How to Advertise Your Cryptocurrency: Best Modern Methods

Best ideas for your next crypto marketing strategy

The crypto space is growing every day. Crypto projects are rolling out what it feels like every week. In this time of oversaturation of the crypto project space, the best way to come out on top with your very own crypto project is to have strong advertising campaigns that help immediately distinguish your crypto venture from the competition.

This can prove to be quite a hurdle to overcome, as simple tactics that worked in the past will no longer suffice in the modern crypto project advertising space. With cryptocurrency advertising, you need to make an effort to convince consumers to continuously support your project by way of whitepapers, the crypto project’s roadmap, reassuring beliefs, etc.

To a newcomer, this field of advertising can look impenetrable and intimidating, but with the tips and tricks laid out further in this article, we hope to make the whole process of setting up a crypto advertising campaign easier and more understandable.

Vital Features of a Successful Crypto Marketing Strategy

Some features are necessary to include for your crypto marketing strategy to work

The conversion of a crypto project completely lies in how its crypto advertising strategy is executed. A detailed and thorough crypto advertising strategy ensures that your product launch will be faced with a myriad of supporters and eager buyers. The better honed your strategies are on your desired audience, the higher the chances of your project skyrocketing out of the sea of other crypto projects. To build a successful crypto advertising strategy, you need to possess a list of certain skills and know a few main elements that will boost the relevance of your campaign.

We have analyzed several successful crypto projects and their crypto advertising efforts. After much thought, we have constructed a list of the most important elements a crypto project advertisement campaign should include. Hopefully, you can easily include the content of this list in your crypto advertising plan or have a crypto advertising agency help you do so.

Establish Trust and Professionalism in Your Brand

Brand trust is a necessity in the modern crypto marketing space

Your brand reputation plays a massive role in the success of your crypto project. To have an effective crypto advertising strategy, you need your brand to play off of your business strengths and feel relatable to the target audience. A part of building your brand is to fulfill every promise.

Fulfill Goals

Accomplish benchmarks set by your crypto marketing strategy

A big part of an effective advertising strategy is to have a reasonable to-do list. Try to set your goals lower so that you can easily reassure your supporters that you can certainly reach those goals. If you fail to achieve what you’ve set out to do, it can paint your project and your name itself in negative colors. Negative publicity spreads like wildfire, so it’s better to overachieve at an easier task than to underachieve at a hard task.

Write a Whitepaper

A whitepaper is an important element of any crypto project launch. It’s a document that, in great detail, describes how your project will flourish. It has to include all the relevant content about your project, like staff, thought leader, technology, relevance, conversion, etc.

The whitepaper will serve as a fishing hook for investors and other supporters from your target audience. The more eye-catching and interesting the information found within is, the more traffic you can accumulate for your project’s launch. Additionally, choosing which crypto newsletters and social media platforms your whitepaper will be distributed to is crucial. There’s a myriad of various social media platforms that you can take advantage of to boost your whitepaper’s spread but choose unwisely, and your business venture might just flop.

Competetive Landing Page

Treat your landing page as the hub for the rest of your crypto marketing campaign

Landing pages are the cornerstone of advertising for your crypto project. They are the first thing potential investors will have the chance to interact with after they see the business opportunities your project holds for them. Spend as much time as you can creating an intuitive, appealing, but information-rich website that interested users can view.

This website also should act as a hub for all your other online platforms. If you can successfully redirect traffic from your landing page all over the website and out to another one of your social platforms, it means that you’ve created a perfect website for your business.

How supporters interact with your product is a crucial question to answer when building a crypto marketing strategy

A good point to remember is that the new users experiencing your website for the first time should feel welcomed. This can be achieved by the use of great user interface design, mobile support, etc.

Build Brand Connections

The more connections you have the easier your crypto marketing process will be

Brand connectivity is among the best ways to skyrocket a project you have in the works. The more professional companies and businesses your brand partnered with or interacted with in any other way, the faster you’ll know of crypto space trends, interests, and more.

Moreover, the better the connection between your brand and a professional company is, the easier it is to copy what they’ve done in the past. This tactic, if used in moderation, can greatly boost the number of people interested in your work.

Connect With Your Audience

Make your crypto marketing campaigns relatable and better reflect your audience's interests

Effective reputation management and crypto advertising as a whole can take you far but connect with your audience can take you farther. Present your brand as relatable and build relationships with your target audience. Users feel more strongly about a crypto project. They can easily understand and relate to the team behind it.

Keep It Simple

Talk about complex concepts in simple ways to boost relevance of your crypto marketing strategy

Discussions in the blockchain industry and crypto project space as a whole can easily go out of hand and become way more technical than they need to be. When talking about your project, spread the word carefully and with as little terminology as possible. This way, your advertising strategy will seem more understandable and down-to-earth.

Remember, crypto ad networks are reaching more and more people every day, and there are countless numbers of newcomers to the playing field, so you need to tone down the amount of technical jargon you’re using in your advertising campaign.

Reach Your Audience

In the oversaturated field of crypto projects, consumers may feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of industry news circulating every day. Hence, it’s crucial that you set up an easy way of communicating with your supporters.

Press Releases

Rise the effectiveness of your crypto marketing with public press releases

Issuing press releases is certainly an important tactic to make use of to boost your crypto project’s popularity. Press releases can reach your target audience with ease while still being able to pique the attention of a part of general internet users. Although a great tool to implement, PR campaigns are not easy to make up on your own. Your team should take great care and a large amount of time out of your advertising campaign to make a good press release. If you or your team is inexperienced in this topic, we advise you to contact a PR agency instead. Failing this step might result in a way bigger negative impact than you could reasonably take.

If you do decide to workshop your press release, remember to always have your target audience in mind, as they make up the majority of your potential investors and supporters. The general public should not be targeted, but occasional supporters from a wider net of users are always welcome. Additionally, make use of airdrops to grasp the attention of your supporters and people interested in the crypto space as a whole.

Crypto Project Airdrops

Drop some free tokens to increase fluidity and interest in your crypto marketing

Your crypto advertising strategy can greatly benefit from the inclusion of airdrops. An airdrop is when a crypto advertising agency gives out the tokens from their crypto project for free. This usually happens in line with other events or announcements but can be used on its own to generate traffic successfully and spread interest in your project.

Moreover, airdrops provide a higher level of liquidity to spread within your crypto project’s audience.

Useful Advertising Channels Used in the Crypto Space

The best crypto marketing strategies use multiple channels

When advertising your crypto project, be it with a crypto advertising agency or with the use of an in-house advertising team, it is important to analyze certain techniques and technology used in crypto advertising. It’s not enough to just implement every technique you see. You need to carefully consider the usefulness of every technique with your project in mind and how likely a technique is to generate interest.

Email Advertising

Crypto marketing with email is surprisingly effective

Email advertising is an old crypto advertising tactic, but it doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. The essence of the email advertising strategy is to create an algorithm that will mass-send targeted advertising emails to potential customers and people in the wider crypto world. Email campaigns should be used sparingly, though, as spammy emails are generally disliked in the public’s eye. With all its upsides and downsides, an email advertising campaign is a great addition to your overall crypto advertising strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Take advantage of public figures to raise awarness of your crypto marketing venture

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular among other advertising channels in the wider sphere of advertising. Crypto advertising in this field is also a very popular strategy that has proven its worth already. The hard part about this advertising strategy is the choice of the influencer.

Choosing an influencer to partner with can be a make-it-or-break-it situation. The immediate decision is to partner with an influence who has a bigger grasp on the internet than most, but this isn’t always the right decision. The audiences of big crypto influencers are most likely already accustomed to brand deals like this and have a higher chance of brushing the advertisement off, while audiences of smaller influencers might be completely new to such a thing and are more prone to gaining interest in the advertisement. Additionally, the following of a small influencer is often more loyal than that of a bigger one. Their audiences have a more personal connection to them, and therefore, they are more comfortable with investing in something they only promote.

Crypto marketing through influencer marketing can generate much needed traction for your project

Moreover, you might choose an influencer that is outside the crypto sphere. Although this can be a risky opportunity for obvious reasons, when it works, it leads to tremendous results.

Self-Made Content Advertising

DIY crypto marketing through content

If you are not interested in contacting an influencer, how about becoming one yourself? This advertising channel is generally untapped in the wide crypto advertising ecosystem, but it has a high level of conversion and a good probability of boosting the popularity of your project more than you could’ve ever imagined. Although a generally harder channel to tap into as you would need to put out useful and relevant content while also promoting your project, it can result in you acquiring a large audience inside and outside of the general crypto advertising audiences.

The more consistently good the content you put out, the more organic traffic it will generate that you can later channel into your website or other hubs for your crypto project. Also, by going down this route of crypto advertising, you can boost your reputation alongside boosting the size of your audience. If your content helps a large majority of people, you will be seen as a reliable source of information and advice from which your project launch can indirectly benefit.

A Crypto Marketing Agency Can Make This Process a Whole Lot Easier

A crypto marketing agency can be a huge time-saver

If you have insufficient experience in the advertising field or you estimate that the time and money spent on making your advertising campaign is worth spending elsewhere, you should look into crypto advertising agencies. These companies are well-versed in all sorts of crypto projects and can easily detect strengths that can be highlighted and weaknesses that should get outshined.

Most crypto advertising agencies additionally dabble in other ways of advertising. They can help you set up an influencer deal or help with PR, etc. The only reason why you wouldn’t want to partner with such a company is if you’re completely certain there’s no team out there that understands your project better than your own.

Take the benefits a crypto marketing agency can provide when you're out of time or resources

The only question in this matter is what agency to choose. This can be a delicate issue as every agency has its strength and weaknesses. The fewer weaknesses, the higher the price of their service. Sooner or later, this avenue will lead you down to a balancing act between how much resources you can expend and how good you want your advertising campaign to turn out. Rest assured, though, as almost all of these agencies are filled to the brim with experts in the field, and some even let you get free consultations to see if their service is what you need.

Research Advertising Agencies

Research is key in crypto marketing

The easiest telling sign of how good an agency in this field is to look at their previous contractors and see how they’ve succeeded before and after they contracted with the agency. Moreover, during this analysis, you can look at what projects the agency tends to pick up and get a general idea of which sector of the crypto advertising world they have the most experience working in.

Also, taking a look to verify the validity of the agency’s team members is a great idea. Knowing the people behind the agency goes a long way in helping you decide if you want to contact them or not. There is a myriad of professional networking websites you can visit to check the experience and level of professionalism each team member can bring to the table.

Little Known Benefit

A benefit not many crypto ad networks talk about

Barring aside the obvious amounts of time you will be saving by contracting a crypto advertising agency. There is a major advantage left unsaid. These agencies are way more reliable in following trends and predicting them. In essence, it’s entirely their job to keep an eye out for every single new trend that comes out in the crypto industry, and they are in the most informed place to take advantage of them. This one aspect can certainly sway the decision of contracting such a company as it has been proven time and time again that a tremendous project coupled with a trend-hitting advertisement is a sure skyrocket of success.

Taking Everything Into Account

There are many avenues you can take the advertising of your project into. Some have inherent benefits, while others are more experimental but can bring a higher result. Always research your options carefully to achieve the most success.

A solid base for your advertising campaign is always welcome, but sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you can’t easily spend the time to carefully plan out such a complicated roadmap for the future. This is an excellent opportunity to hand off that side of your project to a third party.

Influencer advertising can provide a generous boost to the overall popularity and success of your project, but choosing an appropriate influencer can be difficult. At the end of the day, you might not even find the right influencer to contact. Content advertising, on the other hand, can be specifically suited for your crypto project, but to achieve results with this strategy, you need to spend a lot more time and effort to create a sizeable and loyal fanbase.

Email advertising is the definition of old but gold, using the best methods of the very first online advertising opportunities and suiting them to a more mainstream, modern audience. Overuse it, though, and the name of your brand might be tainted forever.

Airdrops is an all-rounder solution to most of these issues, but it still requires you to build the campaign and set goals that might eat away at your company’s resources.

At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a bad advertising channel. They’re all useful if used in their specific ways or niches, and most, if not all, can achieve tremendous results.