What Is the Most Useful NFT Newsletter? Here Is the Best NFT News From Multiple Projects

We are witnessing the renaissance of digital art. Through the use of blockchain technology in the promotion of intellectual property, NFTs have been gaining the attention of increasingly wider audiences. So, how do we keep up with new developments in that space?

We read about them in our email inboxes. Here is our list of the best NFT newsletters. Check it out!

NFTs news every week: the latest digest, releases and podcasts in newsletter that you should consider.


We have our own mailing with the latest updates about the company, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT news. The team behind the project collects the most useful articles of the month and sends newsletters once a month.

So, do not miss out on an opportunity to stay tuned with the latest details from the crypto and NFT community.

NFT Lately

It is an engaging and easy-to-read way to get all of the top NFT industry news in several minutes.

Since launching the NFT newsletter, they have built a loyal community around the project. NFT fans, as well as investors, will find more valuable information in the premium NFT newsletter.

NFT Drops

This NFT newsletter promises to keep you updated on the latest NFT news that is minting right now. If you want to be the first to know about freshly minted NFT news, then this newsletter is for you. There is a paid premium version and a free subscription depending on the info that you want to receive.


We all know that the NFT market moves quickly, so for many, weekly or fortnightly newsletters simply are not frequent enough. Free daily newsletter with short posts. SuperNews promises users a first look at the latest news and moves collected in the NFT newsletter. 

There are not many reviews and comments from opinion leaders. So, you should take it into consideration.


With more than 1,000 daily readers, this NFT newsletter promises to keep you up to date with crypto space, blockchain, and NFTs in less than 5 minutes every day.


From the most popular NFT drops to the most promising tokens, if you subscribe to it, Tropee’s newsletter shares the newest innovations in the world of utility NFTs.


It is one of the most recognizable NFT newsletters in the industry. Here you can find the hottest NFT drops, follow the latest NFT trends, and see what is happening in the niche. Moreover, the company provides its customers with useful NFT newsletters produced as weekly roundups.

So, it will let you stay tuned with the most talked-about digital artworks and NFT artists.


This website is focused on delivering constant updates about the social token and useful insights. So, it is helpful for NFT collectors.

Before signing up for their NFT newsletters, you can check out a sample email in advance. This is a good way to find out if it is worth subscribing to.

Zima Red

If you want to subscribe to this content, you can find anything NFT-related there. Looking through their newsletter, latest news, data on up-and-coming NFT systems, insights, analysis, and the future of the NFT industry. The author’s mission is to report on everything and anything related to non-fungible tokens.

Rarible Newsletter

Even NFT marketplaces have their newsletters, and Rarible is not an exception. It is used as a way of self-promotion and educating the readers on the current trend of the NFT market.

In their newsletter, you can read about trending and new NFTs, their history, news, and the upcoming NFTs drops. They want to educate their followers, potential buyers, and people who are into the NFT and crypto spaces. The project covers a diversity of themes, so it is most likely that you will find useful themes in their NFTs newsletter.


Last but not least, has a more detailed vision of the NFT space. The project provides readers with articles devoted to NFT projects, social tokens, purchasing digital territories, or even key points of liquidity mining.

This NFT expert dives into the theme and is able to share helpful articles with crucial details that depend on the NFT space. You should search and take a look at some of the latest emails to find out the peculiarities of the project.

NFT newsletter to subscribe in 2022

Let’s Summarize an NFT Newsletter List

To sum it up, we can notice that newsletters are the best way to stay tuned with the biggest NFT trends. We hope that our list of different solutions will be helpful for you. These channels cover a broad spectrum of themes related to the sphere of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.

So, select your own newsletter that suits your interests and find the most convenient format (podcast format, short posts, or articles).