How to Promote Crypto Projects on Solana?

Starting from 2017, the Solana ecosystem has since developed beyond the DeFi space and is now a booming space for the fast-rising Web3 economy. 

Like every new project, your product based on Solana needs exposure to thrive in a rapidly-growing industry. This is where Solana NFT promotion comes into play. To help you start to draw out a comprehensive plan for marketing promotion, here are a few tips that you can implement.

Selecting Solana media: how to promote your crypto project in the most effective way?

PR in Solana Media

First, let’s start with public relations. Like all other startups, the Solana project needs a solid PR strategy to be heard and make a name for itself.

It is a must for any business in order for it to expand and grow, and naturally, companies within the cryptocurrency/blockchain sphere are no exception due to the fact that even a cutting-edge technology project or innovative and promising project needs exposure and branding. Without specific and necessary exposure, raising the expected capital will be nearly impossible.

It is important to rely on using different types of content, like guest post articles, to generate backlinks and build a reputation. 

There are no specific media for Solana projects but you should pay close attention to the Solana news to reach out to the community. In addition, you should select the biggest cryptocurrency media platforms that have the #solana tag.

For example, submitting PR articles to Cointelegraph and Blockworks gives a project a higher chance to broaden its reach.

Gaining media attention is the very thing that can make or break a company. While the industry is still young, you should create and integrate a PR strategy as soon as possible. So, let’s dig in and see the most helpful things to implement in your strategy. 

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On Air: Promotion via Podcasts

For many individuals, podcasts are a convenient means of staying up to date with the latest news on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Whether commuting to work or school, doing household chores, or exercising, they simply plug in their earphones and tune in to their preferred podcasts. However, with numerous options available, selecting a few to promote can be overwhelming.

You should take into consideration podcasts created by Solana Foundation. Among them are:

In addition, Solana has a wide community around it. Thanks to its contributors, lots of popular podcasts appear and spread the word about new projects:


The NFT launchpad is a digital platform that lets entrepreneurs seek opportunities in the NFT marketplace.

Through the launchpad, creators can expect the greatest exposure and widest reach in the marketplace, more potential for secondary trading, and raise funds. Launchpads also help creators to reach their target audience.

Among the top platforms are:

B2B Pitching For NFTS: How to Pitch Successfully?

Pitching is an opportunity to introduce your business idea in a limited amount of time. Keep your introduction short and to the point. You can use a presentation to highlight your NFT in the best way possible. The main goal of a pitch is to gain new customers, investors, or people from the Solana community to support your business.

As a useful tip to keep in mind while pitching: you should pay close attention to Linkedin in order to contact your target audience and influencers. Make a selection of the right individuals, and get your pitch right. It will let you get the right audience.

Collaboration Management With Influencers and Other Solana Projects

This is an exclusive option needed to strengthen your presence on social media. It helps to build strong connections with Tier-1 influencers and other Solana-based products. They aren’t really keen on working on a flat-fee base. Therefore the traditional collaboration model doesn’t work, and it’s not worth the money.

We at ICODA create an attractive offer for influencers. Pitch your project to them using your official accounts in order to get a quick response of collaboration. Select the most suitable opinion leaders and projects on NFTInspect to create a long-lasting collaboration.

performance marketing for Solana: how to promote?

Performance Campaign for Solana Users

Spread the Word About the Project via Airdrop

It is not something new in the crypto world, but even standard airdrop solutions are worth trying. Airdrops are a crucial part to stimulate the use of tokens. It is a good way for potential customers to acquire digital currency without buying it. But the only thing you should keep in mind is that your customers should acquire a Solana-based wallet in advance.

Startups may airdrop crypto as part of an initial offering, fair distribution of tokens among its community, or as a reward for raising awareness about the company.


This media channel provides space for influencers to dive deep into topics like price predictions and analysis and to give detailed reviews on top-notch technologies.

All we can say is that YouTube is a massive hub of content related to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Even the official Solana channel exists there:

Youtube is also crammed with a growing number of channels discussing NFTs. Leaders have created deeply engaged and loyal communities based on their YouTube channels:

Because the Solana segment expands each day, there will most likely be many more YouTube crypto channels to pick from.


Whether you are new to the world of digital assets or a professional, Twitter is one of the best ways to stay tuned. That is why it is highly recommended for projects to establish brand awareness there.

Twitter has the potential to make your project popular compared to other crypto channels such as Telegram, Medium, or Facebook. Twitter is, in fact, one of the biggest social media platforms that are being utilized in promoting the mass adoption of blockchain and crypto-related startups.

Any discussion on how to promote your content on Twitter is incomplete without mentioning influencers. So, here are the most popular ones to keep in touch with:

If you can connect with influencers within your industry, you can amplify the reach of your content by leveraging their networks as well as yours.

Paid traffic

There are many avenues to market a product, but for NFTs at this current point in history, the paid- traffic driven to the site is most efficient as a main tool leveraging chances to reach out to a properly targeted audience and raise awareness.

If you prepare a proper targeting strategy, you should pay close attention to keywords related both to Solana blockchain and Solana-based projects.

Listing on Exchanges and NFT Marketplaces

Listing NFT on the most popular and promising ranks is needed to get maximum expansion within the crypto community. Publish the project on popular listings, catalogs, and DApps ratings. Keep in mind that almost the biggest popular exchanges support Solana.

The major things are to build a community around the project using different NFT marketplaces:



Solana marketplaces:

To Sum It Up: Are There Any Steps to Cover After Listing?

As you may have noticed, any promotion strategy doesn’t stop after listing. Any NFT needs to have a strong plan, even if the most important part of its path has already been covered. For example, market making is a thing you should pay close attention to.

Market Making

Liquidity Providers or Market Makers play a vital role in providing liquidity to buyers and sellers in financial markets, allowing for the trading of assets without affecting their prices. They are responsible for determining the value of assets and regulating the crypto and NFT markets.

However, due to their unique characteristics, NFTs can be illiquid, resulting in extended waiting periods to find buyers. This is where GOCHA comes in. GOCHA is a platform that creates financial tools and services for innovative and groundbreaking token economies to prosper. GOCHA overcomes the liquidity barriers that may arise at any time for any market, using a range of proprietary algorithms to give tokens the necessary boost for successful business growth.

If you need any help regarding liquidity pool, token price, and trading – just drop a line on

After finalizing this long list of things that you should cover while creating an NFT strategy, you should keep in mind that you should select the most helpful tips for you. Yes, it is still a long list. So, you can let our experts help you to build a marketing strategy properly.

We at ICODA invest in building long-term, sustainable relationships, support NFTs and crypto businesses in their long-lasting journey, and supply them with our services, industry expertise, and network.

So, drop us a line, and book a free consultation. Let’s start your long and prosperous journey in the NFT space!