Work Standards and Useful Tips for Crypto Companies

When a company grows from a start-up stage to a successful business, and when the number of employees and partners exceeds 50, the company’s project manager has to organize business processes to let the business develop. This includes staff motivation, optimization of internal processes, regulation, and standards. These rules mean the regulated behavior of employees in a team in certain cases. 

Before we take a look at the standards applicable to companies, let’s determine the individuals you should avoid:

  • Liars. It is impossible to build relationships and mutual trust based on lies;
  • Irresponsible people who never do anything that was already planned. They can let clients and colleagues down. If these issues happen constantly, then it destroys the workflow of the team.
  • Toxic teammates. The factor is subjective, but when an employee is negative for no reason, it’s better to exclude the person for the sake of the company culture.

Work Standards That You Should Consider

Below is the list of 10 work standards that are applicable within ICODA, and they can be helpful for cryptocurrency businesses. Check them out.

  • Complete tasks on time. If the deadline is today at 12:00 pm, then we must turn in the task exactly today by 12:00 pm, preferably earlier. If this is not possible, it is important to inform colleagues or clients and find a new deadline. Completing tasks on time allows you to plan work and improve effectiveness.
  • No place to imitate the workflow. For example, you complete a task that you want, but it is not necessary. It’s important to highlight and prioritize tasks and not avoid the biggest and most difficult tasks.
  • Find a solution, not a problem. Detection of problems is good, but the crucial thing is to solve the issue. We come to our colleagues with options for solutions that we have come up with.
  • Never hide work and personal issues. There’s no place for gossip. Do you have any problems? It should be discussed. Find solutions that can be integrated.
  • Teamwork and mutual assistance. Work as a team. In case a teammate faces a problem, he/she should not hesitate to ask colleagues for help.
  • Every member of the team is responsible for advertising and influencing the reputation of the company. Any communication is an opportunity to present and show the advantages of the project.
  • Don’t be shy to acknowledge mistakes and problems. Nobody’s perfect. We are all humans, and we make mistakes.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. New tools should be tested as well as top-notch approaches to promotion and development. This is the key to success and urges the growth of the company.
  • Boost skills. Improving knowledge is a must-have for work.
  • Any work and the task that is performed should be simple. It should be easy to read and understand and should have a user-friendly design.

That’s all! They allow you to have strong business processes and clear rules of collaboration within the group. Having almost the same standards applicable within your company will allow your business to become stronger and reach great results.