Let’s Look Back on NFC Lisbon 2024 Together

NFC Summit in Lisbon.

The Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) emerged as a central hub for creative and technological evolution, returning to captivate audiences with a groundbreaking event. Held from May 28th to 30th in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, this eagerly awaited conference offered an enriching platform for attendees worldwide. Organized collaboratively by Wemix and Sandbox and co-edited by COCA, the event stood out as a frontier of innovation.

This year’s NFC went beyond the conventional conference format by bringing together esteemed experts from various global industries to share and expand knowledge on NFTs and digital assets. The event attracted a wide array of artists, entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts, all keen to explore the complex and fascinating world of non-fungible tokens. Following the success of the previous year’s event, which boasted over 4,400 participants, 200 speakers, and 70 sponsors, the third iteration in Portugal proved even more impactful and engaging.

Interactive Sessions and Workshops

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in a series of interactive panels and hands-on workshops, featuring esteemed speakers such as DeeKaymotion, Claire Silver, Punk6529, Patrick Amadon, and Sebastien Borget. The conference catered to both novices and seasoned NFT enthusiasts, providing numerous opportunities for learning, discovery, and networking.

MEME Revelations and NFT Discourse

The conference’s spotlight was on the rapidly growing blockchain platform Solana, with an emphasis on its role in the realm of memecoins. In-depth discussions were held about Solana’s various applications and its future potential. Concurrently, MEMECOIN 2024, the pioneering meme-centric conference, coincided with the NFC, featuring esteemed personalities such as OSF, Toshi, Caesars, and RealHPOS10I. These experts provided valuable insights into the dynamic world of meme-based cryptocurrencies.

Further enriching the conference was an exploration of NFTs and their diverse applications. A significant highlight was the inaugural AI movie festival, R3D CARPET, spearheaded by the innovative team of Clare Maguire and Leo Crane. The event also delved into the synergy between NFTs and traditional gaming, showcased through startup competitions and FIFA tournaments. Additionally, the conference investigated how NFTs intersect with physical assets in the fashion industry. These multifaceted discussions aimed to expand the understanding and potential uses of NFTs across various industries.

Thought-leaders and Networking

This year’s NFC was particularly notable for its special focus on the Ordinals and Runes communities, providing them with a distinctive platform. The event, which captivated the entire audience, featured prominent figures such as Trevor.btc, Taproot Wizzard, and Casey Rodarmor, with the organization helmed by Ordinals Pizza Ninja. This segment infused the conference with uniqueness, celebrating the exceptional qualities of these communities.

A key theme of this year’s NFC was fostering real-life connections within the largely digital cryptocurrency world. The event proved to be an outstanding venue for building meaningful relationships, drawing in influencers and enthusiasts eager to exchange ideas and insights. The emphasis on personal interactions highlighted the importance of community and collaboration in the rapidly evolving crypto space.

Around-the-Clock Celebrations

In the sunny outskirts of Lisbon, three vibrant parties were held, featuring a collective DJ lineup of 20, organized by Moga Festival and powered by the Non-Fungible Conference & The Sandbox. These events provided attendees with a lively and festive atmosphere to unwind and celebrate, further enriching the overall conference experience.