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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a financial system based on blockchain technology that transfers various financial services from the traditional fiat economy into digital financial assets.

The idea and goal of any DeFi projects are make people’s lives easier and convenient. And don’t forget about users who pay with real money at their own risk. Trust to the project is the most important part of the project’s success.

ICODA provides full range services for DeFi projects.

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DeFi Project Audit

  • Audit of Project’s documentation and Output the guidelines, providing recommendations to improve the documentation for the project: White paper, One Pager, Pitch Deck and website.
  • Market competitive analysis for the project.
  • Validate the documents with the crypto community and experts.

Business Case Setup

  • Strategy Development of the project: Finance Model, Token Concept and Token Economy, Marketing Strategy.
  • White Paper and other necessary documentation Preparement.
  • Project infrastructure creation and development: website, mobile app, blockchain, social profiles.

Marketing Performance

DeFi users already have knowledge and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They are interested  in the real benefits of a particular service, innovations and new ideas. Users tend to trust their previous experience and the judgments of the crypto community.

The key to success of DeFi promotion is the innovation of the project idea and distribution of this idea to the community. Getting reviews, seeding discussions, news, references in media and opinion leaders’ impact increase interest of the target audience and generate trust as well as lead traffic to the project.

This is a proven promotion strategy for the successful DeFi service development. Opinion leaders, social media influencers can quickly attract the audience’s attention to a new project through reviews and discussions. The biggest community of experts is on Twitter, then follow Telegram, Reddit, Youtube.


What do we offer:

Company Blog
Full coverage of all the project’s details, innovations, determining real problems and finding solutions. Blog allows you to get additional attention from the community. It could be used for SEO and community promotion.
Articles and announcements in TOP crypto media increase trust to DeFi service, clarify ideas and benefits to the target audience. You can choose the PR package according to your goals and budget.
Social media marketing makes it easy to spread your mission and products all over the world. Social media grow your brand awareness and increase traffic to website. Get feedback from the target audience by involving it to discuss the project with sharing good experience as well as telling about problems and solutions.
Referral Marketing
Achieve your goals faster by attracting partners to DeFi service. We prepare a high-quality affiliate program for you and pitch referral offers to potential partners.
Make only a positive reputation in web searching requests. Filling search engine results with information controlled by you. Including negative requests.
Review Sites
The presence on the sites makes it possible to get feedback from users on strengths and problems, as well as maintain confidence in the DeFi Service. We improve your project’s service so you’ll get the maximum user rating in a short time.

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