ICODA Agency Korean Marketing: a New Step to Your Success

Korean blockchain market is rightfully considered one on the most influential in the world. Regardless of its small population, this country has maintained an impressive amount of cryptocurrency trade volume. It’s open to innovative solutions and brand-new crypto projects. This is why the ICODA Agency offers its clients a much-needed service of Korean marketing. Along with website creation, PR and promotion, this part of our package is highly important for every blockchain startup.

Korean Crypto Marketing

Five Steps of Korean Marketing by ICODA Agency

Our team of highly experienced professionals from different fields provides a multifaceted solution that integrates a number of important objectives:


  • Translation of your website into Korean. As a rule, Koreans are not so good at foreign languages. You’ll surely need the services of our linguists, who can translate your content to other languages.
  • Development of your website in compliance with users’ needs. Your Korean investors will surely demand a full-fledged White Paper, ICObench, and other documents relevant to their mindset.
  • Promotion on local markets. For this purpose, our specialists will apply to KakaoTalk, Telegram, social networks, blogs, and other channels.
  • Involvement with Korean “meetups”. The more often your crypto or blockchain startup is mentioned offline, the more attractive it becomes for your potential investors.
  • Development of an individual PR strategy. We’ll work out a personal development plan for your blockchain project, based on your needs and the peculiarities of the Korean crypto market.

The specialists of the ICODA Agency have already helped hundreds of blockchain projects with the total revenue of more than $100 million. So why not entrust your Korean marketing to our experienced team of experts?

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