NFT Calendar Drops

A limited collection for all the lovers of low-effort digital rubbish on our NFT drops calendar

NFT holders rejoice! Your digital collectibles have served you well during the ongoing crypto winter, and there is little doubt that they will continue to help upkeep your portfolio’s worth. NFT owners saw the benefit of being early adopters in this space. Now, given the positive outcome, it only makes sense that there are hidden NFT project gems out there waiting to be discovered and added to your portfolio. The space is not limited to Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, so we are happy to publish our latest NFT Calendar detailing the upcoming NFT drops.

NFT Calendar for July-August 2022

Browse our list of NFT drops and pick the ones you believe will make a splash in the NFT world in 2022.

Wolfboss: Dangerous Wolves NFT Drop

Wolfboss is scheduled to drop the soonest of all the NFT projects mentioned today. It is an incredible NFT collection of 6666 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The aim of the collection is to establish an initial foothold in Metaverse. The collection features different Wolfbosses with distinct traits and moods: facial expressions, outfits, and positions.

An exclusive collection of high caliber stock 3D model wolves storming our NFT drops calendar

This NFT project aims to have its tokens integrated as game avatars in various blockchain games and provides two compatibility options: high-poly for the latest gen and low-poly for mobile and virtual reality games.

Wolfboss boasts a robust community of over 47,000 followers on Twitter and 31,000 Discord members. The more eyes, the merrier! Large communities tend to snowball into larger communities if the project is playing its cards right, benefitting those who invested in it. The collection will go live on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Key data:

Supply: 6666 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: 27th July 2022, 14:00 UTC.

Public Sale: 28th July 2022, 14:00 UTC.

Price at mint: 0.18 ETH / 0.2 ETH.

NFT project: The Groovy Owl

Our second contender on the upcoming NFT drops list is The Groovy Owl. It’s a fresh NFT collection courtesy of Groovy Community, poised to go live on the Ethereum blockchain with 4444 NFTs to be minted initially. The Groovy Owl Society is leveraging ERC-721A for the token. What’s interesting is that these NFTs have some kind of DNA worth preserving, and they will forever be immortalized on WEB3.0 decentralized server infrastructure for the rest of eternity.

You don't want to miss these amazing and groundbreaking pieces of modern art from our NFT drops calendar!

What use is this project? Well, it claims to offer collaborations with musicians all over the world. What is also funny, the Groovy Owl Society is a forest cafe that wants to be present in both the real world and the virtual realm of the Metaverse. It is also worth noting that when buying NFT from The Groovy Owl Society, you help the environment: part of the proceeds go towards climate change initiatives and nature reserve foundations.

 This NFT project boasts 18k Twitter followers and over 19k members on their Discord server.

Key information:

Supply: 4,444 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: 27th July 2022, 18:00 UTC.

Public Sale: 28th July 2022, 18:00 UTC.

Price at mint: 0.015 ETH / 0.03 ETH.

Upcoming NFTs: High Society BS

This time we’re looking at a bunch of High Society BS. An NFT collection focused on polluting the Solana blockchain with 5555 new tokens. The development team claims — that team has been preparing for this NFT drop for over half a year, and it has arrived at the turning point in its development. The goal, apart from making money selling randomized lines of code loosely associated with rudimentary digital art, is to send a message to the establishment and form a new community with its own rules and a base of operations in the Metaverse. The High Society BS project is set to be deployed the Solana blockchain.

The project is, surprisingly, showing signs of public support, with some 36k Twitter bots and more than 24k Discord degenerates subscribed to their accounts.

What to expect:

Supply: 5,555 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: 29th July 2022.

Public Sale: 30th July 2022.

Price at mint: 2 SOL / 3 SOL.

Mutant Musks. Yep.

Yet another contender in today’s list of NFT projects is Mutant Musks. It has sure made it into our NFT calendar! You and I bear witness to it! This abomination is set to inject 10,000 new NFTs into the battered and worn Ethereum blockchain. Wonder when it ends? It doesn’t. The creators have come up with a fairly simple but effective enough lore for the collection. We’ll give them that: Elon Musk’s efforts of colonizing Mars turned sour after putting up a colony on the Red Planet. A terrible horror beyond human comprehension has resulted in the birth of Mutant Musks. All the NFTs are purportedly tied to the upcoming competitive shooter game and a Metaverse, aiming to bring a new element to the virtual reality realm. The so-called competitive shooter is being supposedly developed by a “professional” devteam using the latest available Unreal Engine. Wonder what could go wrong!

Is that what NFT collectors really want?

As usual, the mere mention of Elon Musk’s name commands the attention of people worldwide: over 75k Twitter followers and more than 53k Discord members. The marketplace of choice is OpenSea.

NFT drop data:

Supply: 10,000 tokens.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: 30th July 2022.

Price at mint: 0.1 ETH.

Ugly Duck: As if We Had a Shortage of Ugly NFT Projects

What’s quacking on our NFT calendar? Well, Ugly Ducks. The developers’ claim to fame is simple: their collection is here to revolutionize art and build the biggest decentralized online community of non-fungible token holders. The project’s managers and artists have managed to come up with an unconvincing bunch of gobbledygook about how it’s a world-class NFT project that makes the NFT space more open and original.

A heartwarming example of blockchain technology being used for NFT collection. Make sure you won't miss digital collectibles and digital art.

What Ugly Duck has going for it, at least, is that, unlike other NFT projects on this NFT calendar, it’s free to mint. It is also a decentralized autonomous organization managed by the community itself. With 9999 collectible tokens, they launch on the Ethereum blockchain free of charge.

The tokens depict some 295 duck heroes who managed to attract 2,3k Twitter and Discord users.

NFT drop info:

Supply: 9,999 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: 29th July 2022.

Price: zero

Team Mustachios: “Mustachios” NFT Drop

Step aside for another batch of hot garbage! This NFT collection aims to deploy on the Cronos blockchain. Team Mustachios is responsible for this crime against your eyes — and mine. There are 6,666 randomly generated NFTs that go in 3 varieties: yellow, blue, and green (exactly 2,222 NFTs for each), with each of the colors competing weekly for a prize. Glorified gambling is now kid-friendly!

Looks like the definitive NFT battle royale on the blockchain

This NFT collection is designed to reel you in with a simple promise of prizes that will be raffled each week. It utilizes the CRO token, allocating them toward either of the three teams, taking specific character traits into account.

As was the case with High Society BS, Team Mustachios is sure enough to bet that rudimentary art can be sold on the premise of uniqueness and some kind of mystical rarity. To really drive the point home, they decided to launch the Cronos blockchain and make their collection even more obscure than it already is. 

The support this trite piece of trash has garnered is comedically low: some 2,1k on Twitter and 0.6k on Discord.

This NFT drops with:

Supply: 6666 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: 29th July 2022.

Public Sale: 29th July 2022.

Price at mint: 350 / 395 CRO.

NFT Drops Busy Boars

Another worthless copycat on our list of NFT drops is Busy Boars. About to get deployed on Solana, its 6666 steaming hot tokens are breaking all the rules the upcoming NFT drops have set so far: instead of being just a useless bunch of pixels in NFT form, this project promises its NFT holders… gasp… additional income! Who could’ve thought that was even possible? Incredible. Truly revolutionary on all fronts, have no doubt about it. These boars smoke! They wear glasses! They are just like you and me, and the similarities run deeper than you might think.

The true pinnacle of NFT art

 It has so far managed to garner enough support from the community to reach as many as 9,2k Twitter followers and some 6,9k users on Discord.

NFT drops stats:

Supply: 6666 NFT

Public Sale: 31st July 2022.

Price at mint: 2 SOL.

Free NFT Drops.

Upcoming NFT Projects: Final Two, That’s How We Do!

Now, the last two “collections” in our NFT drops calendar are Eternal Turtles. Oh, and Dumbkeys too. They are extremely hard to write anything sane about what they’re about to be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, they both subject their users to either offensively idiotic drawings or childishly basic doodles, and both claim that their sophisticated online communities will revolutionize the space of upcoming NFT drops. Thankfully, neither of the two projects requires you to pay for the NFTs, so your wallet is at least safe. Let’s give them a closer look.


The Dumbkeys NFTs are collectibles, simple as that. The concept is built around world-building for the upcoming game. The NFT marketplace for the collection is OpenSea.

It's not just a game, it's an exclusive collection from a registered art studio

NFT Drops details:

Supply: 7777 NFT

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: 31st July 2022.

Price at mint: free.

Eternal Turtles Collection

Eternal Turtles is the last one on the list of our NFT Calendar. The project is supposedly building an entire Metaverse, and if this collection of doodles is a sign of what’s to come, then their Metaverse will be truly glorious. Again, thank heavens this one is free because it’s hard to imagine someone in their right mind paying money for that. The lack of value is evident enough that the project’s social media is mostly empty, with less than a thousand followers on both Twitter and Discord combined.

Amazing new NFT projects are breaking new ground and bringing crazy atmosphere to the crypto space

NFT Drops data:

Supply: 5,555 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: 31st July 2022.

Price at mint: free. 

A Helpful Summary of Today’s NFT Calendar

Stay tuned! The upcoming NFT drops promise to be even worse in terms of value and quality, but it is required for the market to grow out of the fad — hopefully, with as little financial losses as possible. Look for crypto investment opportunities elsewhere, but do keep an eye on the NFT market so as to make sure you always see this garbage for what it really is!