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Why Should You Pay Close Attention to NFT Promotion?

We all should admit that NFTs are still the talk of the town. From the biggest companies and small organizations to opinion leaders and common individuals, everyone is raving about them and ready to join the race for the attention of the NFT community.


As these assets are trending now, it is really crucial for participants to stand out from the crowd of other talented minds and their NFT collections. There are thousands of individuals who create NFTs as well as NFT projects almost every day.


They have swept across the cryptocurrency industry, affecting a vast range of offline and online segments. The chance to create an NFT project in a matter of minutes, sell and trade different digital things and artwork, and fractionalize valuable collectibles and other things attracts a vast range of NFT collectors and fans, as well as big brands, creative minds, and developers from any part of the world.


They all participate in NFT drops and promote NFT collectibles. In addition, celebrities participate in NFT promotion and influence the audience, making them wait for NFT release and sharing breaking NFT news.


But we should admit that 2022 was quite hard for the whole NFT industry, with a huge slump. So, the trading volume of the whole NFT industry has declined approximately 97% since the start of 2022, according to info published by Dune Analytics. So, let’s check out what we should expect in 2023 and why it is so important to promote your NFT.


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The NFT Space Is Maturing: What Should We Expect From NFT Projects in 2023?

After experiencing an impressive soar in 2021, with around 1.5M in NFT art sales (as stated by Demandsage). The second half of 2022 was harsh for the NFT market as it faced a set of challenges, and by the end of the year, it finally reached a plateau.


The NFT area still has lots of capabilities for development in 2023. Even though the first urge of enthusiasm has faded away. In addition to potentially profitable solutions, like owning land or access to exclusive events, next year, we will see new tendencies within the NFT space.


As stated by Nasdaq, in 2023, we will witness a soar of NFT projects that will provide concrete solutions that the NFT community can enjoy advantages in the most tangible ways. Among them are gaining points or even community building. Not just awaiting easy money from an NFT collection.


It might be hard to hear, but creating an NFT collection or NTF project is not all. It is the right moment to join the market, promote it in the right way and advertise it.


So, why is it important to take NFT promotion seriously? Here are several points to consider.


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Why Should You Promote Your NFT Project Within the NFT Industry?

Achieving great results for your NFT drop without investing skills, time, and funds into a robust strategy (no matter if you select digital marketing, PR, or content marketing) is almost impossible. Here is a summary of promoting the NFT collection. Take a look at how it can help your NFT project.


NFT Art and Its Recognition

It is almost the same as in the offline industry, where making your name will be your first great achievement that can be a crucial moment. Your first NFT project or NFT drop can become your first step towards your success due to effective NFT promotion.


Boost Sales of Your NFT Collection

For most NFT artists and businesses out there, NFTs are their key income. It is possible to create, purchase and sell almost anything converted into tokens. As you may have noticed, original content has been sold for huge sums during auctions. But these impressive sums paid for NFT art are an outcome of promoting their NFT collections in the best way possible.


Reach NFT Fans and New Audiences

Promoting NFT collectors is not just about spreading the word about yourself. It is more about highlighting your works so the audience is able to see your NFT art. Your artwork or an NFT drop can be noticed on the surface of the market, and you have to show everything you have to offer. So, it makes promoting your NFT collection a key priority.


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Make Your Digital Art Be Heard by Promoting NFTs Correctly: Digital Marketing On ICODA

How to gain maximum from NFT promotion like digital marketing and social media channels? It is quite obvious that there is high competitive tension in the NFT space.


So, as no price is too high for participants who really want to join the race, you should contact ICODA to make your NFT project soar.


Our expertise in NFT promotion will let us create an effective plan for your social media channels and build loyal NFT communities within different platforms.

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