July 27, 2022

NFT Project Calendar: the Hottest Drops in the Near Future


Today, it is impossible to imagine the cryptocurrency market without the phenomenon of NFT. It was especially evident during the decline of major digital assets in recent months. NFT has become almost the only source of income for investors in cryptocurrencies. So, for those of you who are not comfortable with the growth of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks, we present the latest NFT Calendar with current NFT Drops.



NFT Calendar for July-August 2022

Check out our list and capitalize on the 2022 market for non-interchangeable tokens.



NFT Drop From “Dangerous Wolves” Wolfboss

Wolfboss is the closest NFT Drop on our list. It is a unique NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain that consists of 6666 NFTs. The main purpose of the collection is to protect the digital footprint in the Metaverse. The collection consists of different types of Wolfboss NFT pack members, reflecting the avatars’ character and appearance traits: faces, outfits, accessories, facial expressions and movements.


Wolfboss NFT



Each exclusive NFT project, Wolfboss, will be attached to a game avatar for future integration into various blockchain games like Hi Poly (Next Gen) or Low Poly (Mobile/VR).


Wolfboss now has a large community, with over 47,000 followers on Twitter and 31,000 on Discord. This increases the chances of high market response and token price growth. NFT marketplace OpenSea.


NFT Drops Data:

Collection Count: 6666 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: July 27, 2022, 14:00 UTC.

Public Sale: July 28, 2022, 14:00 UTC.

Mint Price: 0.18 ETH and 0.2 ETH.



NFT Project the Groovy Owl

Another upcoming NFT Drops to be placed on our NFT calendar is The Groovy Owl. This is a new NFT collection of Groovy Community using the Ethereum blockchain to launch their own 4444 unique NFTs in the first round. The Groovy Owl Society was created on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-721A standards. Each NFT has a unique DNA address and is uploaded to WEB3.0 servers for the rest of its life using built-in web security features.


NFT collection The Groovy Owl


The stated utility of this project is the collaboration between the world’s music artists. For this purpose, The Groovy Owl Society, a music fashion forest café, will be launched in the real world and in the Metaverse. This project will also serve to help the global needs of promoting ecology: forest protection and climate change.


There is high social support for the NFT project, with over 18,000 followers on Twitter and over 19,000 on Discord.


NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 4,444 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: July 27, 2022, 18:00 UTC.

Public Sale: July 28, 2022, 18:00 UTC.

Mint Price: 0.015 ETH and 0.03 ETH.



Upcoming NFT High Society BS

The New NFT release mentioned in our NFT calendar is High Society BS. The High Society BS NFT collection is presented in 5555 non-interchangeable tokens. As the development team says—the team has been preparing for Drops NFT for more than 6 months, and now it’s an important moment in the development of the project. The goal is a movement against the establishment and the formation of its own open community on its own rules and with different immersion in the Metaverse. The High Society BS project was created on the Solana blockchain.


NFT example The High Society BS project


The project’s high social support is over 36,000 followers on Twitter and over 24,000 on Discord.


NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 5,555 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: July 29, 2022.

Public Sale: July 30, 2022.

Mint Price: 2 SOL and 3 SOL.



Project NFT Mutant Musks – Really NFT Space!

The next member of the NFT calendar is Project Mutant Musks. It is an NFT collection of 10,000 tokens, created on Ethereum and inspired by Ilon Musk’s Mars exploration efforts. As conceived by the developers—humans established the first colony on Mars, but in the process of its exploration, problems arose that led to the creation of Mutant Musks. All NFT is tied to the competitive shooter under development and its own Metaverse, which aims to open up a really new side of the digital virtual reality possibilities for participants. The game is being developed by a professional team of game developers on the Unreal Engine 5 game development platform. It’s really NFT Space!


Mutant Musks


Very high social support of the project—more than 75,000 followers on Twitter and more than 53,000 on Discord, largely due to the brand tie to the famous name of Ilon Musk. NFT marketplace OpenSea.


Data from NFT Drops:

Collection Count: 10,000 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: July 30, 2022.

Mint Price: 0.1 ETH.



NFT Art Project Ugly Duck

Let’s continue the research of the new project in our NFT calendar collection—Ugly Duck. As the developers state, the goal of the Ugly Duck NFT collection is to revolutionize NFT art and create the largest decentralized community of NFT holders. The group’s artists and investors agree to create only world-class art-worthy items within Ugly Duck to make the marketplace for non-interchangeable tokens even more open and original.


NFT drop from Ugly Duck


Ugly Duck, unlike previous projects in our NFT calendar, is characterized by several distinctive features. First, it is a DAO, managed entirely by a community of followers. Second, it is a full-fledged NFT drop. 9999 collectible items on the Ethereum will drop for free.


A total of 295 distinctive heroes, high Twitter support of about 2,300 and Discord of over 37,000 NFTs. So we can safely refer Ugly Duck to the collectible NFT PFP project!


NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 9,999 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: July 29, 2022.

Price: free.



Team Mustachios — “Mustachioed” NFT Drop for the Real Fight

An unusual NFT collection on the Cronos blockchain, Team Mustachios. It consists of 6,666 randomly generated NFT art projects divided into 3 teams: yellow, blue and green (share of 2,222 NFTs each), which compete each week for a prize pool.


Upcoming NFT Team Mustachios


The Team Mustachios NFT collection gives you the opportunity to compete in team competitions each week, with CRO tokens allocated based on team membership and the presence of specific hero traits.


Like High Society BS, Team Mustachios believes that developing the project on Ethereum would be unthinkable because of the high transaction costs. Therefore, the developers emphasize that the transition from the Cronos blockchain is unlikely to happen.


In the average level of support in the social networks, it can be seen that the project is just beginning to develop: about 2100 on Twitter and 600 subscribers on Discord.


Data from NFT Drops:

Collection Count: 6666 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: July 29, 2022.

Public Sale: July 29, 2022.

Mint Price: 350 and 395 CRO.



NFT Drops Busy Boars—New Solana Blockchain Project

Next in the upcoming NFT drops calendar selection is Busy Boars. Created on the Solana blockchain, the 6666 unique tokens, in addition to their direct function of building an NFT collection, can provide their holders with additional income in income, credit and staking funds. Also, as a piece of digital art, NFT Busy Boars have an artistic appeal: they have full animation and excellent quality.


So this NFT drop is not only profitable in terms of the initial investment but also as a way of passive income.


NFT Busy Boars


High community social support: 9,200 followers on Twitter and 6,900 on Discord.


NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 6666 NFT

Public Sale: July 31, 2022.

Mint Price: 2 SOL.

Free NFT Drops.

By the way, have you noticed that the Solana blockchain is often used to create NFT collections?



Upcoming NFT Drops Calendar—Looking at Two Similar Projects Art NFT Drop

NFT’s two latest giveaways, Dumbkeys and Eternal Turtles, have a lot in common—both collections are minted on Ethereum, both give access to their own ecosystems and the social activity of the communities is about the same. The main similarity is that both projects give an opportunity to get NFT Drops absolutely free. Let’s see drop details.




Upcoming NFT Dumbkeys are tokens of the collection type. The concept of this project is competition and world development for the game. NFT marketplace OpenSea.





NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 7777 NFT

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: July 31, 2022.

Mint Price: free.



Eternal Turtles Collection

Eternal Turtles is the latest in our NFT Calendar selection. The project is building its Metaverse and offers early involvement in its promotion. You can also get access to a unique NFT for free. Social activity is low right now in the early stages of development, with up to a thousand followers in the Twitter and Discord communities.


Eternal Turtles collection


NFT Drops data:

Collection Count: 5,555 NFTs.

Pre-Sale: none.

Public Sale: July 31, 2022.

Mint Price: free.



And So, to Sum Up: What to Do to Make Money on the NFT Drop

Stay tuned! Follow upcoming NFT drops on our NFT calendar. Look for investment advice in the most exciting world of crypto and NFT! The entire story evolves!

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