Listen to Your Audience: Social Media Monitoring Tool and Social Listening for Crypto Markets

Not so long ago, the crypto market faced another crypto winter, and that means more and more companies are struggling to make their business heard. One of these segments within the crypto world is marketing, where social listening tools will be critical for any competent crypto marketer.

Thanks to social networks, customers can immediately spread the word about your business: praise or make you appear like an incompetent villain. These social channels certainly help to know what others are saying about you on social media, so you can react appropriately, taking your social presence under control.

There are numerous services accessible to help you post content, enhance brand popularity within the crypto markets, boost conversions, promote service and provide impressive support for your clients. That is why you should select a suitable tool to help you discover your social media mentions and outstand your rivals.

So, let’s dig into marketing tools for crypto assets and crypto companies.

What Is Social Listening?

It is a useful solution to keep tabs on what users and other companies have to say about your crypto project, product or service, content, or support.

These tools let you take your brand’s social media profiles under control. So, you can seek customer comments, direct references of your business within the market, and any conversations with relevant hashtags, themes, rivals, and insights. This is followed by an analysis of that information. Any resulting conclusions will let you find the most effective variants to strengthen your marketing and social media strategies and boost brand awareness and social presence.

What Is a Social Listening Tool?

Social listening tools are turnkey apps to check out several social media platforms all in one service. So, you can see mentions of your brand, direct feedback, and relevant keywords thanks to hashtags.

Many of these services will allow you to publish content directly from the app. In addition, when you can add all your accounts and check out the latest info within the cryptocurrency industry.

Social listening tools generally show you which companies and brands are talked about the most, ranking them by keywords and engagement. Now with crypto, you can see which topics are trending and which are not so popular and evaluate whether there is potential in themes you plan to enter.

The Most Useful Crypto Social Listening Tools for Social Media Management


It is an easy-to-use solution for social media channels. You can track data analysis (like sentiment analysis), customer support, social marketing, engagement, analytics, and team services right there. Buffer has a limited client management support system, but other features are helpful and user-friendly.

Brandwatch is a social media management tool. It was integrated as a part of Brandwatch with exclusive applications. This service was designed to stay tuned with the fast-moving market.

The company has a goal to cover data and digital marketing requirements. It can be considered an all-in-one package for crypto brands.


It is by far the most well-known crypto social listening tool, stuffed with a wide set of stats on which businesses and tokens are discussed the most.

It is separated by coins, exchanges, and opinion leaders. The lists are ranked by engagements, popularity, followers, and other metrics to show the customer all the details.

They also offer some cool proprietary solutions where you can compare the metrics and also check out the feeds of top social media opinion leaders and organizations.


The service is a fully integrated social media management software. It keeps all accounts in one service. If you have a crypto project with different social media pages, SproutSocial helps to manage them all in one place.


It is another popular cryptocurrency data provider company that uses machine learning and natural language processing. The platform tracks crypto sentiment signals so users can improve their trading strategy and make accurate financial decisions. It is equipped by artificial intelligence and data from 50K sources.

The app gives you reports on trending topics in crypto trading and investing insights and also serves as a news aggregator. You can also see what other individuals are trading and the most discussed topics of the day.


This is a social listening tool designed mostly for traders and investors and for individuals who need real-time insights and info on the market and profitability of certain coins.

It has three main solutions known Sanbase, Sansheets, and an API. Sanbase is the tool that customers utilize to track behaviors and monitor market happenings in real-time mode, while Sansheets operates as a Google plugin, and SanAPI gives direct access to other services.

The Value of Listening: Let’s Sum Up About the Best Crypto Social Listening Tools

For now, there is an impressive list of reliable social listening tools that should be utilized. But do not be surprised if more tools are launched in the near future as the crypto industry develops rapidly.

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