ICODA’s Guide to iGaming Marketing: The Cream of the Crop of 2024 Casino Trends

iGaming has been an evolving and innovative industry for almost a decade now. With each and every passing year, newer and newer technology is being released to make the process of online casino gaming more enticing to a larger audience.

Currently, gambling is the hottest new topic. Although iGaming has been up and running for quite a while now, it is only gaining significant traction nowadays. The cryptocurrency sphere has been slowly encroaching on the iGaming industry every single day; hence, we expect fruitful opportunities to arise from this sphere.

With the cryptocurrency sphere slowly encroaching on the iGaming industry, we are sure to read further to realize the ongoing trends of the online gambling sphere and learn how to utilize your project’s full potential.

User Dissatisfaction With the Online Casino Sphere

As we are entering a new generation of online casinos and gamified gambling companies worldwide, we need to adjust their marketing and game-design patterns to better acclimate to the new generation of players.

In the past, we’ve seen simple casino simulations booming and enjoying a sizable amount of profit and novelty, but nowadays, such a style of gameplay is often seen as lazy and subpar. The players of the now are more interested in high-action, fast gameplay with innovative gameplay mechanics and cutting-edge graphics. Additionally, with how player-to-player communication is now faster and more accessible than ever through the Internet and social media, innovations come quickly and die quickly.

Therefore, the iGaming industry has become a cut-throat competition between the best of the best developers trying to win over user satisfaction.

2024 Trends and How Companies Can Utilize Them to Boost Their iGaming Projects

The competition in the iGaming industry is fierce; hence, developers need to employ all the tricks and opportunities at their disposal to successfully climb to the top. Here is a list of a few trends that developers can use to their advantage:

Cryptocurrency Spread and Encroachment on the Casino Gaming Industry

Crypto is still a major player in a lot of online-based industries, and casino gaming is no different. Here at ICODA, we see the endless possibilities and marketing opportunities that crypto offers to a lot of industries. We can say that in the near future, we all should expect a significant rise in cryptocurrency interest among iGaming giants.

Be sure to expect the transition of many online games to cryptocurrency for rewards, payment options, and even more. According to Statista, the online gambling industry worldwide, a big part of which is already employing the use of cryptocurrency, is expected to grow by around 6.6% in the coming 4 years. Cryptocurrency is now a high-traction technology being used across many industry spheres, so it is no wonder that iGaming is following suit.

Although some of our readers might be skeptical of this due to the inherent difficulty it brings when entering the cryptocurrency market, We are happy to say that these worries are unfounded as the recent data from Slotegator shows that nearly 30 thousand players worldwide engage in the cryptocurrency gambling sphere. As of now, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside gambling-specific coins such as Rollbit coin, Fun token, and Decentral Games, have become well-established within the iGaming industry. This trend is expected to continue, with more niche coins and tokens likely to gain prominence in the coming months.

Lightning-Speed Withdrawal Function iGaming

In the recent past, it was commonplace for many online casino players to wait several days or even a full week for their funds to transition from their casino account to their wallet. Nowadays, this factor has been completely eliminated due to the introduction of online banks and wallets. Withdrawal speeds are now lightning-fast and occur at a moment’s notice. This is especially doubled for cryptocurrency casinos due to the cutting-edge technology that smart contracts use.

It is not hard to imagine that as time progresses, faster and faster methods will be implemented by the developers of these gambling games and cherished by their players. Online casinos are already expected to provide accurate and comprehensive data on how fast their withdrawal systems are, and in the coming future, we expect this to become even more of a necessity.

Virtual & Augmented Reality and Metaverse Casinos

Virtual and augmented reality technology is the hottest tech topic that we’ve seen in recent years, and many industries are gradually changing to accommodate this new style of product interaction. We expect this technology to revolutionize the iGaming sphere completely forever.

We’ve already seen tremendous examples of VR successfully immersing its players in a casino environment and providing an immensely rich experience for its participants. However, we stand to caution our readers about this trend as it will likely not have the most significant impact that you might imagine.

According to the World Health Organization, the average gambler age worldwide is set at around 35 but on closer examination of the overlap of this data and iGaming data the average gambler age is closer to 40. This data looms as a shadow of doubt over the implementation of VR and AR into the gambling sphere as most gamblers won’t be able to successfully enjoy the opportunity to partake in VR gambling.

To sidestep this point we would like to mention the metaverse and how it is set to completely change the future of cryptocurrency casinos for good. Metaverse is expected to become a complete tide-shifter in the iGaming sphere due to its heavy use of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and wider Web3 technologies.

Traverse the New Age of iGaming With ICODA

As we’ve mentioned previously, the online casino and iGaming industry are incredibly competitive, and marketing in this sphere can become a serious chore and challenge for many. That is why we at ICODA are launching our very own marketing services for online casinos. Our team of experts has been hard at work conducting iGaming marketing campaigns for a variety of gambling businesses worldwide, and we can assure you that we can find the right way to market your unique project.

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