ICODA Agency Announced as One of the Top Blockchain App Development Companies of 2021

Our team has surpassed every road block in our quest towards the pinnacle of Blockchain development. We are excited to announce that our name has been featured in a recent press release about the top Blockchain developers in the industry published by TopDevelopers.co.

ICODA was formed with the sole objective of helping businesses solve their problems using crypto technologies like Blockchain. Through our skill and experience we have successfully delivered 50+ crypto projects and have established ourselves as one of the most reputed blockchain development companies in the industry today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our excellent team of developers, without whose help this wouldn’t have been possible.

We provide our clients with a mobile crypto wallet solution that has the following features

  • Support for a wide range of ERC-20 tokens
  • The highest level of security. The client token’s wallet provides the highest cryptographic protection for the storage
  • No translation restrictions
  • Exchange rates for conversion customer’s token into BTC or USD
  • Minimalistic & friendly UI
  • Token balance and transaction history
  • Performing transactions with the help of QR code scanning.

Please visit our cases section to know in detail about the solutions that we can and have built till date. 

When you visit our ICODA’S profile on TopDevelopers.co, you will come to know that we have invested around 30% of our time and resources into Blockchain technologies. This is one of the major reasons why we are considered to be amongst the best blockchain app development firms today. You can also find our pricing details, other special services that we offer, client feedback, focus areas, and our client details on TopDevelopers.co. It is a comprehensive platform for the IT service providers to showcase their potential to the visitors and prospective clients.

Who is TopDevelopers.co?

TopDevelopers.co  is a directory that classifies IT service providers from all over the globe. The analysts at TopDevelopers.co ensure that they maintain the credibility of the platform by providing unbiased analysis of the companies on their platform. The team at TopDevelopers.co ensures that only the best of the companies are able to pass their stringent quality norms.