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How to Make Your Game Popular?

Play-to-earn games have always been relatively popular with the general public, but in recent years, their notoriety has considerably leaped. The notion of earning cryptocurrency while being relaxed and playing a game is for sure gathering more and more people around it.

With the rise in popularity, we can notice the amount of play-to-earn games being released increase as well, and if you want your next play-to-earn game to skyrocket and break through the competition, you need to take a handful of preliminary steps.

The better your marketing campaign is, the more people you can expect to be playing your game. The keys to a successful marketing strategy will be thoroughly discussed in this article.


Market Research for Play to Earn Games

Extensive market research is cruicial for crypto game marketing


Market research is a crucial step for any venture to succeed, be it in the fields of conventional commerce or digital commerce. With this step, you need to scout out the market and locate yThe Play-To-Earn Game Is the Soul of Your Marketingour target audience, your competition, and gaming trends that could be taken advantage of.


When doing market research for your own venture, start by locating games that are similar to yours. Find their target audience and see if there’s a niche or other advantage the games in your genre aren’t making use of. If you manage to find such an advantage, the rest of your marketing campaign will go over much smoother.


When considering what gaming trends could be useful, don’t count on them too much! Trends come quickly and go quickly, and your game needs to have a hook that isn’t directly tied to current trends so that it ages well and will be able to bring in gamers even years after the game’s initial release.


The Play-To-Earn Game Is the Soul of Your Marketing


Online games can act as the main force behind your P2E marketing campaign


The primary marketing for your p2e project should always be the game itself. There are a variety of factors and features that make a P2E experience memorable and worth coming back to in the eyes of the general public. While there are many ways you can hook players into being interested in your game, we’ve found that there are three main points you need to cover so that your game is best set up for success.




Memorability is a strong feature for crypto game marketing and marketing a game online in general


The memorability or uniqueness of your game adds a lot to the potential success of your marketing endeavors. If the game features memorable, easily marketable characters, locations, and or premises, you will have a much easier time marketing the game in general.


A lot of games, even outside of the p2e space, leverage a lot of their advertising on character designs and the general aesthetics of the game. You should definitely take advantage of this factor to boost the chances of your game breaking through the myriad of options in the market nowadays.




Use monetization wisely in your play-to-earn crypto game marketing campaign


How you monetize your game directly corresponds to how successful it will be in the long run. A bad monetization model can leave a bad impression on your game and make it unsalvagable in the long run. If done correctly, though, you can rest assured that many players will choose to invest in your game throughout the years to follow.


The main hurdle many games stumble over in this regard is putting too much emphasis on the monetization of their game, making it a burden to play with all the popups and advertisements desperately urging the player base to spend money on the game.




Consider how well your crypto game marketing campaign will do even years after the launch


Boosting your game’s longevity should come as a great concern to all game devs, but especially those in the P2E space, as those games are significantly more prone to sparking and then dying out shortly after. The way you accomplish this is very specific to the genre of game you’re making, so research carefully within your target game ecosystem and see how other game developers manage to retain their player base over the years.


The more players you will be able to keep playing your game, the more other people those players can reel into your project.


P2E Marketing and PR


P2E marketing like any other form of marketing builds on the basis of public relations


Like any other marketing venture, you need to set up a strong public relations campaign as a base for the rest of your marketing to jump off of. With a public relations campaign, your main focus is to grab the attention of as many people from your target audience as possible. A strong start will lead to a strong launch. It is crucial with this step to take advantage of multiple advertising channels to boost the success of this initial cornerstone step.


Competitive Partnerships


Partnerships can be used to great effect in P2E marketing


Your competitors can also be your allies. Find developers in the genre of games you’re planning on making and establish a line of communication with them. Any developer will do, but the more experienced the developer is and the more popular their project is, the better, as it will guarantee that you will get a sizeable amount of their audience to join under the banner of your play-to-earn game.


Thought Leader Pitching


Thought leaders and trendsetters in the gaming world are all major players that could be swayed to assist you. Business-to-business pitching is as much of a reliable tactic here as it is in the wider crypto project sphere. To persuade these people under your P2E marketing campaign, you need to set up a reliable and laser-focused pitch. Your pitch can take many forms, be it an article, a short video, or a full-fledged presentation. The main focus of your pitch is to quickly get across the strengths of your P2E marketing strategy and play-to-earn model as a whole.


Expand Your Target Audience


A play-to-earn model can net you a much larger target audience than you might realize


A big part of P2E marketing is playing on the idea that you can earn something valuable in the real world by participating in a fun, relaxing game. Due to this inherent idea in the business model, a lot of people, even outside of the gaming world, are interested in taking a look at how profitable this adventure can be for them. To reach new heights with your play-to-earn game, we advise you to leverage that fact and make a huge part of your marketing accent the aesthetics and the world of your game to draw in people outside of the general gaming target audience.


This goes double for NFT games, as NFTs are still quite popular in the eyes of the public and can be used to draw in all types of people.


Post-Launch Opportunities


There are a variety of tactics you can include in your P2E marketing campaign post-launch, and a lot of the time, these tactics are what’s going to make you shine among the competition.


Influencer Marketing


With a play-to-earn model, streamers and influencers should be high on your list of partners


With the steady increase in popularity of online play-to-earn games, many streamers and influencers have turned their eye to it, which you can use to your own benefit. Market your game towards these online streaming communities to generate a great deal of traction behind your venture.


Streamers are especially interested in playing to earn games due to it being one of the easiest ways for them to generate viewership. They can have fun streaming a game that they find interesting while their viewers can learn about and sometimes even participate in the play to earn experience.


A popular tactic within this field of advertising is to establish partnerships with these influencers. These partnerships often take the form of watch-to-earn models. With a model like this, viewers of the streamer have a chance to earn game assets just by watching the stream. Establishing these partnerships is often easier than it can look, as it’s a win-win situation both for the streamer and the developer of the project. The streamer has an influx of new viewers interested in getting a piece of the in-game assets, while the project developer gets an amazing amount of advertising done for them.


Community Management


P2E marketing blossoms in the wake of a good community


Building a strong community and player base around your game is highly important to boost the longevity of your P2E venture. A vibrant and welcoming community of players will do a bunch of advertising for you. You can view it as a self-fueling machine: players enjoy the community and call in their friends and family who become players themselves. Those new players, in turn, start enjoying the community, and the process repeats all over again.


To establish such a community around your game, you need to go through the following points:


Online Events


By organizing events and competitions, developers can bring players together, build excitement, and create a sense of community around the game.


Social Media Presence


A strong social media presence can assist developers in connecting with players, keep them up-to-date with the latest news and updates, and foster a sense of community.


Encourage Player Feedback


By listening to player feedback and making changes based on it, developers can show players that they value their opinions and care about their experiences, leading to a stronger sense of community.


Invite Rewards


By offering rewards or bonuses for inviting new players, developers can create a viral effect that can significantly increase user acquisition and foster a sense of community among players who share a common interest.


The Reward for Loyalty


By rewarding loyal players, developers can keep them engaged and invested in the game, leading to increased player retention and a stronger sense of community.


Make Use of a Marketing Agency


Find a suitable digital marketing agency to make your life with P2E marketing easier


Partnering with a reputable P2E marketing agency can be the key to unlocking your game’s potential and gaining a competitive edge in the market. These agencies deeply understand the P2E gaming industry and can assist you in developing a customized marketing campaign that aligns with your venture’s goals and values.


Working with a P2E marketing agency offers several benefits. For starters, you gain access to a team of professionals who specialize in different aspects of P2E marketing, including SEO, social media, influencer marketing, and paid advertising. This team will work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that addresses all your game’s unique needs.


Partnering with a P2E marketing agency allows you to focus on developing and improving your game while leaving the marketing to the experts. By leveraging their expertise, you can gain valuable insights into the market, optimize your marketing budget, and achieve your venture’s goals faster and more efficiently.


ICODA Can Help!


P2E marketing with ICODA couldn't be easier | Marketing tactics for a new game | How to promote new games effectively?


Contact ICODA for a premium marketing service in the P2E sphere! We have a team of specialized marketing experts who can take up any venture and make the most out of its features and highlights. Our team of talented marketers can make any game, no matter the genre, shine in its own right.

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With ICODA’s help, you can ensure your venture is well-positioned to succeed among the sea of competitors. Our experts in this field are especially proficient in finding market niches and exploiting them for your end product’s success.
Future-Proof Marketing Strategy
ICODA boasts a data-first approach to marketing, making our services’ longevity unmatched by competition. We provide businesses with post-launch strategies that will ensure the stable growth of your venture long after its initial peak.
Community Building
ICODA can assist with bolstering the community under your venture’s umbrella and help cultivate a welcoming and user-friendly player base for all to enjoy. With our assistance, you can ensure that your project will catch on like wildfire, and we can keep the embers burning far into the future.
Continuous Support
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P2E marketing is an effective strategy for promoting play-to-earn games and platforms that allow players to earn digital assets. As the play-to-earn market grows, P2E marketing agencies are becoming increasingly important in helping developers reach their target audience and secure funding. 


Through social media engagement, influencer marketing, content marketing, and other channels, P2E marketing agencies can help P2E ventures succeed and stand out in a highly competitive landscape. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in P2E marketing, developers can maximize their project’s chances of success in the booming GameFi market.

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