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Collaboration with YouTube influencers is becoming more and more popular among today’s blockchain-oriented startups and entrepreneurs. The important thing is that people prefer watching video instead of reading articles and posts.

This is why we offer you to pay special attention to YouTube influencers marketing strategy.

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Satoshi Stacker
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Satoshi Stacker

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The Defiant
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The Defiant

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Crypto Love
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Crypto Love

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What are your benefits from YouTube influencers?

  • If your project is discussed at the world’s largest video sharing website on famous crypto youtube channels, it’s worth investing into. This is the way most people think, and they are absolutely correct.
  • The YouTube influencers we collaborate with will make a point of showing your idea to the subscribers to the best advantage. They’ll easily convince the crypto space members, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors, that the solution under consideration is on the top of the crypto news and market.
  • The more potential investors and community know about your blockchain, the more likely it is that they will invest. People tend to trust and follow those who make their best to describe their startup in every detail.

With YouTube advertising you can reach millions of potential customers!

YouTube is the second most visited website, second only to Google. Watching YouTube videos has become an everyday experience for many people because the information they get is easy to understand. 


Most social networks now encourage video sharing, but YouTube is still the first for sharing longer videos. People spend more time watching videos on YouTube channels than they do on Facebook or Instagram. 


Do not hesitate to include YouTube in your marketing mix!


Youtube strategy stages

Briefing with brainstorming
We focus on your target audience asking you who are your current and potential customers and goals we want to achieve.
Content creation
We help you structure and execute content marketing activities and make sure that it gathers the users’ attention!
Selection of relevant YouTube influencers
You would have full access to the YouTube influencers’ target demographics and can see which ones are the perfect ones for their campaigns.
Video creation
We will create effective videos with deep topic coverage including a link in the video description in order to provide growth and drive traffic to your product or service.
Creative strategy generation
Deeply understand your target customers we will generate a strategy that uniquely addresses their needs and wants. We’re offering you a multi-purpose approach to developing videos to educate the audience involved, as well as creating entertaining and informative videos.
We will regularly track every click of your running campaign and our analyst will create an extensive report based on the related data for you at the end of the campaign.

How to Select the Best Crypto YouTube Channels for Gaining Popularity in the Crypto Space


Beginning with the issue connected with YouTube and the crypto industry, it would be useful to remember several interesting facts of the analytics, mentioning YouTube’s popularity. Thus, according to the data provided by the article The 500 most popular sites on the web, YouTube has become the second site in the world in terms of the number of visitors. More than 60 hours of video content are uploaded per minute on YouTube.


youtube channel is a way to success




Why Is Success in the Crypto Industry Today Connected With YouTube Crypto Channels?

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the most popular Internet resources. Spending time watching any YouTube channel has become an everyday experience for many people because the information they get is easy to perceive. Lots of people in the contemporary world prefer watching videos to reading articles. Due to the mentioned facts, social networks, as well as video hostings, added business functions to their list.


Crypto projects on youtube channels




Blockchain projects and the crypto industry as a whole are on the top of modern tendencies. So, there is nothing surprising in it that developing a business with a crypto YouTube channel is becoming more and more popular among today’s blockchain-oriented startups and entrepreneurs as far as YouTube is considered to be the most popular video-sharing resource on the Internet. Popular crypto YouTubers are even called crypto influencers as far as due to them. People tend to trust a project that is discussed on a famous YouTube channel.




The Best YouTube Channels Related to Crypto

top crypto youtube channels to follow



We have already mentioned that the crypto YouTube channel is a significant way of business promotion. Best crypto YouTube channels attract millions of viewers, thus helping crypto projects to broaden the possible target audience. Let us observe the essence of the popular crypto YouTube channel.




Box Weir

This crypto YouTube channel is one of the oldest similar ones. It was created in 2010. A lot of content has been demonstrated to the public since that time, from technical analysis in the sphere of the crypto industry to crypto-related news and predictions.





This account may be considered as one more vivid example of the crypto channels, suitable for people that know little about virtual currencies. Moreover, useful information concerning the pros and cons of digital assets is provided.




Ivan on Tech

The next representative of top crypto YouTube channels offers its viewers diverse content concerning the crypto sphere that is able to appeal to various target audiences.




Crypto Daily

It is an educative program related to the crypto sphere that figures out among the others by especially careful consideration of various crypto aspects.




Crypto Lark

Of readers who are waiting for the best crypto YouTube channels connected with crypto trading, this channel is for you. Crypto Lark is one of the best YouTube options in order to learn different aspects of crypto trading, to understand the prospects of this or that particular digital currency and which of them is really worth to be invested in.




The Boss Of Bitcoin

One more channel that may be helpful for crypto trading is the Boss Of Bitcoin. It does not give direct lessons concerning the sphere but provides useful information that is important to learn in order to trade successfully. The author of the channel created a curious statistical forecasting system and offers his viewers a possibility of a deep understanding of crypto trading and the crypto segment as a whole. Moreover, he is the owner of the crypto trading platform.




Young and Investing

This channel is devoted to teenagers wishing to connect their life with crypto and blockchain. The principal crypto that is highlighted in its videos is Ethereum.




Data Dash

It is one of the most subscribed YouTube crypto channels, providing high-quality content on crypto trading ideas and technical analysis of the market.




Coin Bureau

It is a YouTube channel filled with content based not on hype but on high quality. It is a resource to learn crypto trading, various cryptocurrencies and the peculiarities of fundamental analysis.





This YouTube channel is another vivid example of an account with the content of high quality.


Once again, it is necessary to highlight that you can make your own list of the best crypto YouTube channels because there are really a lot of them. What is important for business, our agency collaborate with bright and experienced crypto influencers that know how to achieve prearranged business goals using crypto YouTube channels, and we know how to select the most appropriate blogger for this or that client.




To Become Trustful on Crypto Markets and Other Benefits From Advertising on YouTube Channels


youtube channel as a mean of advertising



Our team of experienced specialists offer you special attention to YouTube influencers marketing strategy to increase your crypto community and gain certain popularity in the crypto market.


Due to trust and wide audience reach, your service or product reach millions of potential consumers.


Crypto YouTubers can enrich your content strategy. They can share their knowledge connected with producing engaging and quality content to interact with the followers daily.


Crypto influencers enrich your content strategy



Using a YouTube channel for advertising is an appropriate way to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. In other words, versatility is one of the numerous advantages of the marketing strategy discussed.


Crypto youtubers are the way to business success


So, collaborating with us, you get:

  • Help your business at all stages.

  • Variety of strategies to promote your idea.

  • A professional team able to fulfill the task at the highest level.

  • An increase in your community.

  • Money& time-saving way of promotion.

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PR manager for Crypto Love

Crypto Love

We’ve been working with the ICODA agency for almost 1 year now to promote cryptocurrency and blockchain projects on our YouTube channel. The partnership has been both fruitful and convenient for all parties. We will definitely continue to work with them in the foreseeable future!


Vice president of RICH TV LIVE

Rich TV Live

Working with ICODA agency to bring our community new blockchain opportunities in many different sectors including DEFI and NFTs. It’s a great partnership because they are reliable and efficient in finding quality projects and we as the influencer go out and tell the story to increase the visibility. Their consistent flow of good projects helps build a good community following.


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Crypto TV

Hey! This is Hayden From CryptoTV. It has been a pleasure working with ICODA. They have made it very easy to communicate and work with new and current projects in the crypto space. working together has allowed me to create great content for my audience and has allowed us to explore cryptocurrency to a whole new level!

OJ Jordan

Сhannel’s owner and host

Crypto Corner

It’s been a pleasure to work with ICODA. They offer a consistent flow of quality projects and clients, it’s been great to have them among my partners. I like their professional approach and client-focused attitude.

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