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Mining Disrupt Conference 2024.

This month’s crypto event calendar is filled to the brim with exciting opportunities! Starting off this year’s crypto summer activities is Mining Disrupt! From 24th of June to the 26th, the world’s largest bitcoin mining conference and expo is coming to Miami.

Held annually in Miami, Florida, this event draws a diverse crowd of enthusiasts, investors, professionals, and innovators who converge to explore the latest advancements and trends in the cryptocurrency mining sector. The event is powered by ElphaPex Miner and will be a huge opportunity for many attendees to educate themselves, build connections and see the new chapter of the crypto community unfold before them. Let’s see what the event has in stock for attendees!

Crypto Awareness Education

One of the main pillars for this event is education. Attendees are enticed to learn from a wide array of speakers present at the event. The list of speakers this year includes big names such as Ted Cruz, Payne Cong, Ben Weng, and Will Foxley among many others.

The event is boosted by a variety of leading crypto companies such as Bitdeer, Core Scientific, and many more. Learning is not just an opportunity at this event it’s a must! Many representatives and companies will be educating a wide audience on new solutions, trends, and inventions in the mining world of crypto.

Network and Business Relations

One of the key strengths of Mining Disrupt is its ability to foster networking and collaboration among attendees. The event brings together a global community of miners, investors, and technologists, creating an environment ripe for forging new partnerships and collaborations. Whether it’s during the scheduled networking sessions, informal meetups, or the bustling exhibition floor, opportunities to connect and collaborate are abundant.

How to Get Your Ticket

The event divides its ticket into several pass tiers which all grant different benefits. To accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its attendees, Mining Disrupt offers several types of tickets, each designed to provide a unique experience and access to various aspects of the conference. Let’s quickly run down the list of ticket types from the least expensive to most!

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General Pass

These tickets are the most accessible option, providing entry to the core components of Mining Disrupt. These tickets are ideal for attendees who are looking to gain insights into the industry, network with peers, and explore the exhibition floor. Benefits typically include:

  • Access to Keynotes and Panels: Attendees can listen to industry leaders and experts share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends and developments in crypto mining.
  • Exhibition Floor: Explore the latest products and innovations from leading companies in the crypto mining space.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with other attendees, fostering connections and potential collaborations within the industry.

VIP Pass

For those seeking an enhanced experience, VIP Admission tickets offer additional perks and exclusive access. VIP attendees enjoy all the benefits of General Admission, plus:

  • Access to All General Pass Areas: VIP attendees can participate in all sessions, panels, and exhibits available to General Admission holders.
  • VIP Buffet Lounge: Enjoy access to a dedicated lounge featuring a buffet with a variety of free foods. This space offers a comfortable setting to relax and recharge.
  • VIP Open Bar: Sip on complimentary drinks at the VIP Open Bar, available throughout the event.
  • VIP Cigar Lounge: For those who enjoy cigars, the VIP Cigar Lounge provides a sophisticated environment to unwind.

Whale Pass

The Whale Pass is the ultimate ticket for those looking to experience Mining Disrupt in unparalleled luxury. It includes all the benefits of both General Admission and VIP Pass holders, plus a host of additional exclusive perks:

  • Access to All General Pass Areas: Full participation in all sessions, panels, and exhibits.
  • Access to All VIP Pass Areas: Enjoy all the amenities available to VIP Pass holders, including the VIP Buffet Lounge, VIP Open Bar, and VIP Cigar Lounge.
  • Whale Premium Feast Lounge: Indulge in a premium buffet featuring a wide selection of free foods and desserts, set in an exclusive lounge environment.
  • Whale Premium Open Bar: Access to a premium open bar offering a selection of top-shelf drinks and beverages.
  • Whale Backstage Lounge: Experience the event like a true insider with access to a backstage lounge, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the conference.
  • Whale Areas: These areas offer a combination of premium buffet-style foods, desserts, and premium drinks, ensuring a top-tier experience throughout the event.

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