Avalance NFT: Infrastructure for Artists and Digital Art

In recent years, the non-fungible tokens community has experienced a significant idea and novelty drought, with major blockchain enterprises hoarding the most active and profitable NFT infrastructures on the Internet. With hope in the community’s eyes dwindling and interest slowly declining, a new competitor has joined the field – Avalanche NFT!

Avalanche - an up and coming infrastructure to challenge the largest NFT marketplace?

Web3 is right around the corner, and more and more enterprises around the world are rearing their heads to take a bite at the new hot technology of the century. For Avalanche, it all started with the introduction of Avaissance – an initiative to raise up-and-coming digital artists in the new Web3 space!

The fully catered-to artists Web3 space boasts a substantial grant system that should allow artists to focus on their own projects while not worrying about making ends meet. Additionally, the space is forwarding mentors and advisers to artists in hopes of bolstering their potential.

Further Down the Line for the NFT Marketplace

From smol joes to smol creeps many a NFT have found a place on the Avalanche near-instant finality blockchain

With the massive success and popularity that Avaissance has garnered, Avalanche is looking to further expand into artistic territories by revealing new and exciting partnerships. For example, Superchief Gallary is gearing up to launch a full-on NFT line on the Avalanche NFT marketplace. Superchief’s aim with this partnership is similar to the core ideas described by Avaissance earlier – to push artists from Web2 and Web3 spaces to interact with NFTs by providing a safe and welcoming space to foster their skills.

Superchief themselves have been known to foster artists and talents across the world during their decade’s worth of runtime. Moreover, thought leaders at Superchief denote this partnership as a very successful venture for all artists out there who look to make scalable digital art that will survive and prevail in Web3.

Relating to this, Shopify has recently expanded its reach by committing to a partnership with Avalanche to allow its artists to produce NFTs and scalable digital art on the Avalanche blockchain. This enterprise, like the ones mentioned above, aims to build a valiant and reliable community of artists to work for the coming shift to Web3.

Create secure NFTs on Avalanche! Avalanche's team aims to bring the easiest experience to NFT artists

Although unlike those mentioned above, Shopify is additionally taking great leaps to make the process of merchandising art a lot easier for the artist. With the Venly Shopify merchant app, artists can seamlessly transition their artwork to NFT form without needing as much know-how as usually expected for such ventures. This streamlining does not end there, as the way a buyer can interact with said artwork is also simplified due to not needing a crypto wallet. In reality, buyers can expect an automated email with the details of their purchase and a link to the newly created blockchain. This perfectly circumvents a lot of the hurdles both artists and buyers need to overcome to interact with many NFT infrastructures out there. Once again, this is a feature that greatly benefits artists first!

Moreover, Avalanche has revealed another partnership, this time with Legitimate. It is quite an interesting enterprise that seeks to merge the real and digital with the use of its cutting-edge infrastructure. The collaboration’s aim is to match the governance of products in real life with digital personalities. Later down the line, Avalanche is advertising phygical (Legitimate’s word for a product that traverses both the physical and digital spaces) mech that will be available at all future events.

How Does Such Infrastructure Compare to Data

How does Avalanche performance so far compare to the rest? Will Avalanche prevail? Find out more about Avalanche below!

While all that said in this article, especially about Avalanche hosting a wonderful community and space for artists worldwide, is true, we need to look at hard facts and data to rightfully determine how successful a venture into their territory is. Currently, the most popular circulation of NFTs is the Ethereum blockchain. It garners a huge variety of NFTs even though there have been many enterprises and infrastructures coming for Ethereum’s slice of the pie. Even with features like faster response and transaction times, many others pale in comparison to Ethereum.

With the recent increase in demand for Avalanche’s subnets, we can see a drastic increase in Avalanche NFT’s trading volume. The platform and ecosystem itself, AVAX, has drastically widened its grasp, and we can only expect it to widen even further as new partnerships are rolled out, and more and more of the market becomes accessible to Avalanche. Moreover, the system recently included Avalanche Bridge, which can seamlessly and quickly transition assets from Avalanche to Ethereum. All this has us believing in Avalanche’s coming success.

However, how much thought and belief you put into these factors is completely up to you. Platforms similar to Avalanche have reached the same numbers before skyrocketing, while others who reached double or triple that amount dwindled and burned out in a matter of months.

To Sum Up

We have heard a great deal of exciting innovations coming to the Avalanche blockchain network. While we can not yet put our full trust into the infrastructure, as we have seen many non-fungible token projects die down in mere months, we can definitely note that the partnerships and collaborations Avalanche is advertising are simply intriguing.

Take a close look at the infrastructure’s next move and how it grows from here. Who knows, maybe we have the next Ethereum on our hands.