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If you have a new crypto project and plan its promotion on the global market, you’ll surely need the services of the ICODA Agency.
Be sure, we’ll promote your business on the local market and attract new investors in the most effective way.

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Russian Market opportunities.

  • Around 30 million of the total population can be considered and measured up-to European standards in purchasing power.
  • Vast potential for further growth with a population of around 145 million.Conquering the Russian blockchain society will become an important stage in your startup development

Russian is one of the most influential and promising markets in the world. The projects that have established a strong reputation in this country have an excellent chance of success.


Russian Marketing plan

Translate and adapt your website to the needs and preferences of the Russian-speaking society.
Publish press releases about your startup on the greatest Russian crypto news platforms and promote it in other possible ways.
Collaborate with the ICODA local team engaged with Russian marketing; our specialists, more than anyone else, know the specifics of this community.
Find and develop customized solutions for implementing an individual marketing strategy, worked out in compliance with your needs and objectives.

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