How to Choose a Fintech PR Agency: Building Trust, Growth, and Connection

It’s no secret that tech is changing the finance game as we speak. Tech-fueled innovations are revolutionizing the finance world, making services more accessible and efficient. Cryptocurrency, AI, mobile banking, robo-advisors, and P2P lending are transforming financial systems as we speak, while the emergence of digital currencies may be on the horizon.

Why Digital PR is Essential for Fintech Domination

As more and more newfangled fintech companies enter the market, it’s becoming increasingly more competitive. Already now, for fintech companies, just offering cool services isn’t enough. To win big, you’ve got to have a solid digital PR game. So, why is PR a big deal for fintech firms striving to be the best? Let’s break it down:

Ignite a Trust Revolution

How do you make people trust your fintech company? It’s all about showing folks what makes you special. A good PR approach opens that door to trust by emphasizing testimonials and endorsements from others in the media. Believe us, it makes a difference!

Rocket-Fueled Networking: Get Connected Fast

Make friends with the big shots in your industry through smart PR moves. This way, you can put your brand at the center of important conversations and watch as the partnerships take off. Think about organizing a webinar with a finance expert: isn’t that a power play?

Blast Your Brand Reputation to New Heights

Pull in customers, investors, and partners with a rock-solid reputation. Nice media coverage, awards, and recognition can shoot your fintech brand into the spotlight. If you didn’t know, in a 2019 PR Week survey, 60% of those in finance said the reputation of the fintech PR agencies was their best asset.

Amplify Your Voice for Maximum Impact

Let everyone hear your fintech company’s story with one clear, catchy message across multiple channels. Look at Revolut, for example – it used state-of-the-art fintech PR to share its vision for a financial super app. It’s like a choir: when they all sing together, it just sounds better!

Master the Art of Market Adaptation

Keep an eye on the latest trends, news, and rules in the industry so you stay on top of your game. Fintech PR pros can keep you in the loop and help you tweak your messages so you won’t miss a thing. When it comes to meeting regulations, fintech PR agencies have got your back.

Turbocharge Your Bottom Line

A focused PR strategy can crank up your visibility, fetch more customers, and expand your market share. Take TransferWise (now Wise) as an example: they grew big time after a PR campaign focused on their customer-friendly approach and transparency. Guess what – research from McKinsey & Company backs this up, suggesting fintech companies using PR might see up to a 24% jump in company value. Not too shabby, huh?

Team Up with Fintech PR Wizards. A Medley of Perks Awaits!

Now, if you’re running a fintech biz, you’ve likely wondered if you try to blow your own trumpet or trust your PR to someone who’s played trumpets before. Long story short: unless you know what to do, you should consider delegating. Partnering with a PR agency gives you expert help, saves you time and effort, and lets you focus on what you’re great at. Here are some key benefits you can bring to your brand by teaming up with a professional PR firm.

Summon Seasoned Pros

PR agencies are made up of pros who know their stuff when it comes to public relations. They’ll make sure your startup’s message reaches the right people and keeps your image looking good.

Imagine your mobile payment startup getting help from a PR firm known for its wins. They’ll come up with a PR campaign that shows off your cool tech, user-friendly design, and secure system. Next thing you know, people are loving your startup, and you’re grabbing a bigger market share in no time.

Get Plugged In Quick

Got no media connections? Don’t worry! PR agencies have got you covered. They know all the right people, so your company gets the attention it deserves without all the hard work of networking yourself.

Picture this: your blockchain company teams up with a PR agency that has connections in finance and tech media. Thanks to the agency, your company gets featured in a fancy business magazine, and your CEO is chatting it up on a popular finance podcast, impressing investors and reaching even more people.

Fresh Perspectives All-Round

A PR agency can give you some fresh and unbiased insights into your brand image. Their outside perspective can help you spot things you might’ve missed, leading to better PR plans.

Let’s say your lending fintech company gets checked out by a PR agency. After a thorough assessment, you get honest advice about problems with your company’s message that could make people worry about trust. With their help, your image gets a glow-up, and your clients feel way more confident about your loans.

Focus on Your Core Mastery

Why spend your time on PR when you’ve got other stuff to do? Let a PR agency handle it; your team can get back to making your products and services better.

Suppose your fintech company has a new product that needs to launch but is crunched for time. Giving the PR agency the wheel means your team can keep working on the product and user experience. The result? It was a perfectly timed launch and a whole lot of buzz to boot!

When in a Storm, Keep Calm and PR on

When things go south, PR agencies are great for damage control. They know how to handle bad news professionally and can help protect your company’s reputation.

Suppose your firm suffers from a data breach, and everyone’s panicking. Your PR agency swoops in, keeps customers in the loop and works with the media to help get you out of the mess and rebuild trust.

PRecision Budget Solutions

PR agencies come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s every chance you can find one that fits your size and budget. You’ll get a tailor-made PR plan without breaking the bank!

Whether your fintech startup is tight-budgeted or ready to splurge, you’ll want your costs optimized. For that, you might want to find a PR agency with a customizable pricing structure. They focus on the most important parts of your public image, and your startup gets all the benefits without spending too much.

Stay on Point with Data-Fueled Insights

PR agencies use cool tools to watch what people are saying about your company and measure your brand’s rep. It means you’ll stay in the know all year long and can tweak your PR plans as you see fit.

More Reasons to Delegate: What Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

The above-listed benefits of getting a PR agency to handle your PR might seem exhaustive. However, there are lots more subtle nuances to teaming up with an agency that can not only boost your public image but also greatly increase your sales and revenue figures. Let’s have a look at a few.

Partnering with Fintech Influencers & Affiliate Marketers

You know what’s cool in the media world? Teaming up with influencers and affiliates who’ve been in the financial services industry long enough. Your company can reach the right crowd and boost your brand image with their help. For example, if your fintech startup is all about personal finance, you might join forces with a big personal finance blogger. People who follow the blogger will likely get into your app since they trust the blogger. That’s free word of mouth, too!

Thought Leadership Matters

Being a thought leader is like gold for your company. A smart PR firm can get your top dogs seen as industry whizzes. They can get them speaking gigs at conferences or writing articles for big media outlets. It helps your company stand out and shows you’re using some of the best fintech PR agencies in the financial services industry.

Show You Care for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A good PR plan can make your company’s commitment to being socially responsible shine. Things like press releases, blog posts, and social media content can highlight your company’s good deeds. If you’re doing the right thing, like using green energy or giving back to the community, people will notice and feel good about your company.

Getting Social with Online PR

A kickass social media and digital marketing plan can get your brand noticed and get people talking. PR pros know how to make fun and engaging social media campaigns and interactive content marketing. They’ll also track which stuff works best and refine your messaging to get the most clicks and shares.

Attract and Keep Top Talent

A solid brand and good PR can help bring the best people to your company. A marketing agency can showcase the awesome stuff at your company, like your culture, perks, and opportunities, through things like employee video profiles. That stuff can make the difference in recruiting events and help keep your current folks around, too.

Going Global by Speaking Local

A PR firm that knows international markets will help your company grow worldwide. When you set foot in new regions, they can help you make sure your message is spot-on for the local crowd, hook you up with local influencers, and get you noticed in local media. They’ll even help you navigate cultural differences so your message is always on point.

Keeping Your Team in Sync

The goal of leading fintech PR firms is to help your internal communication be clear and efficient with cross-department meetings. That way, everyone—from marketing communications to sales to customer support—stays on the same page. It keeps everyone up to date on your company’s plans and goals and ensures marketing communications remain cohesive.

Delegating your Fintech PR to an agency: the How-To

If you’re a fintech firm thinking about handing your PR over to a leading fintech PR agency, there are some things you should know. Let’s go over what it takes to make this partnership work:

First off, ask yourself: does the PR agency look like they know fintech stuff? Make sure they’re experts in the industry so they can communicate effectively and keep your rep shiny.

Next up, it’s about staying in control and keeping your brand image consistent – you and the marketing agency need to be on the same page with your company’s values and direction. Set up some guidelines and expectations to help with that.

Sure enough, you’ve been thinking about the money part. Before striking a deal, weigh the costs of hiring a PR firm against the benefits of digital marketing and think about other ways you might use those resources. Make a well-rounded decision, you know?

Also, make sure to keep your secrets safe. When you’re working with an external agency, there’s always a risk to data security and confidentiality. Before you get involved, set up some clear procedures to keep everything under wraps.

When discussing terms, be sure to ask yourself this question: Do the PR agency’s goals line up with yours? The ideal marketing agency should be putting your needs first, not just looking to grow their own biz. This is usually pretty clear from the way they present their services. Lay down your goals and expectations from the get-go to avoid any future drama.

Once you’ve picked a fintech PR agency and started working, don’t forget about keeping tabs on how things are going. Set up performance metrics, keep talking, and make sure they take responsibility for every step they take.

Also, building a long-term relationship with the PR firm is your trump card for future success. Keep your communication open, and provide detailed and honest feedback. Also, work together on long-term expectations so the partnership is strong and fruitful and/or doesn’t waste any time for either party.

Finally, change can be rocky. When you’re moving your PR from in-house to a PR firm, plan and communicate well to keep the transition smooth and avoid hurting your company’s rep. Among all the marketing communications, make sure you have the right PR strategies and use proper content marketing and paid media channels to enhance your brand’s outreach.

If your desired Fintech PR agency has all that, then your Fintech journey is set to be a smooth ride.

Why choose ICODA as your Fintech PR agency

If you’ve read this far, we’ve got a nice little bonus for you: you may have just found the right fintech PR agency for you – ICODA. So, why pick ICODA as your trusted Fintech PR agency? Let us brag a little.

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Also, we’ve got some sweet connections with the media in the finance and tech worlds, which means we can save you time and effort by getting your name out there. And since we’re an outside agency, we’re not too shy to give you honest advice on what’s working and what’s not.

The best part? You can focus on what you do best—running your business — while we take care of the PR stuff. Our team knows how to deal with bad press and keep your rep looking good, even when things get a little bumpy.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. We have pricing options for all budgets, so you can get top-notch PR services without breaking the bank. We’ll keep you in the loop with data-driven updates and performance reports so you can always make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

To sum it all up, you can choose ICODA as your go-to Fintech PR agency if you want smart, effective, and user-friendly public relations that help your company grow consistently over the long term. With our specialized skills, awesome media connections, and tailored services, we’ll help you make the most of your resources and keep your business moving forward.