The Most Effective Way to Make a Project Based on Loopring Popular

Loopring is a blockchain ecosystem honed in on the development and production of Layer 2 applications within the DeFi space. Established all the way back in 2017, it boasts an impressive track record of developers skyrocketing with projects based on their platform.

Even though the platform’s notoriety itself can take your project pretty high by itself, to really break through in the DeFi space, you need a fair bit of advertisement to go along with your project. In this short article, we will discuss and suggest many possible avenues your marketing campaign can go down into.

Public Relations

We’ll start off with the basics and the cornerstone of all marketing campaigns – public relations. Even though it’s talked about at length, it’s still the most crucial step to clear when setting up your project and is worth talking about again.

With public relations, you need to reach as many people from your target audience as possible so that the next marketing steps can reel them in closer. To start off, consider advertising your project on popular cryptocurrency websites like Investing, NewsBTC, CoinDesk, and BeInCrypto.

Additionally, a great way to reach more people is through on-the-air broadcasting. Podcasts are currently the most popular and effective way of building your project’s image and raising awareness about your work. So many people nowadays listen to broadcasts each and every day that you are sure to bring in real numbers if you try this method out. Below is a list of a few podcasts to check out as inspiration.

Loopring Partnership, Fundraising, and B2B Pitching

Use social media marketing to connect more with your audience. It’s very important to use this way of advertising because it helps you to keep promoting your business and establish a connection with your supporters at the same time.

To make a good plan for social media, you must know what you want to achieve with your project and what advantages you want to highlight through your posts, videos, or other things you share. Having someone in charge of being a community manager is crucial for a successful social media project. A community manager can manage the social media platform your project is using and keep it organized and respectable.

Check out cryptocurrency projects that promote on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and more to understand how this type of marketing works.

Additionally, look towards b2b pitching. This tactic helps you branch out to other, similar audiences by connecting with a different business or influencer in your space and reeling in their auditory to your project. Although, this isn’t accomplished as easily. For this method to work, you need to prove to the other business or influencer that your project’s worth the salt. The main way you make your project look the most compelling is through a pitch of sorts. Be it a video, presentation, or other piece of media, it has to be concise and heavily highlight the strengths and innovations of your project.

Performance Campaigns Available to Loopring Project Developers

Once you’re done with the initial parts of marketing, you’re basically ready for launch. But what’s next? The next step is supplying your audience with more info and perks to help the longevity of your project.


Airdrops and giveaways are a crucial part of making sure your project stays afloat for a long time after its launch. Set up a date, make sure everyone in your community and outside of it is going to show up, prepare content for the giveaway and then simply hand out tokens at the actual event.

This will not only bring in new followers under your project’s flag, but it will also guarantee they will stay to see the developments through. The most important part of ensuring this is through the quality of the content you demonstrate at the airdrop event. The more exciting the new developments are, the more people are going to keep following your project after they’ve got their tokens.

Paid Traffic

We urge you to look into paid ad traffic on websites like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Yandex Direct to effectively double the longevity of your project in the eyes of the public. This method is surely the most efficient cost-per-action move you can take as it guarantees the money and time you spend on the advertisement will reach your target audience and only your target audience.

Influencer Advertisement

We’ve all seen our favorite YouTubers or Twitter bloggers promote something before. We all know how this works. By reaching out to specific social media influencers, you can reel in a great bit of their audience in and under your project. The main concern with this strategy is what influencer you pick.

The bigger the influencer, the bigger the audience, but a smaller influencer is probably going to have a much more loyal audience that will more likely listen to what they’re promoting. This is the most important part of this method and can make or break the venture altogether.

Consider the following influencers when thinking about who to contact.



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