Top 10 Influencers on Debank. See Who’s Shaping the Future of Debank in 2024

Over the past five years, DeBank has transformed from a simple DeFi portfolio tracker into a dynamic, multi-faceted Web3 platform. This platform has become a hub for diverse online interactions, offering an array of services that range from social networking to advanced data analytics. At its core, DeBank strives to integrate various aspects of the digital world, providing a smooth and cohesive experience for users engaged in both on-chain and off-chain activities.

DeBank’s journey is marked by constant innovation and expansion. One of its most notable achievements is the development and launch of its own Layer2 blockchain, known as Debank Chain. This move signifies DeBank’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and broadening its capabilities within the Web3 ecosystem.

However, the path to success is not without its challenges. DeBank faces stiff competition in an ever-evolving market. The limitations in supporting multiple blockchains, along with the inherent risks associated with security and the hurdles in user adoption, are some of the significant obstacles that DeBank continues to navigate. Despite these challenges, the platform’s continuous refinement and dedication to innovation suggest that it is well-positioned to become a leading force in the world of Web3.

Initially perceived as merely a DeFi portfolio tracker and social platform, DeBank has grown into a comprehensive service provider in the Web3 space. The platform now encompasses a wider range of services, including wallet functionalities, portfolio tracking, swap features, and much more.

In this list, we’re going to explore the most attractive influencers who are playing a pivotal role in shaping the future and attracting new participants of DeBank. These individuals are at the forefront of driving innovation and expansion within the platform, contributing significantly to its growth and success in the dynamic world of Web3. Check them out!


An influential figure in the DeBank community, an0n has amassed a considerable following of 48.4K on the platform. Focused on the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), an0n stands out for his strategic investments, with Ethereum, Optimism, and Arbitrum being prominent components of his portfolio. This opinion leader is known for his timely and insightful content, delving into breaking news within the DeFi space, highlighting major airdrops, and providing valuable insights into the intricacies of trading. 


“Just_a_guy” is a notable influencer on DeBank, boasting 18.8K followers and ranking as the second most popular blogger on the platform. His content primarily focuses on sharing his experiences with DeBank’s “Lucky Draw” feature, where he hosts draws for cash or custom prizes for his audience. Additionally, he conducts experiments to understand DeBank’s platform better, such as testing the impact of posting on rankings. His portfolio prominently features Ethereum, Arbitrum, and zkSync Era among the top 3 investments.


A prominent influencer on DeBank, with a substantial following of 24.8K. He is known for his unique content that blends pepe-meme-oriented pictures with insights into the market situation. Engaging actively with his followers, 33EE frequently participates in Ask Me Anything sessions known as AskPro on Debank, addressing their queries and fostering community interaction. His content highlights a strong focus on Ethereum, which is the most notable investment in his portfolio.


A distinguished influencer in the cryptocurrency space, with a large following of 60.4K. His content specializes in analyzing market fluctuations and breaking crypto news, highlighting their impact on the market. Additionally, he actively publishes interesting podcasts and covers topics related to airdrops and Lucky Draw events. His portfolio prominently includes Ethereum, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain.


“QUID” has a strong following of 53.6K. He is particularly known for his follower-oriented approach, actively engaging in discussions with his audience about upcoming and trending assets, as well as the overall market situation. QUID also leverages DeBank’s “Lucky Draw” feature to offer his followers opportunities to win cash or custom prizes, enhancing his interactive content style. Recently, he earned recognition with a badge for users who have minted a Web3 ID and possess a Total Value of Followers (TVF) exceeding $1 Bonds Bank. His portfolio features key investments in Ethereum, Bnb Chain, and Base.

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