Top-Notch SERM Services for Your Crypto Project

SERM or search engine reputation management is a key element of promotion for any contemporary brand. The interesting fact — only a few global crypto marketing and content agencies are capable of offering professional consulting on this subject. ICODA Agency has such specialists — they develop SERM strategies that actually work.

Why does your blockchain startup need a professionally built SERM strategy?

Thanks to efficient SERM methods any brand may positively affect and control an individual or group’s attitude. Under the conditions of a rapidly growing market of the Internet and social media, every new business or startup must thoroughly think through the SMM and SERM strategy.

ICODA Agency uses the up-to-date SERM tactics to prevent negative complaints or bad reviews posted online. We closely work with online media resources for building trust and online/offline reputation.


The ICODA team makes SERM work for your crypto project!

Daily progress is the main goal when it comes to SERM. Our specialists can help with development of an efficient SERM solutions for your startup. We guarantee that the implementation of this solution will bring positive results. The online reputation of your brand will be flawless.

Our SERM solutions cover multiple social media places:

  • Forums and message boards
  • Social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Blogs and online media resources related to project promotion

We make sure that every review, press release or news describing your project is building trust and positive attitude among your target audience.

The ICODA Agency works to build the custom SERM solutions for all our projects!

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