Blockchain Crypto Writing: How to Be a Cool Author of Unique Content

For each type of information, it is important to present it correctly and accurately so that the target user, for whom it will be vital, can correctly understand the necessary data. Of course, for the booming new cryptocurrency market, this skill is the most critical because it will directly affect the promotion of digital assets and their future.

Crypto writing, in the case of cryptocurrencies, fulfills a full-fledged mission, and a cryptocurrency content writer becomes as important a team member as a programmer-developer or a marketing manager.

That’s why crypto writers are in demand and popular, and the direction has formed a whole professional segment on the market.

Today let’s analyze with you who is a cryptocurrency content writer in 2022, how to become one and what skills you will need, how to attract a reader, and even how to transform your love for writing and your own blog into a profession.

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Cryptocurrency Content as a Tool: the Basic Rules of Crypto Writing

To make the profession of a crypto content writer your main focus, start by learning the basic rules that will help you in your writing:

Accuracy and Credibility

Quality content on the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain should contain reliable, accurate information about the product, as this is the sphere of digital assets and here is concentrated a share of the global volume of finance.

Be Relevant to the Niche

Always research the niche and target area in which the information will be posted. For example, a blog article or Facebook for a new 2Earn project is one type of narrative, while a press release is another.

Avoid Jargon, and Follow Accepted Terminology

This is a general rule for all content writers, including articles about blockchain and crypto technology, especially for the new market of digital assets, where there are still quite a lot of new and not always understandable at first glance definitions.

Be Interested in the Cause

People tend to believe and be more loyal to those who are passionate about their cause. This is especially pronounced with crypto authors, they instantly become opinion leaders, and their work is quoted all over the world.

Take an example from such people—be passionate about writing, it should not be a torment for you, and the topic of cryptography should not cause rejection. Doing something you don’t like just for the money is a bad concept for all parties.


Of course, at some point, you may say that you have already reached a high level as a crypto writer, and there is no further to develop. But that’s not the right approach. Cryptocurrencies are very dynamic, and new directions are emerging all the time.

An inquisitive mind is a crypto author’s best tool.

Don’t Be Boring

Always remember that you are not just a writer to fill a white page on your computer. Think about the reader and how he or she will be interested in reading it. Engage with a headline, a catchphrase about the company, and an interesting pitch.

Don’t be boring, be creative and look for interesting solutions without templates.

Skills a Crypto Content Writer

What Skills Will You Need as a Crypto Content Writer?

If you want to sell yourself as a crypto content writer, you must develop your erudition and expertise in this field and the field of blockchain technology.

You can’t have quality content without understanding the topic, and high-paying clients and companies won’t be willing to partner with you and buy your services.

Therefore, as a crypto and blockchain writer, you must learn the following:

  1. The basics of cryptography and blockchain technology.
  2. Minimum financial fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and the digital asset market.
  3. Be able to distinguish the classic financial market and its features from the cryptocurrency market.
  4. Understand the principles of smart contracts and dApp applications.
  5. Have a basic knowledge of the legal regulation of assets.

Basically, writing content on the topic of cryptocurrencies is no different from writing content on any other topic. Readers are always looking for the most accessible information, and companies are looking for a combination of quality/price for the author.

You, as an author, won’t feel special just because you write about blockchain.

Still, if you want to be successful, you need to boost knowledge.

Types of content in crypto industry companies for crypto writer and blockchain writer

Types of Content

Depending on the content strategy of the company, your specialization, terms of reference, and specifics of the subject of promotion, the author of the cryptocurrency content should adjust his own style of writing and adapt it to the requirements of the chosen platforms for publication.

Crypto writing as a job for a crypto author can be done for:

Social Media Platforms Companies

Promoting a product in the cryptocurrency industry through social media platforms is one of the most important points of a company’s marketing strategy. The crypto industry uses various social media platforms, both centralized (Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Facebook) and decentralized (Twitch, Steemit, and other platforms).

The writer must take into account the uniqueness of each social network’s format and carry out writing according to this data.

Social media platforms for various companies in the crypto industry and as a job for cryptocurrency writer

Writers for Blog Companies

Own or corporate blog as one of the current tools to promote a crypto project. The blog expands the ways to present information and gives access to practical advice and a more personal interpretation of news about the company.

Social media crypto blog for cryptocurrency space

SEO Texts for Companies

It is important that search engines like Google “love” your texts and give them above all others. SEO promotion and SEO texts are responsible for this function. As a content writer, you should be guided by standards for writing this type of article and understand the importance of this action.

Crypto writing SEO texts for companies for Google

Learning on a Crypto Website

Sometimes, exchanges or startups create a block for teaching cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Such academician content serves two functions: Education for potential users and SEO promotion. It is the educational texts that the writer will probably need to write.

Website Block for learning as a type of work execution for crypto writer and blockchain writer

Podcast Scripts and YouTube

Often, a cryptocurrency content writer writes not only for publishing but also for video and audio content. Such an example would be podcast scripts or editing videos on YouTube.

YouTube is a job for crypto writer

Weekly Digest, News

News is an inexhaustible source of topics for a crypto content writer. It can be streaming articles, short notes to social networks, or a weekly digest of events.

Crypto news websites is a job for crypto writer

How to Become a Second in the Crypto Topic?

To become an author of crypto content, you relevant only need to have two qualities:

  • Competent and interesting writing;
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure.

Developing these two qualities will make you a successful specialist and a master of your craft.

The development of literacy, journalistic creativity, and structured text presentation is the main directions of development for a crypto author. If you have a degree in journalism, economics, or accounting—this knowledge will also help you.

Specialized centralized education in the segment of cryptocurrency and blockchain is just beginning to develop. So a potential candidate for writing should look for his or her own source of information.

These can be courses from influencers, academies, and other crypto projects, educational videos from YouTube, and books about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Also, practice as part of a crypto writer’s job. In the initial stages, take simple, uncomplicated writing assignments so that through them, you can also assert your experience and develop your writing skills.

What Personal Qualities Will Help You Become a Sought-After Professional

Writing for a cryptocurrency company is highly important because it is the voice of the entire product and the process of creating it. Of course, companies are looking for a professional who can demonstrate all the positive qualities of the relevant audience. But for this, in addition to professionalism, it requires a set and personal data, which will help to become in the letter:

  • A rich vocabulary, a diverse vocabulary, and a high level of grammar in writing;
  • Accuracy in meeting customer deadlines, no downtime;
  • Mastery of cryptocurrency terminology and understanding of blockchain technology and accurate application of it;
  • Willingness to cover a given topic and a critical attitude to writing text assignments.

Social Media Networks and a Blog as Ways to Create a Personal Brand

It’s no secret that social media is now a better face of a job candidate for a company than a resume. Use this tool to your advantage. Maintain social networks that help showcase you as an expert: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Don’t ignore maintaining your own blog, either. Blogging as a tool will reveal you as an expert the most, help demonstrate your cryptocurrency writing skills, and spread your reputation as an author online.

How do You Choose Good Clients?

You may encounter different types of clients along the cryptocurrency writer’s journey, and it’s important to understand who you’re dealing with so you don’t waste your time in vain.

So, good high-paying clients will always have the qualities of:

  • Precise terms of reference and job requirements;
  • Feedback on the assignment and writing, and active communication;
  • Have an approved budget for the author and written content;
  • Focus on long-term professional relationships.

A bad client, on the contrary, will behave as passively as possible while putting excessive demands on the performer, delaying payment, not paying for the test assignment, etc.

Where Can You Develop?

Perhaps, the moment will come when you will grow from the position of a crypto writer. And you will have the desire to develop further. It is possible, the more so because there are plenty of options for further development as an author.

Career growth is possible when working for a company in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain: positions of chief manager of the content department, marketing, or product promotion.

As an individual, you can pump up your own experience to a high-level expert and already teach the basics of writing skills to authors yourself.

Or you can start your own company, providing cryptocurrency content writer services for companies.

There are plenty of options. The recipe for success, as everywhere else, is to be interested in the business and want to develop. These are the main principles, not only in cryptocurrencies.