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At ICODA, we provide customers with blockchain consulting services. We help you to operate in a smarter way, eliminating risks, perfecting the system and providing high security. The best experts and blockchain consultants with great skills and impressive experience in launching blockchain projects will assist you.

With our impressive expertise across different spheres, we produce a comprehensive roadmap for the integration of blockchain. ICODA provides help on each step: from launching the project up to choosing the right blockchain solution.
We are ready to help you with rolling out a successful platform, explore every side and employ custom solutions in order to boost your project.

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Reliable and Safe Blockchain Solutions On ICODA

  • Create and implement top-notch technologies
  • Use all the most secure cloud solutions and infrastructure
  • Have an extensive blockchain background
  • Make, test and validate the best ideas
  • Explore and test future business models offered by decentralized technologies

What Do We Offer?

Custom application development
We will examine your project, find out the need for a blockchain solution and find out how blockchain can enhance the firm and the way it operates. We suggest the ideal technology and available improvements for the organization.
Create a strategy for a project
We will provide the best plan for you. We lead our partners in selecting aims and empower executives to control the consortium model and the whole project.
Building products and apps
Our experts will accompany your firm in order to rearrange processes within the firm as well as create apps. We are ready to provide you with a wide range of services in spheres of tech, transactions to implement a new system efficiently.
Our experience allows us to guarantee that the company will get high-professional comprehensive assistance and gain the full potential of this top-notch system. We are ready to help you analyze all of your workflows and software development to utilize helpful applications as well as solutions suitable for the firm.


Blockchain ecosystem is a digital peer-to-peer asset transaction exchange shared among a distributed network of computers that can help boost the speed of completion or settlement and enhance security measures. It has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, increase protection against cyber threats and reduce or eliminate the roles of mediators.


Blockchain is trustworthy and transparent regarding data and can be used in multiple compelling projects. Our experts help organizations identify—and seize—accessible opportunities.



Advantages of This System

Blockchain gains mass adoption due to its ability to improve security and speed up information. In addition, it is transparent and reduces costs. Best known for its use in a sphere of digital assets, blockchain—a distributed database that is trustworthy and has rock-bottom operational costs—has the potential to change how organizations operate. Already, the system is utilized in a wide set of business and economic segments like financial operations, keeping data and agreements between buyers and sellers. And that is not all. More projects created on blockchain will be rolled out.


Blockchain can offer you a compelling option when data that should be kept collectively is fragmented at the source or there is an absence of data security. Some advantages of utilizing this technology include data reconciliation, standardization and harmonization and low risks of data leakage or third-party interference.




Why Blockchain for Smart Contracts?


Blockchain consulting firms: all you need to know about blockchain consulting services and blockchain solutions. Blockchain development and smart contracts


Built on the power of blockchain development, a smart contract is:


  • Pre-defined logic that appears as a computer code

  • Stored and reproduced on blockchain

  • Executed and run by a network of computers that run blockchain

  • Helps update accounts on the ledger, for instance, payment for an executed contract


Ethereum is the most prominent public blockchain platform for smart contracts. On a basic level, a smart contract performs three key functions: performing calculations, storing information, and sending transactions to other accounts. More significant is the autonomous nature of such contracts, as they self-execute based on a set of pre-defined and encoded instructions agreed upon by two parties involved in the transaction.




How Can Blockchain Be Used in Business?

Blockchain can benefit various spheres. Among them are global supply chains, healthcare, government, financial services and other segments. Startups and enterprises are exploring ways to utilize blockchain in traditional systems.





Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

For example, the supply chain and its ability to track all the details inside the system is a crucial part of a blockchain solution.


Since blockchain provides a tamper-proof way to store data, a work’s owner can safely store their agreements as well as important data. Along with being tamper-proof, blockchain provides a way to trace the owner of work and protect intellectual property.




Smart Contracts

As for smart contracts that are kept on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They are typically utilized to automate the execution of an agreement so that all parties can be sure of the outcome quickly and without any third-party interference.




Distributed Ledger

Each node processes and verifies every item, thereby generating a record of each item and creating a consensus on its veracity. A distributed ledger can be used to record static data, such as a registry, and dynamic data, such as financial operations.

By providing you with blockchain consulting services, our ICODA team can bring transparency, traceability, safety and effectiveness to your business ecosystem.




Why Use Blockchain Technology in Business?


How to choose the best blockchain consulting firm and the best blockchain consulting services


While blockchain technology may have only recently entered the mainstream, its potential applications are already being explored. The following are some of the most notable advantages of using blockchain technology in busіness.






Blockchain development services and blockchain consulting: all you need to know about the best blockchain consulting companies


This is one of the greatest benefits of blockchain. It is a decentralized system. It is not controlled by a single source. It is an open-source system that cannot be traced by third parties and the government itself.


Most of the systems, including the internet, are centralized. Meaning that all the transactions done on the internet are traceable and can be seen by the government and third parties. At the same time, this is completely the opposite when you use blockchain technology.




Increased Security

For those who champion the importance of password strength, blockchain technology is a dream come true. Security is one of the biggest advantages of using blockchain technology. It is extremely secure because it is a decentralized network that makes use of cryptographic hashing to keep data safe. Data is stored on multiple computers around the globe, so hackers have an incredibly difficult time breaking through.


Why you need a blockchain consulting firm and blockchain consulting services for your business. Find the best blockchain solutions


The data itself is also encrypted and stored in blocks that can only be accessed by those who have permission to do so. Users alone have access to their own information as well as their account, making it very difficult for someone else to get their hands on it without their consent.





In public (or permissionless) blockchains, every transaction is shared with every node of the system, making it easy to check. This can help make traditionally closed-off industries more open and trustworthy.


For example, the transaction history of Bitcoin wallet addresses can easily be checked. You can see the recipient of a transaction, the amount, and the time and date it occurred. Before sending funds to someone, you check their wallet history for suspicious activity and decide whether to continue with the transaction. 


Blockchain consulting firms are ready to help you choose the best blockchain consulting services and blockchain solutions


Financial audits at a large scale can become much more straightforward and time-efficient, as all the transactions of a company (or even a whole government) can be traced and validated. 


The record of each transaction will be unmodifiable, even by the company itself. This makes for much greater traceability and accountability. Beyond finance, blockchain development can help reduce fraud and forgeries of documents and other public info.


Blockchain stores data in such a way that it is impossible to make unauthorized and off-the-record changes, as every modification needs to be validated by all the nodes. 


Therefore, it can give you peace of mind that the data you are seeing has not been tampered with. If a university stores the degrees it grants to graduates on the blockchain, recruiters can easily check their authenticity during the hiring process.


Top blockchain consulting firms: choose the best blockchain consulting services and blockchain solutions for your needs




Money Transfers

Blockchain technology is popularly recognized through its applications and platforms, which aid money transfers and payment transactions. Through the advantage that blockchain technology provides, small business can utilize this to transfer funds (securely) to their remote employees present in any part of the world without any form of stress or high additional costs. 


Through the non-existence of “irrelevant” intermediaries, which are notorious for slowing down payment transactions for small business and adding other costs (exorbitant transaction fees). Cryptocurrency’s advantage of free transfer flow is the difference that small business can harness, especially in a competitive market space. Interestingly, payments are also irreversible. This prevents the occurrence of an additional chargeback by traditional financial institutions when a customer requests a refund.


Reading why you need a blockchain consulting company in blockchain development. How to choose the best blockchain consulting firm and creative marketing business partner




Reduced Costs

For most businesses in this world, reducing costs is the main priority. With blockchain technology, you do not really need middlemen and outsiders to close the deals. By using blockchain technology, you are not trusting the person but rather the data in the blocks.


Moreover, you will not even have to review the documentation again and again as everyone will be provided with a single version of the documentation, which would be unchangeable.




What Is a Blockchain Consulting Company?

When a group of blockchain experienced experts come together to suggest a feasible solution for your blockchain development, they are called a blockchain consulting company.


Even as blockchain consulting continues to emerge as a lucrative business, a number of global consulting firms continue to maintain divergent views on what to expect going forward. Consulting firms are increasingly releasing findings and statements about the burgeoning sector as businesses and startups continue to seek professional advice.


As ledger technology continues to evolve, so are companies and startups seeking ways to gain a head start on a technology that promises significant potential. Blockchain consulting firms are slowly cropping up, all in the effort of addressing the growing demand for professional advice.


Companies around the world looking for ways to harness revolutionary technology is what is triggering demand for blockchain development. Blockchain technology consulting is fast becoming a booming segment as firms look to employ the technology in addressing basic issues ranging from network downtime or security breaches.


Blockchain consulting firms are also helping interested companies come up with blockchain technology apps for enhancing internal operations.


The blockchain ecosystem will always have practical value as a revolutionary tech for enhancing performance. Given that blockchain development is still in the early stages, demand for blockchain services has a great chance to rise.


Firms with reputations in helping businesses gain a head start on the use of technology should continue to enjoy booming the segment going forward.




Blockchain Technology Consulting Benefits


All you need to know about blockchain consulting firms and blockchain consulting services


You will get advice and help in the programming of scalable and distributed applications and several other custom-built protocols.


We will help your company develop a network that will allow several devices to interconnect with each other and prevent threats of spoofing.


Blockchain consulting companies- the progress of blockchain development. How blockchain development and a blockchain consulting firm can help your. Choose the best blockchain consulting firm to grow your businessa


Expert blockchain development consultants can help you understand the crypto industry in a much more efficient manner and specifically the areas where your company can perform well.


Blockchain consulting services can help you to predict what is about to come in the future so that you can make your investments accordingly.




How Blockchain Consulting Works

When a firm works with blockchain consulting services, it can upload and store select data on a blockchain, where it exists as a shared database. This implies that its records are public and easily validated, but most importantly, they are secured via cryptography. As data is hosted by millions of computers at the same time, it is accessible throughout the internet.




It is crucial for IT experts and blockchain consultants to find out if it is suitable for the project or not. Moreover, they will find out goals and workflow for a project.




The technical team analyzes an existing project and finds out if it can be migrated to the blockchain. They assess procedures and find out where blockchain can be applied.



Technical Component Definition

Experts identify and select the right blockchain platform taking goals, plans and blockchain services into consideration.



Proof of Concept (PoC)

A framework and prototype will be created to recognize the use cases for the company with the most viable options and features.




Consultants and experts from the IT company can help clients identify if blockchain technology can be integrated into their business processes and environment.


Creation Process

Once you are ready to get started with the creation of your blockchain-based project, they will be able to create blockchain-based projects, from UI/UX to full front-end and back-end integration.


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