Vladislav Pivnev

Co-Founder at ICODA


✓ Marketing Consultant at 5+ ICOs projects.

✓ ICOs analyst

✓ Speaker at blockchain conferences

✓ Investor

I have been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency theme since 2016. From April 2017 I’m an active participant in ICO projects as a marketing consultant, marketing specialist and tokenbuyer.

I am an active visitor of the blockchain meetings, invited speaker of a range of events (ICO Brothers Meet Up 09.11.17; Next Fest Blockchain 24.03.18).

I am also engaged in ICO projects as a private investor. That’s why I’m able to analyze ICOs projects from both points of view: as a potential tokenbuyer and as a member of ICO’s team.

Articles by Vladislav Pivnev

Boosting Your Crypto Business in Russia
Boosting Your Crypto Business in Russia

As the financial segment moves online, digital currencies will be the future. Cryptocurrency mass adoption continues to increase around the world, and Russia is not an exception. It is in the list of top-3 countries.