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Social media platforms are an essential part of modern marketing. No business, regardless of the market or size, can ignore them. And for the crypto market, social media are even more important. However, the largest social media platform in the world – Facebook – remains extremely challenging for crypto ads.

We at ICODA are ready to offer our expertise in crypto advertising and social media marketing to ensure your success. Our team members have years of experience in advertising cryptocurrency projects in all kinds of media, including Facebook.

Our specialists know every quirk and every challenge of posting crypto ads on Facebook. We will make sure that you get quality leads without wasting your budget!

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Crypto ads on Facebook: Effective but Challenging

The huge marketing potential of Facebook makes it a really attractive platform to run ads for crypto projects. However, it is a very challenging environment due to the policies of the platform itself.


Facebook tries to protect its users from scams and companies using misleading advertising practices, so it enforces rather strict and specific policies when it comes to publishing cryptocurrency-related content and, especially crypto ads.


Immense reach


The main selling point of Facebook for crypto ads is, naturally, its huge user base. There are about 3 billion active Facebook users – you won’t find a social media platform with a wider audience. Moreover, Facebook also offers advanced targeting capabilities, so it is very much possible to run crypto ads precisely for your target audience. 


In other words, Facebook is a perfect platform to reach as wide an audience as possible in the most efficient manner. It also helps build a strong presence for your business and get in touch with your users. Moreover, Facebook’s strict policies can even be a boon – if your crypto product is approved by the platform, the audience knows that it is legit.


Facebook regulatory landscape for crypto ads


Cryptocurrency news regarding Facebook promotion and regulatory licenses needed to promote within Facebook platform | Ad policy for products and services


If you want to run ads for your crypto project on Facebook, it is a good idea to read through the platform’s guidelines for cryptocurrency ads. However, we must warn you in advance – these guidelines are quite vague. The vagueness of the guidelines is intentional – this way, Facebook has total control over every specific case.


All projects whose operations involve cryptocurrency assets, including cryptocurrency exchanges, lending platforms, mining software, and even wallets, have to receive written approval from Facebook. Naturally, the process is easier for some projects than others. Moreover, ads for initial coin offerings, binary options, and CFDs are outright banned. 


However, “challenging” doesn’t mean “impossible,” and it is very much worth it to run crypto ads on Facebook.

What ICODA has to offer for advertising cryptocurrency on Facebook

The dedicated marketing team ICODA provides a number of advantages when it comes to advertising cryptocurrency assets, cryptocurrency trading platforms, decentralized applications, and other blockchain-related projects.


Compliance Expertise


Our team has comprehensive knowledge of Facebook’s regulations and extensive experience navigating their intentionally vague policies. Thus, we know not only how it should be in theory but how to advertise crypto on Facebook in practice.


To ensure that cryptocurrency ads gain approval from Facebook, we first make all the accounts involved in crypto ads publishing (including your project’s Facebook) page “trustworthy” in the eyes of the platform. In addition, we create separate landing pages compliant with Facebook regulations in all aspects. We direct all the traffic from the platform to these pages to minimize regulatory risks.

Then, we craft, test, and optimize the creatives and graphic designs so they are both regulation-compliant and effective in grabbing the audience’s attention. At this stage, collaboration with your design team is sincerely welcomed so that we are all on the same page.

Importantly, we do not use deceptive promotional practices or anything that Facebook considers “shady.” Thus, we make sure that your advertising campaigns won’t get pulled from the platform (Facebook legally can do it at any moment and without notice if the ads are not compliant).


Tailor-made marketing strategies

Tax services and ad policy for cryptocurrency products, software, platforms, and cryptocurrency wallets | How to reach your relevant audience while running ads


We study every project thoroughly and always develop marketing strategies tailored to the specific and even minute nuances of the project in question. This way, we can maximize your return on investment and make sure that you get quality leads.


Targeting is also customized individually. Whether your project is oriented toward crypto enthusiasts, individuals interested in trading instruments and margin trading, or tech-savvy investors, we leverage demographic, interest-based, and behavior-based targeting to ensure maximum effectiveness of advertising.


Unmatched experience


The best proof of our expertise and professionalism is our track record. We have assisted dozens of cryptocurrency companies, crypto assets, and blockchain projects, from cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to DeFi and GameFi platforms, in promotion on a wide variety of platforms, including Facebook.


We know how ruthless, competitive, and unpredictable the crypto space is in social media and are ready to take on any marketing challenge to ensure our customer’s success.


ICODA – a marketing agency that ensures success


A comprehensive marketing strategy covering all media and all platforms, including Facebook, is a crucial component of any blockchain project business strategy. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if the audience doesn’t know about it.


We at ICODA treat every project as our own – your success is our success. We know very well that no two crypto companies are alike, and every single one of them must be treated individually. We delve deep into all features and develop promotional strategies uniquely tailored to the project in question. This gives our customers a noticeable advantage in the highly competitive industry.


Moreover, we believe that by helping different blockchain projects unlock their full potential and achieve actual market success, we can change the world for the better. The blockchain industry is very well capable of improving the lives of all humans, and it is our mission to make sure it eventually happens.


So, if you share the values of the crypto community and want to achieve success with your blockchain project and make the world a better place – contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist your project in particular.

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