Best Discord Communities To Join In 2022

Discord servers are well-known among crypto enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and others who wish to join such communities on Discord. The Metaverse is accessed via Discord. Discord has become a preferred medium for building communities in the crypto space because of its features and flexibility.

Discord allows users to create groups based on shared ideas, concepts, or interests. NFT owners can join these communities on Discord to learn about the next big NFT enterprise in the future.

Nowadays, a Discord server is one of the easiest ways to trade and advertise NFT tokens. Most servers have similar layouts: a read-only information category and categories where users can interact with each other. These usually include channels for chatting, marketplace, entertainment, and community. 

Even beginners can join these servers and start learning. These servers are unique in their features and have active members making the group and channels useful.

The main activity of the project takes place in Discord. You can meet the founding team there and learn about important announcements, sweepstakes, release plans, and even Whitelist instructions. The link to the channel in Discord is usually placed in the description of the project profile on Twitter.

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It is essential to say that projects use Discord to build their community. In Discord groups, they can give announcements, updates, help, and support around new projects. 

Most of these servers are suitable for new users on NFT and Discord. These servers are free to join and encouraged by the project and community members.

However, remember that you must go through a quick but necessary verification step before joining any server channels. This verification step helps remove any spam or bots that may pollute the site.

Describing NFT Discord Servers & Communities

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Projects benefit from an active and strong community. The more involved the community is, the more likely the projects will succeed. Becoming a knowledgeable Discord user is a great way to support your favourite project. If you are just starting with NFTs, then the communities might be the best place to begin your process.

A Discord server is a place where many people with similar or multiple interests can interact with each other. Various online chat rooms and text or voice channels are supported on the servers.

Discord provides to make these communities with a creative platform for users to express their works thanks to voice and text messages. This is a great way to advertise your work, attracting investors and collectors.

You can also open discussion threads to raise awareness of your collections, broadcast events, make calls, share links, post announcements about upcoming projects, connect with members, and develop a collaborative community.

NFT owners join various communities on Discord to learn about the next big NFT enterprise in the future. Some servers are open to the public, which implies that anybody may join. However, most servers are private. These private servers are typically used to share information among community members.

Remember that most channels on Discord have a short but essential approval procedure before you are admitted to all the chat rooms. This operation filters out any spam or bots that might pollute the channel with unrelated chatter.

A generative project involves many types of people, from artists to developers and investors, and Discord gives an excellent space to manage all aspects of the community.

The service also allows users to send invites to nearby friends and family members to join the server. Users can enter the Discord server in public mode with just a click.

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The Innovative Discord Integration within the NFT world

Moving on to the Discord servers allows for the development of individual voice and text channels, which may be further classified depending on various topics.

There are over 800 Discord servers to choose from, and finding the ideal one can take a long time. On the server, there will most likely be a new Discord group that you can join based on your needs.

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Some individuals actively collect, buy, sell, and converse about NFT tokens. Servers are frequently found on social media platforms such as Discord.

Crypto artists (video game artists, graphic designers), design and creative experts, global airdrop managers, crypto developers and investors, and NFT giveaway seekers are all members of a group on Discord (freebie hunters).

Discord-like social messaging apps must now be familiar to practically everyone. Its introduction to the NFT industry and continued existence have played a critical role in various industries.

Why Should You Join a Discord Server?

Minting your first non-fungible token can be a mixed experience. On the one hand, you are excited about your new project; on the other, you are worried about selling your NFT tokens. 

As a beginner on the NFT journey, joining an NFT group or server on Discord will allow you to interact with users who are like-minded and can share valuable tips, trends, and insights.  

The best marketing strategies are the ones that spread the news about your NFTs rapidly to the targeted crowd. Discord servers are a great place to gather information regarding NFTs. 

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Discord lets you do exactly that with a few extra perks. For instance, you can share the details of your project with your community, interact with them regularly, and share creatives to entice their interests. 

Finding the right server to join can benefit your NFT ventures. An NFT community helps you build a positive identity for your brand by gathering prospective buyers and investors in one place.

The best thing about Discord servers is that people create more and more of them daily, and you can join as many as you like.

Top 10 Discord Servers to Join in 2022

There are more than 800 servers on Discord. So it can be time-consuming to find the right server for yourself (especially if you are a Discord first-timer).

Many new NFT servers are being made every day, and it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with them. Each of these servers has its specific attributes and functions. Anyone interested in learning more can join these discord servers.

Here is a list of the top 10 active Discord communities to join.


OpenSea is the first and the largest Discord community in the NFT space. Later, it became the most famous NFT marketplace for buying and trading NFT tokens. Tonnes of NFTs have been sold on the OpenSea platform.

Showing the interest of new NFT collectors in learning the flipping NFTs’ role made its Discord community more famous. It’s the prominent marketplace to thank for NFT activity. Key organizations and companies back it.

The OpenSea Discord provides a lively News channel that directly gives all information from OpenSea’s Twitter account. This NFT community features several channels, including resources, news, and OpenSea-help, which is an assistance channel.

It also has endless resources for those new to NFT or developers looking to integrate OpenSea technology into their websites.



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Rarible is the second most popular market for NFT tokens. It anticipates some of the most impressive initial coin offerings (ICOs) launched there.

Some of the biggest projects are regularly launched there.

Rarible server currently boasts over 40,000 members and a range of channels to help people learn and stay current on trends and updates. 

Rarible NFT service includes:

  • Open discussions within their “Stages” channel;
  • A space for topics around Rarible enhancements;
  • New features;
  • NFT art discussion. 

They go further by bringing in special guests. Users find it worthy of joining the community even if they do not plan on launching their projects on Rarible. 

The Rarible website provides insightful education and has a channel for those interested in NFT tokens (artists, investors, and developers).



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VeeFriends discord community is another best and most active servers with over 160k members. This Discord server is a calm space that welcomes eager users to submit their questions about the NFT world.

VeeCon is a multi-day event exclusively for NFT holders. Gary’s enormous focus is to curate the best experience for the community by bringing access and informational value to all the VeeFriends tokens holders in attendance. NFT will give you a three-year access pass.



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LooksRare is an NFT marketplace driven by community and rewards for participating and using the platform. LOOKS is the cryptocurrency of LooksRare, used for staking and rewards.

The LooksRare marketplace lets you trade nearly everything on the Ethereum blockchain. Their Discord server features chats for different types of NFT enthusiasts and bots to monitor trades.


Cool Cats

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Cool Cats is a collection of 9,999 NFT PFPs that double as membership cards.

Cool Cats holders have exclusive perks, including raffles and giveaways. Cool Cats is a project with a strong following.

If you’re interested in Cool Cats NFTs or other developments in the crypto art world, the Discord community for Cool Cats NFTs is a great place to start.



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NFTNEWS is one of the best servers, with hundred active members, including popular crypto collectors and artists.

This Discord is distinguished because this server doesn’t limit its services to users who make trades on the server. Thus, all crypto enthusiasts can communicate through Discord and share news.

Further, it provides areas for various platforms, such as Rarible and OpenSea, which enables users to join the rooms they wish to participate in.

Therefore, users do not have to waste time finding their favourite subjects or even shill their art.



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Dribbble, the first play-to-earn blockchain football game, promises you can earn up to $100 a day by doing simple things while playing.

The game’s goal is to win matches, collect trophies, and complete quests, which can help you earn.

Join the Dribbble Discord to get more information about their game and Q2 2022 NFT release.


Space Warriors Club

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Space Warriors Club has a collection of 7.777 unique 3D NFTs, designed on Unreal Engine 5, stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted on IPFS.

Space Warriors Club is also the first community-built video game.

Members who own a Space Warrior will have a right to vote to shape the Space Warrior’s Game using DAO.


nft discord servers,  nft discord server, nft projects, nft space is a team of blockchain developers, musicians, and artists that have come together to make a new and unique platform using the Binance Smart Chain.

Their platform has been built on cutting-edge technology built over several years with a fully integrated smart contract that creates a sustainable ecosystem for creative minds, investors, and collectors alike. server is with a brilliant community of artists to create a next-gen creative trading platform with low transaction fees and simplified solutions.


The Axion Crypto-Community

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Axion is a fast-growing channel that considers its members more of a family than customers.

Axion gives its members an open platform to discuss their trades and investments and the ability to get expert advice and analysis.

The group provides premium trading signals and entry and exit points in a given trade. There is also guidance on how to execute trades and investments.