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White paper is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience, generates quality leads, enhance your brand’s credibility and show what makes your product so special.

Be sure, the ICODA team will create the best possible whitepaper for your project!

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Why do you need white paper?

  • To educate users about company industry and topic
  • To show your expertise
  • To describe in detail the functions and objectives of the project

  • To influence the decision of investors to acquire company tokens
  • To publicize a company or product
  • To be shared on social media



White paper is the most important technical document that will help to turn crypto enthusiasts into investors, in turn raising millions for your company.


Stages of a white paper development:

Overview of your product-related market
Token economy explanation in simple words
Thorough market analysis
Realistic financial plan creation that works for promotion on local market
Detailed description of your crypto project
Explanation and demonstration of the benefits for regular users
Specification of particular project and token distribution details
Trustworthy roadmap development
Compliance with all necessary requirements in terms and conditions sections
We make sure to edit it according to your project’s updates as a part of our blockchain development service.

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