Get a Deep Analytical Review from the ICODA Agency

We, at the ICODA Agency, strongly believe that any crypto project may work in the most efficient way only when its daily promotion is active. The ICODA Agency can help you attract new funding sources and individual investments for your crypto startup.

We are ready to provide end-to-end project launching service like a website/whitepaper creation, token distribution, platform hosting, and translation of all content. Also, the ICODA team may analyze your idea before the launch of your crypto project. Our analytics will check and test your idea on a target audience.


What is included in the service of analytical review by ICODA?

Analytical review is one of the key elements of our pre-development service. It features such stages as:

  • Project architecture — we create an appealing description of your crypto project, analysis of a niche market, investigate business and economics
  • Analysis of your product to create an effective solution for its prompt PR and promotion
  • We also investigate your innovative technology for building a whitepaper that actually works and explains how your product works
  • If you agree to use our after project development package, we will also be able to provide professional legal consulting
  • We may also review the already active crypto campaign — your website, video content, presentations, etc. And improve the drawbacks found during our analysis

Each analytical review made by the ICODA Agency has the recommendation list with transparent project’s results. We will never lie to you — our review will contain the true analysis of your concept. Our analytical review will help to ensure that the idea will be effective for promotion on local market.

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