A Multi-Vertical Affiliate Conference Conversion Conf Is Coming This April in Poland. Don’t Miss Out on the Event!

Next month, on April 19-20, 2023 one of the most awaited conferences in Poland will be held. Conversion Conf, created by Conversion Club, is a multi-vertical affiliate event that will take place at EXPO XXI, Warsaw. This year, ICODA will be an official media partner of the conference.

More than 1500 participants will be able to attend 4 discussion panels. Twenty opinion leaders and experts will share useful info related to the financial segment, Nutra, dating, iGaming, and e-commerce.

It’s a great chance to gain valuable skills and helpful hacks from specialists and popular individuals. You will have access to various discussions, entertainment, and networking. You can also meet like-minded participants, create a fruitful collaboration, and boost your business in the most effective way!

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