Efficiently Boost the Popularity of Your Instagram Accounts With an Instagram Follower Tracker

Get an Instagram follower tracker to boost your Instagram account

In the influencer world and even to an extent in our personal lives, Instagram plays a powerful role. Instagram follower count is important to a lot of people nowadays, but sadly, Instagram itself doesn’t supply deep enough means to audit Instagram followers. Hence, many independent developers have taken it upon themselves to build and maintain a plethora of follower-tracking apps. With the sea of options this field of software has to offer, we’ve decided it would be good to compile an Instagram follower auditing service list to help you pick out the best app for you.

What to Expect From an App That Tracks Instagram Followers

It would seem that the question is pointless and the answer is right in the name; many follower trackers do way more than what their name implies. For example,

  1. Follower count. This one’s the obvious one: the follower tracking app can indeed track followers. Some apps even supply a graph of how many followers you lose and gain over a period of time.
  2. Engagement rate. Apps like these will often include an engagement rate that is calculated on the basis of how many comments, likes, and shares your content receives from other Instagram accounts.
  3. Follower data. Often, in these apps, you will find a section that will show what categories and demographics your followers fall into. This feature is especially useful for business and influencer accounts.
  4. Post data. Similar to the last feature, post data provides you with an evaluation of data associated with your posts. These sections show what your best-performing post is so you can better understand what to post next!
  5. Instagram account comparison. Some apps even let you compare the performance of your Instagram account to others within a similar content sphere.

Why Follower Trackers Can Be Beneficial to Your Instagram Account

See the progression of your account and Instagram follower count in real time

So, after learning about the features an Instagram follower tracker can offer, you’re probably thinking that they’re mostly useful to influencers and business accounts. To some extent, you’re right; the features provided by these services are most useful to business and influencer accounts, but that’s not to say regular Instagram surfers can’t benefit from these. For example, with a follower monitoring service associated with your Instagram profile, you can clearly see the history of what people started and stopped following you. Since Instagram never notifies you about your followers unfollowing you, it’s incredibly easy to end up in a situation where you’re following an account that has stopped following you.

Although, another big feature we haven’t talked about is only useful for bigger accounts. That feature is an accurate Instagram follower count. At the 100k mark, Instagram stops clearly displaying the amount of followers an account has. For example, if you have 8 345 followers on your profile, you will clearly see that number under your Instagram username, while if you have, for example, 101 893 followers, then Instagram will simply display it as 101k. This information is crucial to a person who uses Instagram as a marketing platform.

Top 10 Instagram Username and Follower Count Trackers

CCSoft+ Followers Analyzer

Weed out the fake followers

CCSoft+ Followers Analyzer for iOS is a great jumping-off engine as the first follower data software you use. You get a gargantuan pool of traits to try out completely for free (albeit with ads). Additional features can be accessed with add-ons.

Within the free version of the application, you will find common features like seeing new followers and setting a separate list of automatically unfollowing certain profiles. Moreover, you are able to track which accounts have blocked yours.

Although you will find yourself paying for some traits and opportunities, you might expect to come free with these sorts of apps. For example, content data. If you want to see what your best publications are and how people engage with them, you will have to sign up for a premium version of the application. A nice benefit to the premium version, though, is the ability to freely see ghost followers that you can mass unfollow.

Reports for Followers

Keep track of your mutual followers

Reports for followers is another iOS application. It provides a comprehensive way to audit profile and user changes, single out ghost followers, and ascertain what posts your followers like the most. Additionally, reports for followers supply a feature that gives you the ability to determine what users that you follow aren’t following you and grants the possibility to mass unfollow them.

For a more in-depth evaluation of your Instagram followers and other statistics, you can consider reports for the follower’s pro version, which offers a myriad of traits divided up into different plans. The flexibility of the plan monetary model allows you to choose the traits you want and pay what you’re comfortable paying for them.

Analyzer Plus-Followers Report

Set up an Instagram user block list

Our third app store application offers a more professional and tactical approach to your Instagram follower data. It, like many applications before it, provides basic data about your profile, like follower count, content performance, and demographical data about your followers.

What is more intriguing, though, and what a lot of businesses and influencer marketers will find more interesting, is the trait that allows you to track individual surfer engagement rates. The plus version of the app lets you spot ghost followers and even your most valiant followers.


Elevate your Instagram stories with this Instagram tracker

NFollowers for iOS supplies a baseline feature pack for free. This feature pack includes tracking Instagram follower count and how it progresses over a period of time, the list of individuals who follow or unfollow you, a list of long-time reciprocal followers who have unfollowed you recently, etc.

Above all else, though, this application supplies you with unique data like content or users you engage with but who aren’t following you and individuals who engage with your content but don’t follow you. Moreover, NFollowers includes a feature that enables you to recognize individuals who interact most with your content, be they followers or not.


Google play store approved Instagram statistics

The first application on our list that is available both to Android and iOS devices has much of the same. Tracking Instagram follower count, singling out ghost followers, showing new followers, unfollowers, individuals who don’t follow you back, etc.

A lot of more in-depth features are locked behind payments within the application, although judging from the reviews left by other users, it looks like the service is high-quality, as Follow Meter has been keeping up-to-date with Instagram’s ever-evolving API.

Follow Cop

Gain valuable insights with this third-party app

Our first Android-only software doesn’t seem to be losing to any aforementioned iOS software. Boasting robust mass follow management tools alongside common follower count necessities like ghost followers detection, reciprocal followers recognition, etc.

Follow Cop also is almost completely free, and you can easily live without the paid perks.


Boost your overall social media presence

Crowdfire reaches a much wider scope with its software than all the previous applications. With its robust mechanisms, it offers its users an all-in-one social platform management tool. Although, this great scope comes at the expense of insight depth.

On the other hand, you can basically completely manage your Instagram and a few more social platform channels via it all at once. Schedule simultaneous posts with Crowdfire’s unique social media tailoring feature and be the king of all marketing channels.

Followers+ Track for IG

Gain insights all about your secret admirers

While on the surface level inspection, Followers+ Track for IG might look like your standard-issue follower count software; its statistics don’t require you to post directly from the app, making it more advantageous to competitors in the field.

Moreover, the software boasts a complete free three-day trial.

InStalker – Profile Tracker

InStalker helps you shine a light on your non-followers

You’ve probably heard about this software before, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. There’s a great deal to why it’s popular; cutting-edge technology regarding follower count data carries you quite a ways away from competition in this field.

On top of that, this app provides all the standard features like engagement rate data, follower demographic groups, etc.


Free service that lets you single out your secret admirers

Iconsquare is a one-fits-all solution to your web media marketing means. The application supplies the basic features a follower count application would while also providing you ample data for more than just Instagram.

Before You Sign Off

At the end of the day, these applications serve a valuable role in a lot of businesses’ day-to-day life, and we hope our brief reviews of a variety of these services has helped you pick out what is right for you specifically.

If you end up deciding on using one of the aforementioned applications, it will help your marketers achieve their goals easier.