How to Reach Greater Heights for an Aptos-Based Project?

Launched in 2022, Aptos is a newly developed blockchain network aimed at Web3 startups. It encourages developers to build and manufacture future-proof apps.

With the platform being so new, you need to employ several tricks and loopholes to get the notoriety a blockchain project needs. Although, once that benchmark is met, you are free to expect great returns and interest.

How to Start Your Campaign With Aptos PR

You’ve probably heard it before, but PR or public relations is a necessary step to clear any marketing campaign. This covers every aspect of business and especially applies to crypto projects. Even though the technology we’re talking about is very fresh and on everyone’s mind, you will still need a great deal of advertising to pull your project through.

Your aim with this first step is to reach as wide of an audience as you can within a segmented marketing sphere. To reach this goal, you need to employ multiple streams of ads. Try various cryptocurrency media platforms that host Aptos projects like Newsbtc, CoinDesk, and BeInCrypto.

Podcasts as Additional Ad Channels

A majority of people listen to podcasts. Be it on the commute to work, during breaks at school, or while doing chores around the house. Listening to podcasts is a convenient way for a lot of people to be entertained throughout some of the more boring parts of life, and a big part of that entertainment can come from you and your project.

By having a podcaster advertise your project, you can reach a wide audience, and if you manage to write up an interesting enough advertisement, it will easily get that audience thinking about interacting with your project.

Take a look at these podcasts to get inspiration and ideas for your podcast advertisement venture:

Partnership Advertisement Channels

Another way to reel in an audience is to establish a spokesman of sorts for your project through a mutually beneficial partnership with another business or individual in the Aptos blockchain space or the crypto or blockchain industries as a whole. Check out these resources and platforms to get started with this advertisement channel:

Connections are crucial in marketing. The more of them you can set up, the easier it will be to have your project take off successfully. Moreover, try establishing b2b routes with other players in the Aptos community. Having a good standing with influential businesses in the sphere will open up a possibility for you to reel in customers and investors from their business to your project. Your main way of establishing these b2b routes will be through a pitch and LinkedIn.

A good pitch can be achieved in many ways and can take many forms, from articles to short presentations. The main goal of a pitch is to pique interest shortly and concisely.

Social Media Marketing for Aptos Projects

Utilize social media advertising to enhance engagement with your audience. It’s imperative to take advantage of this marketing outlet since it offers consistent exposure while also allowing you to communicate with your audience. 

To establish an effective social media strategy, you must clearly define your project’s objectives and the benefits that you’ll showcase through posts and videos. Moreover, designating a community manager is a crucial component of a prosperous SMM campaign. The community manager can efficiently oversee the social media platform that your project chooses to pursue and ensure that it remains organized. 

Observe cryptocurrency projects that advertise on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, etc., to comprehend how this marketing channel can be utilized victoriously.

A good way to support your SMM campaign is through influencers. We have a short list of influencers that would be willing to advertise Aptos products from the two most popular social media platforms on the Internet: Twitter and Youtube.

YouTube Influencers

Twitter Influencers

Various Performance Campaigns Open to Aptos Projects

Catch On Like Fire With Airdrop

One of the more popular ways to bring in new community members and supporters is through airdrop. With the tactic itself taking advantage of a primal fear of missing out on every human, it can generate supporter numbers like no other strategy. It’s a win-win venture as well since people get some free tokens, and your project’s tokens become more liquid as a result.

For advertising your giveaway event, check out

Paid Traffic

We’ve talked a bit about platforms like Twitter, YouTube, etc., and how you can take advantage of them in your marketing campaign. But that’s not all!

Consider buying into paid traffic on those or other platforms to boost your project even further. It has been numerically proven to be one of the best worth-for-value ventures out there. Consider advertising on platforms like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Yandex Direct for the biggest hit.

How ICODA Can Help

We here at ICODA value good connections with various sorts of businesses in the NFT and cryptocurrency spaces. Our business is experienced in the field of crypto marketing and can provide help to any up-and-coming project out there.

Additionally, we provide free consultations where you can gauge our ability to help you. So reach out to us and help us help you become the next crypto hit.