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Collaboration with YouTube influencers is becoming more and more popular among today’s blockchain-oriented startups and entrepreneurs. The important thing is that people prefer watching video instead of reading articles and posts.

This is why we offer you to pay special attention to YouTube influencers marketing strategy.

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What are your benefits from YouTube influencers?

  • If your project is discussed at the world’s largest video sharing website on famous crypto youtube channels, it’s worth investing into. This is the way most people think, and they are absolutely correct.

  • The YouTube influencers we collaborate with will make a point of showing your idea to the subscribers to the best advantage. They’ll easily convince the crypto space members, blockchain enthusiasts, and investors, that the solution under consideration is on the top of the crypto news and market.
  • The more potential investors and community know about your blockchain, the more likely it is that they will invest. People tend to trust and follow those who make their best to describe their startup in every detail.

With YouTube advertising you can reach millions of potential customers!

YouTube is the second most visited website, second only to Google. Watching YouTube videos has become an everyday experience for many people because the information they get is easy to understand. 


Most social networks now encourage video sharing, but YouTube is still the first for sharing longer videos. People spend more time watching videos on YouTube channels than they do on Facebook or Instagram. 


Do not hesitate to include YouTube in your marketing mix!


Youtube strategy stages:

Briefing with brainstorming We focus on your target audience asking you who are your current and potential customers and goals we want to achieve.
Content creation We help you structure and execute content marketing activities and make sure that it gathers the users’ attention!
Selection of relevant YouTube influencers You would have full access to the YouTube influencers’ target demographics and can see which ones are the perfect ones for their campaigns.
Video creation We will create effective videos with deep topic coverage including a link in the video description in order to provide growth and drive traffic to your product or service.
Creative strategy generation Deeply understand your target customers we will generate a strategy that uniquely addresses their needs and wants. We’re offering you a multi-purpose approach to developing videos to educate the audience involved, as well as creating entertaining and informative videos.
Reporting We will regularly track every click of your running campaign and our analyst will create an extensive report based on the related data for you at the end of the campaign.

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