What’s New About NFT Gaming Platform Development?

The popularity of NFTs has risen to enormous heights in recent years, but sometimes the process of acquiring and trading rare NFTs seems somewhat ambiguous or daunting to new traders in the field.

Therefore, enthusiastic investors and programmers alike have been debating how to simplify the NFT marketplace for new users and make trading tokens more exciting. The answer was NFT gaming!

NFT games are your ordinary computer games, but with an added bonus – in-game assets are replaced by NFTs!

The way you win tokens differs from NFT gaming platform to NFT gaming platform, but usually, it’s tied to a traditional game mechanic making the whole process of acquiring NFTs second nature to anyone who’s played a computer game before.

Why Do NFT Games Specifically

The gaming sphere is a massive playground untouched by the crypto community until recent years. The game development industry has engineered many systems that make players come back to their game again and again.

Both these factors make for a great opportunity for the crypto community to settle in.

A lot of the time, it’s hard for traders to come back to NFT trading after their token loses relevance, but smart game mechanics and interesting gameplay can simply avoid that issue altogether.

Casino games, board games, and many other types of games show a great example of how addicting and exciting a game process can be.

With how easy it is to acquire new rare assets in most NFT games, players always have a chance to bounce back from a loss.

Blockchain and Gaming

Blockchain is a new and improved security technology mostly used within the sphere of finances and cryptocurrencies. Once any information is entered and stored in a block, it’s impossible to view or change it by fraudsters.

Additionally, the block is yours and only yours for an unlimited amount of time. 

Usually, this technology is only used to host data of cryptocurrency investors, but with the introduction of NFTs to the gaming industry, it has shown itself to be useful for NFT gaming platform development.

This level of security reassures users that their time grinding for NFTs won’t be wasted because of some fraudulent activity.


A relatively new development model for games but a very popular one nonetheless. It combines both the desire to earn money by pursuing your hobby and the feeling of completeness gaming platforms so expertly provide to their players.

Generally, the rewards you get in games are confined to the gaming system itself. You don’t gain anything material by completing a level in a game, only the feeling of satisfaction.

With play-to-earn NFT gaming platforms, you can earn ownership of any token you are rewarded with!

Additionally, since the NFT marketplace is decentralized, third-party fees are out of the question completely.

Amazon Lumberyard and NFT Games

In 2015 Amazon launched Lumberyard, a game engine developed to replace CryEngine. This platform-based engine has proven itself capable of creating AAA games for both the mobile and console markets.

Its outstanding feature is that it allows programmers to use C++, a relatively easy and intuitive programming language, to create competitive and appealing games.

Although recently, Lumberyard has been used by crypto enthusiasts to forward NFT gaming platform development. The ease of use and transparency provided by Lumberyard fits best for NFT gaming development.

When choosing what technology to use for NFT gaming development, be sure to check out Amazon Lumberyard!

How NFT Game Development Creates New Opportunities

In the process of introducing NFTs to the gaming industry, a whole new market has been created – NFT game development services. Many new companies have risen in the past few years that solely focus on providing the gaming industry with teams of veteran blockchain programmers that can easily integrate NFTs into any given game.

NFT gaming platform development companies ensure the success of a game by carefully designing reward systems and in-game assets that both benefit the gaming industry and the player. Moreover, these companies provide troubleshooting and 24/7 support.

How NFT Game Development Benefits the Gaming Industry

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, NFTs are seemingly made for games. The unique features of the NFT marketplace and how different each NFT can be from the others are seamlessly adaptable into in-game assets and are guaranteed to strike a chord with the heart of each player.

NFTs have a distinct place in the crypto marketplace, and the NFT developers are coming up with more and more NFTs each and every day.

The sheer amount of NFTs out there and how intuitive the process of creating them makes them great gaming assets for an addicting and exciting game.

Moreover, the gaming industry benefits from this the most. The idea of winning something that holds real value behind it while having fun in a game is a very exciting opportunity for a lot of people.

Having NFTs in your game can ensure the game’s success and make marketing for the game more powerful and eye-catching.

Additionally, gaming assets had never held any use after a gaming platform had finished development. Once the game is finished and the developer stops producing updates, the gaming assets lose most of their relevance. In the end, a centralized authority always had the last say when it comes to gaming assets.

With the introduction of NFT gaming development, the whole gaming landscape shifted. NFT game development brought with it a more long-lasting monetization system and enforced a decentralized structure, making gaming assets much more profitable.

How Is NFT Gaming Platform Development Beneficial to You?

Investing in the creation of your own NFT gaming platform is a great decision right now. The NFT marketplace is among the safest investment opportunities right now with how varied but reliable the options are, and NFT games are absolutely the same in their nature.

The goal of any NFT gaming platform is to increase the rarity of digitized tokens while keeping transactions safe and without any interventions from third parties.

This all ensures that you’re getting the most bang for your buck while also bringing something new to the world in the form of an NFT game.

ICODA Is the Best NFT Game Development Company

Here at ICODA, we show our clients the way forward to incorporating NFTs into their businesses.

ICODA focuses on integrating NFT and Blockchain technology into any type of business model, including customizable NFT games. Among various services we provide, ICODA also specializes in NFT gaming platform development.

ICODA helps design and forward NFT gaming solutions around the world while also providing top-notch blockchain services and post-release tech support.

In addition, our talented team of programmers and designers ensures the success of the NFT gaming platform projects we work on by providing our clients with the most up-to-date and advanced NFT token development solutions tailor-suited for their business specifically!

Blockchain Technology Development

Project Maintenance

ICODA offers a wide range of NFT and NFT gaming-related services, and with them, life-long support and maintenance for the project we helped you build.

After the development process of an NFT game is done, our support team will be glad to help you preserve the success of your business with our advanced security and audit systems.

NFT In-Game Assets Exchange Development

We provide one of the best blockchain-powered NFT exchange services in the market, and we didn’t stop there.

Currently, our team is fine-tuning the best solution for how to handle NFT game assets transactions and exchanges. Although, the NFT exchange service we already provide our clients with is more than enough to deal with an exchange problem an NFT gaming platform might face.

Experience in NFT Platform Development

With years of experience in NFT platform development, ICODA has behind its back that we’re equipped to handle any kind of problem an NFT gaming platform might have.

As the two fields differ very slightly, the same robust technology we use in our trading platforms will be seamlessly integrated into your NFT game.

A multitude of businesses in a myriad of countries put trust in ICODA’s platform development team, and so should you! In our midst are experts in the NFT marketplace, guaranteeing that we can find a suitable team of specialists for your business and your business only.

More on NFT Game Development Services By ICODA

As a top NFT development company, it’s not hard to imagine us being experts in the field of NFT game development. In fact, right now, we’re providing millions of clients around the world with help in developing their own completely original NFT game!

Read more about our services on our website and contact us if you find a service suitable for your next big hit in the world of NFT games!