COO of ICODA About Stablecoins: What Is Going On in This Sphere? What Is Next?

Great news, a new video with an ICODA team has appeared on the Satoshi Sean channel. This time, with  Alina Hapkina, COO of the agency.

A quick outlook: after the dust of the crazy race in the cryptocurrency market settled this summer, stablecoins attracted massive control from authorities and lawmakers.

For example, this September, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that federal regulations are coming soon. They also noted that further development of stablecoins, as well as their payment systems, are hard to predict.

Moreover, the International monetary fund acknowledged that risks are increasing rapidly and regulation is required. Worldwide regulation for stablecoins should be based on risk analysis and flexibility and concentrate on their use cases. Measurements, as well as rules on stablecoins, should cover the whole system and major options, and there should be extra supervision for stablecoin agreements.

Let’s learn more about the current situation within this niche, its peculiarities, and what we should expect from them.

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