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You have created a new world and want to populate it? You need metaverse marketing from ICODA. Creative ideas of our team will help to tell about a new space and attract users.

We combine proven advertising technologies and a fundamentally new marketing approach. We will generate a strategy, focus on the most exciting offers of your metaverse, and fill the virtual universe with new users.

Bring to life the most daring ideas with ICODA!

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We offer:


Generating a Marketing Strategy


Building a Community

Proper planning is the key to successful marketing. When it comes to the virtual world, it is necessary not only to pick up classic digital marketing tools but also to find something new that is guaranteed to make your project stand out from the competition. Project analysis will show what exactly attracts your audience in the first place.

The metaverse community is the most powerful driving force behind metaverse marketing. Your followers will help to shape the user-generated content that will inspire the most trust. They will talk about the benefits of the new virtual reality and attract new users to the collective virtual shared space. The main thing is to find the right incentives.


Public Relations


Social Media Marketing

A PR campaign is essential to build brand awareness. Building relationships with your target audience and building brand reputation is very important, especially in the crypto space. We cooperate with the top-tier media in the industry and ensure your presence in the media. News and press releases will accompany the entire campaign.

Groups and communities on social media platforms are the fastest to respond to the emergence of new crypto projects. Direct communication with users and answers to their questions helps to fully and comprehensively tell about the new virtual world. We will come up with exciting polls, quizzes and contests that no user will pass by.


Engaging Well-Known Influencers

Streams From Leading Crypto Enthusiasts

Opinion leaders and experts have a great influence on users. Their participation in the campaign will attract an additional audience and increase the credibility of your project. Any authoritative opinion is a big plus in favor of the digital world.

Being present amid the unfolding events of your metaverse will help viewers get to know it better. Streamers do not just tell and show; they demonstrate by their example such nuances that no article will tell about.


Reviews on YouTube


NFT Support

Visual acquaintance with virtual worlds gives much more than reading articles with pictures. Educational reviews and a demo video will tell the future inhabitants of your metaverse how to organically fit into its rules and get the maximum benefit and pleasure from being inside.

Non-fungible tokens are the perfect means of providing proof of ownership in the metaverse. They also serve as bonuses and rewards. NFTs make their owner stand out from the crowd. Unusual virtual avatars, clothes, and household and luxury items will help each project member feel like a unique person. 


Creativity and New Ideas

Metaverse marketing appeared quite recently, and it does not have any established norms and rules. The ICODA team is made up of industry enthusiasts, and we are very passionate about new opportunities. Therefore, within the framework of marketing in the metaverse, they can generate the most unexpected and unusual ideas to promote your virtual world.


Metaverse in Numbers




According to, Google returns 667,000 results for “metaverse”. The hashtag #metaverses are used 60,000 times in Instagram posts, and it appears more than 500 times per hour on Twitter.

Since 2017, the number of virtual and augmented reality users has been steadily growing.




In May 2022, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence company released the results of a survey among people aged 18 to 65. The result showed that the number of people who heard about the metaverse doubled – 74% are familiar with this term.




All these people believe that the future lies with virtual worlds. 60% of those surveyed believe that physical products should be accompanied by NFTs.



The prediction of the impact of the metaverse on the physical world shows that advertising is second only to entertainment.



80% of respondents see the metaverse as a place to communicate, and half believe that it is possible to work in it. These are people of gen Z. Previous age groups are skeptical about virtuality.



Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley estimate that the virtual worlds market is worth $8 trillion. In the future, JPMorgan sees its growth to one trillion dollars due to the virtual real estate market, where mortgages and other loans will appear, as well as rent. Already, advertising and selling digital goods generate $54 billion in annual revenue.

In March 2022, HSBC, the seventh-largest bank, announced it was entering the metaverse in partnership with The Sandbox to purchase a site. In February of the same year, JPMorgan opened its first virtual office in Decentraland. SCB 10X (a venture division of Siam Commercial Bank) is about to open a representative office in The Sandbox.

The world’s largest companies, such as Nike and Gucci, have already entered the metaverse and are successfully operating there.




But diving into the metaverse of the world’s largest banks suggests that this phenomenon is already becoming part of the real-life of many people. Virtual reality is gradually covering digital marketing, economics, and finance and going beyond communication and entertainment. The physical world is bizarrely intertwined with the virtual one, allowing us to visit new non-gaming metaverses. Real-world experiences are successfully applied in the virtual world, but at the same time, unique strategies emerge. Now, while the metaverse is just developing, everyone has the opportunity to get the first-mover advantage. Embrace emerging technology and create your world.




What Are the Virtual World and Metaverse?

The metaverse is a physically persistent virtual space. It is a combination of the digital world and augmented reality (the so-called mixed reality), which has digital content. To some extent, the metaverse universe copies the physical space, but this is a new world with much more opportunities. It has its laws: physical, chemical, legal, etc. The creators use any fantasy as a basis. Your virtual avatar can look like a totem animal or even represent something unthinkable in the real world.

Most often, the metaverse is close to real life, so it is easier for users to adapt to them. But the main limitations in the metaverse are technology and the imagination of the developer.


Who Is the Target Audience of the Metaverse?

Marketing in the metaverse research shows that gen Z is predominantly present in the metaverse. The pandemic has made the metaverse popular for a wider range of users, but the main adherents are young.


What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is an artificial digital world in which a person is immersed. He/she gets an impact on vision, hearing, and touch. Special equipment is used to create an immersive experience. VR technology includes 3D object modeling systems, virtual reality headsets, and VR glasses for virtual reality immersion.

Wearing smart glasses and turning on a program, a person gets a virtual experience of being in a completely different world. Initially, VR was used to implement epic games, but then it received a powerful development in the metaverse. You can visit a virtual store, try on clothes, attend a meeting with colleagues, and go to a museum or a concert.


What Is Augmented Reality?

This is an environment that, with the help of technology, allows you to supplement the physical world with digital objects, creating a virtually enhanced physical reality. You can see how an IKEA sofa will look in your home, measure the distance with a virtual tape measure, translate text in real-time just by looking at it, play Night Terrors virtual reality game in your basement, or run Pokemon Go. Even the sight in modern aircraft is AR technology.

Augmented reality has become especially popular in advertising. Reviving characters on magazine covers, talking labels, and much more make marketing unusual, memorable and attractive.

Various devices are used for operation – from glasses to smartphones. The main thing is the software that allows you to impose virtual objects on the real world.


Is Metaverse a Place to Play?

Not at all. The idea started as a place for entertainment, but now the metaverse is a place for work, study, trade, and just daily activities. The metaverse is filled with people and their usual environments – banks, shops, offices, and more.


What Virtual Worlds Will I Have to Compete With?

There are not so many metaverses yet. The most popular is Decentraland, created in 2017. Another popular analog of Minecraft on the blockchain is The Sandbox. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, renamed Meta, are actively working on creating their Facebook metaverse. The first version of Horizon Worlds has already been released, but so far, it is not based on blockchain technology. Facebook plans to create a full-scale metaverse for communication.

Also, at the project stage, the following items are being developed:

  • Metaverse Bit.Country by Polkadot
  • Metaverse Mixmob by Solana
  • Metaverse Bloktopia by Polygon
  • Metaverse Itheum by Elrond
  • Metaverse FutureFi by BNB Chain

There is a chance to get all the first-mover advantage.


What Creative Metaverse Marketing Methods Can You Offer?

Currently, projects with the purchase of virtual products, virtual land, and clothes are already known. While the main ideas are formed around NFTs, accompanied by physical objects, such as sneakers from Nike or a surprise box from Coca-Cola.

Depending on your goals, we will come up with a set of NFTs, both collectible and custom. We will offer native advertising in the metaverse and a scheme for its monetization to attract large companies. Having studied the target audience, we will formulate offers that cannot be refused.

It is impossible to enumerate creatives – they are born in the process of working on a project. Each area has its know-how. Start communicating with our specialists, and you will see that we have no equal in generating ideas.


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