How We Attract Traders to Your Exchange

What Is the Point

New tokens are regularly added to your exchange. New projects always lead new traders. However, if the project is unknown, with a small community, then the value from it is small for you.

ICODA Agency can increase the value of projects by using targeted marketing for the project itself and your exchange.

How We Do This

We specialize in delivering crypto leads. For each project, we draw up a marketing strategy with KPI and expected results.

If the project is a platform, we will attract users to it. If it is a wallet, we will make more registrations. For projects that are aimed at selling tokens, we organize trading competition and attract users there.

What We Use

Reputation Management

Paid Traffic



Email Marketing


Local Marketing


ASO (app store optimization)

Offline Promotion


Market Making

Investor Acquisition

Additional Marketing Activities

Benefits for Your Exchange:

  • We attract additional token holders to the exchange
  • As a result, the liquidity of the entire exchange is growing
  • The number of subscribers in the social networks of the exchange is growing
  • We do PR not only for the project, but also for your exchange
  • Due to active marketing you will have more live projects with a normal trading volume