Here is Why Your Cryptocurrency Startup Needs a Crypto PR Agency

If you are a crypto or blockchain startup, your challenges aren’t only of technical nature, but you have to be aware of the commercial side of your business as well. Your crypto product or service, regardless of how great it is, has to compete with well-established players of the market to have any chance of success. Your potential investors, partners, and project stakeholders aren’t going to discover you on their own, you have to make an effort for it.

This is why every crypto or blockchain startup requires a comprehensive and cohesive PR strategy that is executed to perfection to ensure the word gets out and people start to notice you as a relevant force in the market. You have to explore a multitude of marketing and PR channels to identify which will benefit your project the most and how you can get the best return on your investment. This is where a professional cryptocurrency expert like ICODA can help you out.

Effective Strategies Used by Crypto PR Agency

Top crypto PR services consist of multi-dimensional teams of highly talented and experienced analysts, software developers, designers, content creators, and other skilled experts who are more than capable of crafting a comprehensive crypto PR strategy for your business. Leveraging their experience and relationships in the industry, a crypto PR agency is better positioned to help you out in terms of meeting your business objectives and milestones.


Assessment of Business Mission & Objectives

Before going to the drawing board, our crypto experts sit with you to discuss in detail about the vision you have for your crypto project. In this meeting, we gather all the relevant information required to identify primary and secondary goals and milestones. Having a clear picture of your project’s objectives gives us an enhanced view of how your crypto PR strategy would look like.


Defining Target Audience

Depending on the first session, our crypto project experts are able to tell who your target audience is. We can identify the preferences, behaviors, and likes and dislikes of your audience which allows us to create a much more effective PR theme that directly speaks to that demographic. The process of identifying the target audience is crucial since it leads to high conversion rates.


Evaluating Influence Channels

During this phase, all the information gathered is used to evaluate a diverse variety of channels and mechanisms that could be used to influence the target audience. Based on your project’s demographic, every channel can be considered, from social media to conventional sources, depending on the cost versus benefit criterion. Those channels are picked which are likely to yield the highest return.


Crafting Crypto PR Strategy

Once everything is on the drawing board, it is time to connect the dots and come up with a cohesive crypto PR plan that aligns with your business vision and objectives. In this phase, the crypto experts go through every bit of detail to ensure the timing and execution of every initiative is well thought out with a high chance of success. Then this PR strategy is put into action.

Optimization of Crypto PR Strategy

You have to keep in mind that any strategy, however meticulously planned or designed, has to deal with unforeseeable consequences and a wide range of imperfect conditions. That’s why it is important for a crypto startup to keep tweaking their PR strategy to fix any weaknesses or loopholes it might have. The goal is to reach the point where your crypto PR strategy starts working for your project instead of you working for it.

For that to happen, you need a team of expert cryptocurrency analysts and professionals, like the ones working for ICODA,  looking after your commercial viability, business success, and long term growth. An overwhelming majority of crypto startups are great at churning out code and developing their project technically but fail to meet the demands of the market when it comes to marketing and public relations. You need someone at the helm of your PR affairs all the time.

Popular Crypto PR Strategy Tools

Leading crypto PR agencies, including ICODA, use a wide range of marketing tools to propel brand awareness and attract investors, users, and other stakeholders. They take a multi-pronged approach that doesn’t only work in the short term but long term as well building goodwill for your project and establishing a base that you can capitalize on later. This allows you to create a brand name for your project in the market and evoke the sense of trust people need to invest in your product or service. Some of the popular tools used by crypto PR services include:


  • Localization – This involves translating all the content and resources related to the crypto project in local languages so users from all the targeted countries have a better understanding of your brand and product. This way your project can attract more investors and users from all around the world as it gives you much greater visibility and exposure.
  • Promo Video Creation – One of the most effective tools that work really well in terms of educating users and investors is videos. We can create high-quality video clips to introduce your project and explain different aspects and features in detail without the complicated jargon of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Videos can also be circulated through a variety of channels including social media and video hosting platforms like YouTube.
  • Media Outreach – This includes leveraging relationships with different media partners to spread the word about the up and coming crypto project and introduce it within the blockchain circles. This allows your crypto project to acquire a mind share.
  • Press Releases – A campaign is run to continuously talk about different updates and developments to keep your crypto project in the news cycle so a wide range of blockchain outlets pick it up and further spread the news. This ensures that your project remains relevant in the long run.
  • Newswire Distribution – For important milestones, newswire distribution is deployed to raise awareness and market your project. It ensures that relevant people know about the project and how it is progressing from time to time.
  • PR Tracking & Reporting – All of the PR endeavors are tracked consistently to generate highly meaningful and insightful reports to reveal what’s working and what isn’t. This allows to make informed decisions and optimize the strategies.
  • Opinion Leaders – Many crypto PR firms, like ICODA, have cordial relationships with the industry’s most respected opinion leaders and influencers. We can use our rapport with these individuals to help expand the reach of your crypto brand and get people talking. Coming from opinion leaders also means it is not just simple advertising but holds a lot of weight and credibility as well which gives your crypto project the upper hand it needs.

ICODA – Crypto PR Agency You Can Trust

ICODA brings the skills, talents, and accumulated experience of a highly professional team of marketers, developers, analysts, and content creators who can develop an effective and successful PR strategy for your crypto brand that aligns with your company vision and objectives.

Our PR partners include remarkable names like Coinspeaker,, CryptoSlate, Blockonomi, Coin Telegraph, ICO Bench, and many more. We can leverage our partnerships to spread the word about your crypto project. This works for you in the long run as news continues to build up and establish your brand.

Final Word

When it comes to running a crypto business, the technical aspect is only one of your biggest challenges. To make your crypto startup viable, you need an effective marketing and PR strategy that works for you within the blockchain sphere so people in the industry who matter know your project exists and what exceptional achievements it’s accomplished. This enables you to establish your startup as a feasible competitor against a number of big players.

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