations industry is notorious for viewing product launches and releases as two entirely distinct occasions. An intelligent PR firm will realize that one invention naturally leads to another and that this snowball effect will help your business get more press attention.

It Connects Your Gadgets to the Headlines

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. You must pick a PR firm that attaches your B2B technology to a broader news context.

When a new iPhone is introduced to the public, for instance, there are several side stories that are presented about the many pieces of equipment, systems, and procedures that went into its production.

If you want positive PR outcomes, you need to find PR agencies that are passionate about your story

Likes to Talk up B2B Technology Stories

The fact that a business is making a tech announcement doesn’t mean you must be all academic and boring. To get the best possible results, your B2B tech PR firm should collaborate with you to develop fresh and eye-catching messages.

Cherishes the Value of Tech

A PR firm passionate about technology will easily convince journalists that your advances are newsworthy. If they don’t, the reporter will get the impression that they aren’t serious about the story.

A PR agency knows how to use the power of public relations to establish thought leadership and separate you from other businesses

Bottom Line

We hope this guide gives you a clearer understanding of the resources and techniques you’ll need to build your brand’s image and prove your expertise in the tech sector. As you can see, public relations (PR) for business-to-business firms is complex. In most cases, it’s not just a step-by-step process you can use alone. 

You deal with media, and media means connections and infrastructure, something that you can only find in a pro PR agency like ICODA.

We’ve taken so many tech companies to the next level via B2B PR, and we can do the same for you as well. Just get in touch, and let’s put you on the map.