White papers for crypto projects

A white paper is by far the most important public document for any crypto project. It forms the project’s image in the audience’s eyes, outlines the project’s value, establishes the project’s credibility, and shows the audience that you know what you’re doing.

Here at ICODA, we have a team of experts who know better than anyone else in the industry how to make a great crypto white paper that will urge your project’s explosive growth!

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Why does your business need a white paper?


Every crypto whitepaper is always thourhoughly analized. White papers - crypto resume, essentially.


For any crypto project, whether it is a decentralized application platform, a new full-fledged blockchain, or a play-to-earn game, a white paper is the core of promotional documents and tools. It is safe to say that white paper can make or break a project.


This level of reliance on white papers is a unique characteristic of the cryptocurrency industry. While similar documents are relatively common in other markets, in crypto, they are of unprecedented importance. After all, the industry itself was launched by the publication of the Bitcoin white paper.


You can be absolutely sure that any crypto enthusiast or investor starts studying your project by reading the white paper. Moreover, a lot of them don’t delve any deeper and decide whether emerging crypto projects are worth their time and money solely based on the white paper analysis. And even for those who conduct much deeper crypto research, a subpar white paper (or, even more so, its absence) is a major “red flag.” 

In other words, if your white paper is lacking, your project is guaranteed to lose a huge chunk of the audience, and it will be much more challenging to establish a reputation as a trustworthy project.


On the other hand, a well-written white paper is a great starting point for creating a vast and active community. Attracting new users and investors and getting quality leads. It greatly boosts your chances for a successful launch and helps to maintain momentum afterward.


ICODA expert consultation while cryptocurrency whitepaper creation


We are ready to put our vast experience in the cryptocurrency industry and a team of professionals with varied and well-honed skills behind your project. We provide consulting services and assistance with all aspects of cryptocurrency project creation, including white paper development.

What should be in a white paper?


Bitcoin whitepaper is the most important cryptocurrency whitepaper, while Ethereum whitepaper, arguably, is the most popular crypto whitepaper.


While there is no “universal recipe” for a white paper, since different projects and different target audiences necessitate different approaches, there are some key aspects that must be covered in the document.


Your project’s value

The reader should understand what your project can give them and the community as a whole and why it is worthwhile.


Market analysis

A white paper should demonstrate how your project is different from its competition.



It is necessary to explain as clearly as possible how your project actually works.



A well-thought-out tokenomics is a key component for any project, and no white paper can be complete without it.


Revenue sources

It is important for both ordinary users and investors to understand where the funds for the project’s operation are coming from.



The audience should see a clear and realistic development plan and the project timeline for the near future.


ICODA’s white paper development services

Market analysis
A thorough market analysis helps ensure that the entire project is well-tailored to the market and the audience’s needs. And we know how to share this analysis with the audience effectively.
Detailed project description
Our writers make certain that the white paper outlines the mechanics and technical specifications of your crypto project accurately and in clear and simple words so they are well understood by the audience.
Getting the message across
The team behind ICODA ensures that the reader will see the value of your project for them and will understand your mission and values.
Tokenomics description
It is paramount that the tokenomics models and token distribution details are presented as clearly as possible.
Financial plan development
The audience should see that you have a grounded and realistic financial plan for your cryptocurrency project sustainability.
We match the terms and conditions of your projects with regulators’ requirements in your jurisdiction and update them if these requirements change during the development process.
Grounded roadmap
Our team will develop a roadmap that will be exciting for the audience and realistic at the same time.
Infographics and diagrams
Nobody likes “walls of text’. Our team will prepare high-quality infographics and diagrams to convey information in a more visual way and better keep the reader’s attention.

Why choose ICODA for your white paper development


Crypto whitepapers - the main link for success. Without Bitcoin network and Bitcoin whitepaper and Ethereum whitepaper - there wouldn't be any crypto industry. And cryptocurrency whitepapers wouldn\t develop.


The key advantage of ICODA isn’t even the list of services we provide. It is how we provide them. Here at ICODA, we have a team of experts with experience in a wide variety of blockchain projects – from standalone cryptocurrencies with proprietary blockchains to cross-chain decentralized application platforms with complicated smart contracts. Moreover, we have talented people with skills that are difficult to find on the free market. Thus, we can handle any challenge and render valuable assistance to any crypto project with the best results possible.


Individual approach to every project


We carefully study your project and delve into your mission, goals, and values. This way, we can offer solutions, approaches, and methods tailored to your specific needs and ensure the highest probability of success.


Balance of tech and business


A white paper is a comprehensive document that handles both technical and marketing aspects of a project. It is necessary to highlight technical specifications and business details and to hook up the target audience. We know very well how to balance all these aspects and make the best impression on the reader.


Strive for innovation


We love challenging tasks from new and ambitious projects. Bringing innovations into the crypto space is our top priority.

It can be difficult to present an innovative idea or solution in such a way that is easy for the audience to understand and accept. Thanks to our experience, we know better than anyone else how to present even the most mind-boggling concepts in simple words without losing any details.


Dedication and enthusiasm


Your success is our success. We treat our customers’ projects as our own and work with total dedication to ensure that the project’s goals will be achieved. Working with a genuinely enthusiastic team of experienced professionals is the best way to get a perfect white paper for your project.


Proven track record


The best proof of our professionalism and efficiency is our track record. The list of cryptocurrency brands and companies that used our services and succeeded is really, really long. We developed white papers for all sorts of projects in the blockchain industry, from decentralized applications and DeFi lending solutions to next-generation smart contract platforms. And the white paper turned out to be effective every single time.

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  • Use white paper as a booster for your success.

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