About us

At ICODA we believe in the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to change the world.
ICODA was created to help crypto projects unlock their potential.
We are a team of professionals who accompany your business and deliver crypto leads at all stages: cryptocurrency and blockchain web platform development, promotion and listing on exchanges.
Our experience allows us to guarantee that your project will get high-professional comprehensive assistance and advancement.

We helped to develop the future for 50+ crypto-related businesses. Your project could be the next.


  • Poor collecting
  • Potential token holders don’t buy tokens,
    as they don’t believe that the price of the token will grow
  • Project uses useless marketing tools
  • Paying for bots, not for real people, some sites have fake indicators but that does not give results
  • Loss of money for scammers


  • Using the most effective tools based on the latest statistics that give the result
  • We create a positive impression supporting the entire team members by blockchainexperts and opinion leaders
  • We use tools that enable real token holders, not bots for our team success
  • We repeatedly check services, minimizing the odds of losing money to scammers

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