The NFT market welcomes all artists: from world-famous with a million audience on social media channels to beginners without community. With the market bigger than ever before with no signs of slowing down, now is the right time to get involved in the segment.
We believe that you are a great artist and your works are unique, and it is the right moment to follow the trend.

Join a new art world and make your NFT artworks popular with ICODA.

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What is important to prepare in advance?

  • Show your unique style to attract art lovers, and make your NFT a virtual treasure hunt.
  • It should be an adaptation from the offline world of art and collectables.
  • First impressions matter. Create an eye-catchy and unique page. Make it exciting and memorable.

What do we offer?

PR activities
It is essential to take a look at crypto-friendly sites to get your message out there. In addition to joining crypto-friendly sites, we will help you to create content like guest post articles, press releases, and interviews to generate backlinks and build a strong reputation.
List your NFT
There are already marketplaces where various NFT projects can sell their ideas and tokens. We will help you to select the ones that will fit the features of your project.
Prepare for conferences and NFT events
Our team will keep you to stay tuned for the latest events for artists and investors. So, you can join a creative community, make your project heard, find like-minded participants and find investors.
Collaborate with YouTube and Twitter influencers
These opinion leaders can bring profound change to the NFT market. When prominent voices, they can prompt followers to participate in auctions.
Digital advertising is a great tool today to pour your resources. It will help you considerably in finding investors for your art and bring up to 5k users per day to your website from reputable sources with paid advertisements and media.

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