How to Skyrocket With Your Starknet Crypto Project

Starknet is an up-and-coming crypto project ecosystem that allows for Ethereum projects and DAPPs to reach previously unimaginable heights.

Even with the cutting-edge technology provided by the Starknet ecosystem, a Starknet project still needs to excel in marketing requirements to become visible. You can use various Starknet-based marketing channels and opportunities to achieve this goal. Use the methods outlined below to boost your Starknet project’s success.

Take Advantage of PR

Every project needs a good marketing base to jump off of. The best first step to clear any project, be it conventional commerce or crypto commerce, is public relations. It’s crucial to set up good PR strategies before continuing with our other methods, as it provides the widest grasp on the target space. Being able to reach as many people as you can with a PR article is paramount to the project’s success.

Take advantage of multiple types of PR to make your advertising campaign accessible to the most people as possible. While there aren’t any Starknet-specific marketing channels to take advantage of, you can use various cryptocurrency media platforms with a Starknet tag like CoinDesk and BeInCrypto.

While public relations is an important step for any business venture to clear, it especially applies to cryptocurrency projects built on Starknet. The Starknet ecosystem hasn’t reached the level of popularity when projects can skip a few marketing steps and ride on the popularity of the platform they’re based on. Even the cutting-edge technology Starknet provides won’t be able to successfully boost your project to the heights of internet searches and interactivity.

Partnership Advertisement

A useful tactic to guarantee that your project thrives on a fresh platform like Starknet is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses or individuals in the crypto space. For this purpose, you can check out a Starknet launchpad – ZKPAd. Launchpads, like ZKPAd, allow developers to reach unimaginable heights of exposure, tap into secondary trading and raise funds for their project’s development.

Additionally, see if you can build b2b connections with businesses that have a higher grasp and influence over the Starknet ecosystem as a whole. The best way to establish these connections is through a pitch of sorts. A pitch can be done in many ways, you can set up a quick presentation highlighting the pros and strengths of your project, or you can write up a concise article that will highlight your goals and ideas. No matter the medium, your pitch needs to be short and to the point. This way, as many people as possible can read it and have an instant understanding of your product.

Once you finalize your pitch, don’t forget to include a LinkedIn. It is currently the best way you can set up a line of communication with your audience and business partners. With the right pitch and the right individuals, you will see a rise in popularity and the number of investors real soon.

Performance Campaign for Starknet Users

Consider Airdrop

Airdrop and other crypto giveaways are a common strategy among many new crypto projects. This especially goes double for Starknet projects. The effectiveness of airdrops lies in the integral FOMO every person on the planet shares. Everyone wants a free piece of new crypto. Spreading the word about such airdrops is crucial to interest as many people as possible. Additionally, crypto giveaways boost liquidity and the use of your project. 

Although, you should take note of one thing. When setting up a Starknet project giveaway, make sure the participants establish a Starknet wallet. This will raise the probability of them buying your tokens later down the line greatly.


Twitter is a huge platform for the crypto space to take advantage of. Many crypto enthusiasts get a lot of their news and information from Twitter, along with most general internet users. Hence Twitter is a great resource and hub for all the information and advertisements of your crypto project. It’s crucial you set up a Twitter account to raise awareness about your project on the platform.

Compared to other social media channels you can use, Twitter is one of the most effective and has proven its conversion rate with years of data. To get started on Twitter, you need to contact various influencers on the platform. Here’s a short list of Starknet’s most valiant influencers:


Youtube, as I’m sure you know, is a huge platform hosting a myriad of videos and influences. A large part of the crypto community hosts its informational videos and advertising content there. Data from the past shows the definite results that youtube advertisements can give you. If you’re looking for influencers to contact for the advertisement of your project, here’s a list of influencers that previously marketed Starknet products:

Paid Traffic Strategies

Paid traffic channels akin to Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can be used to greatly boost the spread of your crypto project. This method can be used both as your main source of advertising and as an addition to an already existing marketing campaign. The great thing about these platforms is that they’ll only show ads to people who are actually interested in investing in crypto! Moreover, it’ll usually suggest your ads to someone who has already invested in the crypto field.

Platforms like these are great channels to take advantage of for any project, be it new or old. In the end, you are met with a delighted sight – an immense cost-per-action benefit.

Additional Post-listing Strategies

After you’ve finished your marketing campaign, things only get better as more and more advertisement channels open your way. Additional listings are always helpful to bring in new investors or shareholders, and constant activity with different giveaways, contests, etc., can keep the relevance of your project in the public’s eye for an indefinite amount of time.

Moreover, consider boosting the liquidity of your tokens. Previously, we mentioned how airdrops and giveaways could easily increase those liquidity numbers, but there’s another resource we’ve intentionally left for the end – Gocha is a platform that allows developers to take advantage of proprietary algorithms to give tokens the necessary boost for successful business growth.

In a Nutshell

There are myriad ways a Starknet project can prosper in the current market, but it is important to make your business heard. Each and every way you advertise your project is going to have an effect on the popularity of your project. Craft your marketing campaign with care and tap into every channel you deem worthy.