About us

At ICODA we believe in the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to change the world.
ICODA was created to help crypto projects unlock their potential.
We are a team of professionals who accompany your business and deliver crypto leads at all stages: cryptocurrency and blockchain web platform development, promotion and listing on exchanges.
Our experience allows us to guarantee that your project will get high-professional comprehensive assistance and advancement.

We helped to develop the future for 50+ crypto-related businesses. Your project could be the next.


  • Poor collecting
  • Potential token holders don’t buy tokens,
    as they don’t believe that the price of the token will grow
  • Project uses useless marketing tools
  • Paying for bots, not for real people, some sites have fake indicators but that does not give results
  • Loss of money for scammers


  • Using the most effective tools based on the latest statistics that give the result
  • We create a positive impression supporting the entire team members by blockchainexperts and opinion leaders
  • We use tools that enable real token holders, not bots for our team success
  • We repeatedly check services, minimizing the odds of losing money to scammers

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Our experts

Vlad Pivnev CEO Vlad applies his design thinking to align your users/clients to your business goals. His experience in a wide variety of business sectors always brings a fresh perspective on business.
Luis Herrera CBDO, LATAM region Luis has over twenty years experience generating business and leading startups. He has worked in the USA and LATAM region, and brings experience from such sectors as: Blockchain, SaaS, and Manufacturing.
Alina Hapkina Project Manager Alina knows how to keep things in order and add a strategic vision to everyday activities of a company: from budgeting to contracting, development of policies and procedures and many other tasks.
Ruslan Pivnev CCO Ruslan is the most understanding marketing specialist you’re going to meet. From design, promotion, user or client perspective – he’s there for you, fully aware of a project’s background.