Best Gifts For Crypto Lovers on Christmas in 2023

Christmas is coming. The holiday season is just around the corner, and you need the best present for your friend.

So, if you have a friend who is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, there’s no better gift for the holidays than a cryptocurrency gifts. Or, maybe you’re a crypto enthusiast trying to get your friend exposed to the asset class, and you want to give them crypto this holiday season. 

While the most obvious crypto gift is cryptocurrency itself, it’s not the most exciting way to give the present of crypto. Looking for unique gifts for crypto lovers? Read on to see the top cryptocurrency-related gifts for this holiday season.

Physical Bitcoin

Do you know anyone who refuses to get an investment with a constantly growing value? There is hardly any more profitable gift than physical cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular. The value of this coin has already beaten all the thresholds and reached $40,000. 

Furthermore, experts predict that it is not the maximum, so any amount of BTC will be accepted as a blessing. The easiest way to do that is through online stores like Etsy, for example.

Best gifts for crypto lovers to buy online


If you believe that your friend is a crypto expert, then the best gift would be to buy them some cryptocurrency. Yes, if they have known the market for some time, they would appreciate it very much. 

However, it would need a little research on your part to decide which crypto asset to buy, as the crypto market is pretty volatile. So, if you would like to know how cryptocurrencies are regulated, read our article.

Even if your friend is a beginner in the crypto world, it would be exciting to have a variety in their investment portfolio. 

And you can use some creativity in how you would present this сryptocurrency gift. Although today’s age is entirely digital, you can Whatsapp the details to your friend with a sweet text and some GIFs. But, if they’re a bit old school, they might appreciate you writing them a letter with the details in it.


Crypto wallet, physical bitcoin are among top crypto gifts for crypto lovers

If you are considering a gift of crypto assets for your friend, chances are, they already have a crypto wallet of some sort. In that case, instead of a good old and reliable Bitcoin, you could gift other crypto assets. And there is plenty to choose from! ETH, DOGE, SHIB, BNB, and thousands of other cryptos with which one can diversify their portfolio could turn out to be a fantastic gift.

Just make sure that the wallet of your friend is compatible with the type of crypto asset you send them. You wouldn’t want to accidentally transfer ETH to a BSC wallet address without using any bridge or exchange.

Also, remember to do your own research and select a cryptocurrency that will not plummet its price faster than you can say “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Hardware Wallets

Unfortunately, crypto hacks are on track to set a record this year. If you feel extra generous, you could give a hardware wallet and crypto to store in it. You could transfer the crypto to the wallet after they finish setting it up and send you their public address. 

Hardware wallets, also known as cold storage wallets, offer the highest possible security for digital assets. Hardware wallets are devices that connect to your computer by USB cable or your phone by Bluetooth. 

Crypto wallet or crypto merch: what crypto gift to chose fir crypto lovers

The most popular hardware wallet currently on the market is the Ledger Nano S. Ledger has been making cryptocurrency wallets since 2014, and it’s the most advanced wallet on the market. 

Investors can store thousands of coins on the device, and it connects seamlessly to applications so you can trade or use your crypto easily. The Ledger Nano S is $59, and Ledger also offers the Ledger Nano X, which comes in at around $129.

Books on Cryptocurrencies & Finance

Now that you’re happy that your friend has a secure place to store their cryptos, it is important to make sure they have the knowledge needed to begin trading.

Some of the best books on cryptocurrencies include “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain” and “Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and DApps.” These books from Andreas Antonopolous are two of the most foundational ones on the subjects. Nonetheless, one more “technical” book that can accompany the ones above is CoinGecko’s “How to Defi: Beginner.” These three books together can give your friend and family a solid introduction to cryptocurrencies, and with that knowledge, they can start making well-informed cryptocurrency investment decisions.

Christmas gifts for a crypto enthusiast: crypto merch, crypto art, crypto gift card or crypto wallets

However, if you’re looking for books with more of a story and narrative that discuss other areas of the economy, like financial technology and future innovations in banking and money, then books from Harvey Campbell (DeFi and the Future of Finance) and Eswar Prasad (The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance) are insightful selections.

Mining Rig

Perfect crypto gift for a crypto enthusiast: what to choose in crypto space

This gift may be a little more pricey but it may be worth it, especially if it’s the Christmas holidays. ASIC and Antminer are the most popular miners to ensure full and rewarding cryptocurrency rewards, but the less expensive ones can still give you a run for your money.

Even if you can’t add to their already growing collection of miners, you may be able to buy them a frame for their organizing needs. You could also get them a cooling system or power supply. These gifts for bitcoin lovers are sure to put you in the good books, or even better. Buy a mining rig for your crypto lover, but do your own research on the options available. 

Online Crypto Course

Even for the early adopters of cryptocurrencies, there is always something new to learn, while those just getting into digital asset investing could certainly benefit from learning from the pros. Why not pay for an online subscription to a course to help crypto lovers learn more about cryptocurrencies and investing?

For example, platforms like Udemy and EdX have many options available. From the very basics to professional trading courses, these could help investors with all levels of knowledge to make the most of their digital asset investment strategy.

It is worth doing some research to find one that suits the crypto connoisseur in your life – they are sure to be grateful for your support.

Cryptocurrency gift ideas: from crypto art to physical bitcoin


NFTs are popular, and your friend will definitely love them. Before you gift an NFT, you need to acquire it. You can even create your own NFT as a gift; read the full guide here.

As NFTs are non-fungible, they cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies. This means you will need to either create an NFT and upload it to a marketplace or go to the marketplace and buy an NFT. 

Christmas time - gift bitcoin to your crypto friend

Now, the most popular currency for buying NFTs is Ethereum; and you will need to follow the procedure for buying Ethereum and depositing it into a virtual wallet. Once you own Ethereum, you can buy NFTs at marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible, or you can go to specific brands, like the NBA, and buy NFTs directly from them. 

Once you own an NFT, you will need enough Ethereum to pay the transaction fees as well as the recipient’s Public Wallet Address. It is critical that you have the correct Public Wallet Address since once NFT is sent, it cannot be recovered if it is sent to the wrong address. 

Next, open your wallet by logging in and make sure you have enough Ethereum to cover the transaction costs (AKA gas fees). From there find the NFT you want to send and choose the option to send the NFT to another wallet. 

Then enter the recipient’s wallet address, and the software will confirm that their wallet is compatible. Thus, you can only send an Ethereum NFT to a wallet compatible with Ethereum. Remember that you can’t send NFT to a Bitcoin wallet. 


How to gift cryptocurrency - private keys to your crypto. Christmas gifts in 2022

Ever wish you could bring your CryptoKitties to life? Well, you can’t actually animate the pixelated felines out of their digital confines. But, if you’re looking for a physical alternative to illustrate to your friends and loved ones in real life that you bleed bitcoin, you’ve got at least one other option.

CryptoKaiju is a toy company created by Oliver Carding, the founder of the crypto news site CoinJournal. Carding’s newest venture features a line of vinyl, crypto-themed toys, all of which come with their own ERC-721, non-fungible token, which keeps tabs on each toy’s unique set of traits (not unlike their computerized predecessors in CryptoKitties).

At the time of writing, the company’s $55 flagship Kaiju, playfully named Genesis after Bitcoin’s genesis block, is nearly sold out (the initial rollout is limited to 130 toys). But if they’re sold out by the time you want to pull the trigger, don’t worry! The line will have more Kaiju in the future, and it also offers 6- or 12-month subscription packages that will deliver a new toy each month to its recipient (prices vary from $155-600 depending on the subscription).

Info-Cards and HODL Cards

If you know someone with investments in crypto or multiple Bitcoin wallets, it’s time to surprise them. You can give them an info card or a HODL Card they can use as a handy reference. They come in different designs. But you can opt for the vintage-style crypto magic ones that have QR reference codes to price information and websites.

Best crypto gifts: crypto and private keys

Those gifted with the HODL cards can decide to include their personal QR codes, which feature the public address of their Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

That way, they can scan the QR code to add Bitcoins or new savings. With this, it can help the person reduce short-term trading temptation as it will induce them to stake for the long term. It’s a cool gift that any Bitcoin investor will appreciate. It doesn’t only show you care for them, but it also shows you love what they are doing.

Premium Trading Membership

Giving the gift of trading tools to people who currently trade crypto assets can be a wonderful gift this holiday season. Popular trading tools such as TradingView empower users with the best charts available. 

The charts include a huge selection of trading indicators and also allow users to share their charts with others via a quick and easy-to-use sharing link. With that in mind, any cryptocurrency trader surely will love being empowered further with a pro membership from a trading tool such as the one offered by TradingView.